Friday, November 22, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 10

Finally!!! This is my last post for the 100 things I love. Thank you @Rekha for recommending us to write on it. I had so much fun exploring my likes and loves. I tell you, at times, I felt difficult to sort out what my likes are. After much thought, I discovered it and I loved it.

Here are my last 10 loves; I am sure, I have many things to discover yet....

91. Leopard Prints- I got this leopard crush since coming to Australia :D

92. Chocolate sized mobile phones- By this, I mean, I love small and thin phone. Almost like a Kitkat shaped ones. I miss my old slide phone :(

93. Fashion magazines- It has some kind of a down-to-earth quality that makes me go "WOW, I want to be like them" although I am comfortable in my own skin. Wink wink** Another reason is, I get to read many inspirational stories from women's point of view. It is awesome!!!


95. Gossip- I can't ignore it. It is Girl's guilty pleasure :D

96. Home made remedies- I am kind of obsessed with home made remedies. Whenever I am hurt, or if I need any cure for any mishaps, I check online for solutions to heal it. It work wonders. It is quite handy not having to go to the medical store and spent heaps of dollars for the medicine :D

97. Horror movies- I fear ghost. Howsoever, I love taking pleasure in fear and get over it.

98. Perfume bottles- I definitely don't like to throw the empty perfume bottles I use. You can say, I am the collector :D

99. Clutch- I would love to own one.

100. Over the Moon- I would love to own one of the Alex Perry's dress. He is one of the top designers in Australia. When his clothes are on Sale, the price amounts between $700- $800. Some things just remain as a dream and I shall dream it forever. Sigh***

Saturday, November 16, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 9

81. The Kardashian Family- well, they are one among many other socialites that I totally like to follow them in social networking site. They are amazing.

82. The wai-wai Noodle- Love it! The first time I ever had wai-wai was when I was in Class 3 and I tell you, I had the life of my life. I felt so foreign!!! :D

83. Taking Risk- There is fun behind fears.

84. Long Skirts- I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but I absolutely love the angel look it gives once you are in it ;)

85. The count down- 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1... Calm down. Start, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,....repeat again once more. It gives me a moment of peace and relieves me from whatever I am stressing about.

86. Skipping- the only sport I play heartily :D

87. Checking out Funny pictures on social media.

88. Boiled Potatoes and a Ezay to go with it. I die for it. Yummmmm :D

89. Animations- I love watching them. I love drawing them. I love admiring them. I love making fun of them too. You know, how they have weird body features ands still, they look so cute and beautiful in it. Totally awesome!!!

The power puff girl is my fav.

90. Containers- I love collecting empty containers. If needed, use it. If not needed, give it to someone :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Omar Dean

Omar Dean is my man. I mean, my man from the X-factor, Australia.

When he first auditioned for the show, he took my heart away. Dean stated that his "own desire and passion" and encouragement from family and friends inspired him to audition. At the age of 15, Dean was bullied at school for being overweight.

He turned to music to cope with the bullying.

He sang ths song, “The Climax” by Usher. I must say, he sang it so beautiful.

Luckily, from among thousands of contestants, he got “4 yes’s” from the judge and got through the audition and boot camp. I was happy for him. More than ever!

Although, he didn't got through for the final, although he isn't the Winner, he will be Winner for me. Currently, he is now touring the country and doing what he loves to do. That is Singing. I wish him a successful career ahead.

p,s, He has a killer smile.

100 things I ❤ - 8

Oh my God! Yet another late post on my blog. I can never stop writing 'late' everytime I visit my page. Sorry!!!

71. Body- I meant the "The Body Shop". It is one of the stores that sells massive home wear outfit, nighties and Lingeries. I don't know why but lately, I have been passing by the stores to check on the new arrivals. It is fun even though you buy it so rarely. This is because you don't need homewears that much. Right? :D

72. Reading Crime stories- I just love it.

73. Nature- I enjoy nature. Many people do :)

74. Outfit matchings- This is silly but I love to scan people's outfit in the crowd. It is fun to watch how they have paired up their clothes. But honestly, I don't follow their style. I just love to scan them. It is fun. It is fun. And it is fun.

75. The nude color- It is natural and sexy.

76. Photo Frames- Ever since, ever since my childhood days, I have always cherished the different designs of Photo Frames. It is beautiful.

77. Scribble on someone's face- I am sure everyone has drawn a picture on the photos you see on your books, or magazines or Dairies. Doesn't that give you a power to change their emotions? Haha. I love making caricatures on them and later, just enjoy the creativity :)

78. The dog and the master- The dogs in here are very human like. When you look at the dog, they will turn on their face like you are the stranger and I have my owner somewhere near me. I love to see the relationship they have in between. They look after the dog like it's their baby. They are also legally named and is given a proper buriel unlike in Bhutan where we don't do that. Ahem! May be some do but I haven't seen anyone doing it.

79. startling someone- HaH! It's the greatest fun of all dont you think?!!!

80. Shakam-ezay- Yum yum yum!!! My favorite!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 7

Noooo, I am not late this time. I was busy.

Here are my few favourite things that I love;

61. PICNIC Chocolate Bar; I am totally obsessed with this chocolate Bar. Luckily, the chocolate is on special price for $1 in COLES (One of the grocery stores). I got bunch of it before the price goes up. HURRAYYYYYYYY! Time for Treat!

62. Clutch Bag; My absolute favourite although I get very less occasion to carry it off.

63. Flat Shoes; Because it is comfortable. I remember the time when I use to get this 'GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY" to buy shoes during my teenage times (God, this is making me feel so old)....anyways, I always go to the flat shoe area and my sister would tell me, "Yeshi, why are you not buying heels?" I just smile and get the flat one anyways. Who cares!!!

64. Pink Passion; I don't want to admit this but I want to say it. I LOVE PINK. I realised that most of the accessories I have are Pink- Pink lapie cover case, pink bath robe, pink quilt, pink bag, pink lip liner, pink mobile cover, pink.....etc and it goes.

65. Touchy phone; I like the touch screen phone. Not because it is fancy (it is fancy) but because the text messaging is faster and quicker as compared to other phones. So yeah, I prefer to keep my old iphone and keep using it wisely.

66. Yoga; I am not a sport person or someone who would do exercise that sincerely. These days, I have become a morning person and can't sleep properly so I started this routine (I am not regular though) doing some basic yoga that I learned from going to one of the activity organised by University for the students. I Feel Good!!!

67. Petrol and Kerosene- I love the smell of it. It is addictive for sure.

68. Action packed Films; I love action films. I love Romantics too. Well, I am an "All Genre Movie" type except for the extreme graphic ones.

69. Tooth Pick; This is my recent favourite I like to take with me wherever I go. My half-broken wisdom tooth always take in a bit of what I have and I get the worst pain then. So that's when I make use of the toothpick and I love the company of it now.

70. ________________; I love to give myself a time to feel the moment I am in.

Friday, October 4, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 6

Oh. Dang it! I'm little late!

Anyways! The beautiful Spring is On and I am loving the atmosphere. So with this new weather, I thought why not I blossom too with new love and likes.

51. Vegetable Juice- Earlier, I had this fantasy of wanting to drink green juice but never had an idea on how to make it. Now that I know, I feel totally awesome. The vegetable juice is healthy and nutritious although it is not that pretty enough at the start to drink the juice. Gradually, you develop the habit of drinking it and you like it.

For my vegetable juice, I blend in handful of Baby Spinach, 2-3 piece of Broccoli, 2 carrots and water/ice cubes/milk (as per your preference. Serve it Fresh.

52. Fruit Smoothies- Well, I love fruits. After following the routine of drinking the vegetable juice, I wanted to try something other for this Hot Spring Day :D

53. Mango Lassi- Can I say, "I have a Sinus problem but I don't care?" Hah! I am kidding. I do care about my health but I love drinking Lassi too. I knew it very late that Yogurt affects the Sinusitis and stopped having too much of yogurt which is my absolute favourite of all times. I treat myself occasionally though!!!

54. Scrap Books- I love to maintain a scrap book.

55. Dumpling- <3 56. Cry- This is unusually usual. It let my emotions out and frees the sad part of me from me. That's why I like to say, Crying is freedom.

57. Sugar cubes- Hah! I love it.

58. Mango- My favorite fruit of all the Fruits in this world :)

59. Zoo- I love Animals - with some exceptions. I am not attracted to Reptiles.

60. Miranda Kerr- I am straight. But I love her. That's one reason why I started to drink the vegetable juice. She inspires me to be a healthy woman. There are many other reasons but let's not go into that...

Friday, September 27, 2013


The librarian has just announced the closing time. It’s 5:40pm right now and the library will close down in 20 minutes.

As I am waiting, I can see people with their facebook page ON. Some are at the short loans to borrow the book so that they can take it for overnight.

Some are having goodbyes and getting out of the library.

And me? I am writing this short piece of note and waiting to go to gathering which we call it ‘Fun Food Friday” (FFF) at 6:30pm.

We normally meet every Friday at 6:30pm and runs till 9pm. We have a dinner together and give $2 donation to the organiser for bringing the dinner, dessert and snacks.
We play games like scrabbles, Uno’s and other fun games to keep us occupied and spent time together. Later, the elders drop us back home so it’s safe to stay till late.

I am always excited to go to this gathering because it is a great platform to refresh your mind and thoughts by sharing with other peers. I tell you, the friends I meet at this gathering are so humble and friendly that I cannot ignore their invitation.

Definitely, Harmony is Love.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 5

41. Nail Polish- I love to collect new colours.

42. Pink- Pink is my favourite colour. Most of the things that I own are in pink colour, followed by the leopard prints :)

43. New Recipes- I love to make note of new recipes that comes my way even though the availability of recipes in Bhutan is limited.

44. Mirror- The must have in every ones room :D

45. Koala- I swear it is the cutest animal in the planet.

46. Photo Booth snap shot- It's fun after all.

47. Chana- Yeah, my top most wanted from the wet canteen. I love Chana.

48. Botanic Garden- <3

49. Punjabi language- The sexiest Language. I love it.

50. Facebook- No comments!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 4

This post will highlight on some hygienic and active routine that I like to follow as part of my "100 things I love part 4". Since I have been sick for couple of days, I have been trying to tried to keep myself as active and normal as I could to save myself from the droopy eyes and the pale face. Here it goes;

31. Pilates- There are great youtube videos for beginner wanting to do pilates at home. Thank god, I have the bouncing ball to help me with it. This workout is helping me with my back pain.

32. Honey and milk- I swear this mixture is a great help. It helps me to sleep without having a trouble to wake up in the middle of the night. I just love it. I like to drink one glass of the mixture each night before I go to sleep.

33. A short walk- I do a very slow 100m walk daily to and fro. I know that this is going to last for a short period of time so I am not really keen to stress so much importance although it is really a refreshing moment as of now. Wink* I am hoping that my body gains some stamina.

34. Drinking Aloe Vera juice- I am going away from my so love for the soft drinks and shifted to slurping over an energetic and 'without gas' drink. I am loving the change; that I have put an off to soft drinks and I wish for this change to last.

35. Playing scrabble- Trying to keep my brain around myself by playing online scrabble on my phone with so many unknown online friends. They are genius. I have to rub my head every time I have to think of the words and it just won't come out. This game is totally nerve wrecking but amazing and I have developed a 'love' for this game.

36. Hair oiling- There is no better way to help yourself than this simple hair mask to feel yourself clean and healthy while you are draining off from 'sickiness'. Beat one egg into a small bowl and mix well. Add 1 tbsp of honey and olive oil into the egg mixture and whisk it again. Keep it to rest for 5 minutes and start applying on your hair. Allow it to moisturise on your hair for 20 to 30 minutes. Finally, wash it off. You just can't keep your hands off your silky hair and that's exactly what I felt. If you ever feel sick and want to feel fresh then, try this hair oiling method and feel a little happy. You deserve it.

37. Carrots- Hmmm, this just takes me off from eating other junks. It is healthy too.

38. Whatsapp- Well, socialise with friends. Online socialising is not too bad and I like to be in touch with friends.

39. Eat cooked food- I confessed on eating a raw carrot but that's a healthy eating. But if you are sick, it is always better to eat something that is boiled and cooked just like many Bhutanese dishes are :)I am a big fan of potatoes so I prepared my favourite curry, "Kewa Datsi" to make myself at home.

40. _________________; Not thinking and giving myself a rest.
I love all of the routine I mentioned and I am looking forward to a better and healthy me.

Monday, September 9, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 3

21. Pasta- A meal that satisfies me to the best.

22. My phone- Can't live without it.

23. Lollies- Who doesn't want to chew Lollies. It has no season :)

24. Spicy food- Being a Bhutanese, I can't ignore such food out here.

25. New Hair colours- Well, just brown, and sometimes, 'Blacker' than my normal black one.
The picture below is like one of our family tradition where we do this crazy Mehndi hair coloring session on weekends. Not every weekend though!

26. Coffee- I love and love coffee, especially, Chai Latte. One reason why I am caffeinated and doctor strictly advised me not to drink it so much. Well, I am improved. I take lots of Tea now.

27. Shoes- I love S-H-O-E-E. Who doesn't?!

28. Coca Cola- Another reason I got Gastric :(

29. Window Shopping- My leisure hour spent well.

30. Bathroom Singing- A wonderful place to discover yourself ;)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 2

11. Manicure- I love "painting" my nails with different colours and different designs (if only I could make it look sophisticated). As an amateur in everything I do, I make simple designs that is enough to make me satisfied and happy. You can do the manicure trick with Barbie pins and a toothpick :)

12. Dried Beef- I love it. It is my favourite of all the meat I eat. Just for the information, I eat Chicken and Beef only. Down below is my beef under the process of drying it out. It came out nice and delicious. I missed Bhutan then. Anyways, whatever you do, there is always a reminder, a small tiny-tinny reminder making me miss home.

13. A baby and a puppy- I love to watch them spending their time together-connecting so beautifully without a single trouble of fear between the two. It is incredible and it is totally mesmerising.

14. Accessories - ear-rings, bracelets, necklaces (I like it simple and casual)

15. Reading Freudian Theory- I am a great believer in Freudian

16. Ice- I have a weakness for it.

17. Watch Fashion TV- Miranda Kerr and Montana Cox are my faves. And there are couple of designers that I adore.

18. Listening to Music

19.Playing Dress ups- There is an overwhelming feeling in it. Just take out all the clothes you have and start styling up the way you like. It is so much fun and I do that with my Roomie for fun... :)

20. Volunteering- I love doing a group campaign or any volunteer that comes my way. It teaches me so many things that I didn't know I could and I am glad to be part of International Student Volunteering Program at UOW.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bloggers Meet Conference

Once more, as initiated by Rekha Monger on Bloggers Tag, I have my Questions answered.
I have added one set of question at the end.

Q: Why did you start blogging in the first place? And what’s the story behind your blog title?
I like sharing about what’s going around me and the blogging has allowed me to just do that. I don’t have a grand story behind my blog title, “Hear my Voice”. Since most of my articles are my own expression, I thought I am writing a piece that is of my understanding of the world and it is how it is.

Q: How long have you been blogging? Where are you based?
I created my blog in the year, 2010 (I don’t remember exactly when I started to blog). But like other few bloggers, my blog was never active. After 6 or 7 months or so, I started to learn about blogging online and started to share few of my amateur writings that I previously had it at I have been blogging for 2 and a half years now. I am based in Wollongong, Australia.

Q: How do you schedule your blog post? Daily or weekly? Or as and when inspiration strikes you?
Well, I don’t have a fixed plan on updating my blog post. It depends on my mood. Really. It does!
Sometimes, my blog remains empty for a month at the least and I am guilty. So, I come up with something to share ☺

Q: Does your family and friends know about your blog?
Sadly, none of my families know about my blog and not even my friends. I don't really talk to them about my blog. It is between me and my blogger friends.
Some of them know it and they acknowledge about the articles they come across and I like it. I am assuming, those of my friends who own a blog doesn’t want to come out yet.

Q: How happy are you as a Blogger?
Whenever I visit the blogger homepage, I am always over the moon. With so many Bhutanese bloggers around, it keeps me closer to home reading current updates about Bhutan and my blogger's personal activities which I always enjoy reading it. :)

100 things I ❤ - 1

Inspired by Rekha Monger's blog post, I am on my way to exploring some of 100 things I love. I will be posting 10 lists each week and I tell you, I am very excited to explore myself. Here I go;

1. Mom- As Universal and as natural as it is, I love my Mom more than anyone/anything :)

2. Knitting- Very simple ones. So far, I have a collection of Mufflers, caps and headbands. I don't want to say this but I want to share it. Knitting saves you from buying expensive headbands from the stores. It is ridiculously expensive. Whenever I am at the store, I always check the patterns and then later, I knit at home. I am a Happy-go-lucky girl :)

3. Home made Facemask- OMG! I love it. But it is hard to follow regularly and so, sometimes, I forget and it sucks. Anyways, Avocado face mask and Egg white face mask are an absolute genius.

4. Trying out New Shampoo Brands- I love to spoil my hair with different shampoo and conditioners.

5. Watch soap serials- Pretty little Liars. How I met your Mother, Revenge, The vampire Diaries, 2 broke girls and many other. Haha. There is never a free time rather than making yourself free and watch it.

6. Nighties- There is a guilty pleasure in owning nice, cute and sexy nightdresses.

7. Perfumes- No words. I just love collecting new flavours.

8. Smile to a baby- I love kids. So, I do this full of love smile to the random baby I see on the way with their Mom and when they smile back, it just makes my day.

9. Watch the Sunrise and the Sunset- The most soothing Effect.

10. Keep a Diary- or may be a note pad?! It is my favourite and best company. Ever!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


This month of June has been a very graceful and an auspicious month for me.
For a very long time, whenever I hear about my friends getting married back in Bhutan and not only this, when I also hear them becoming a mommy, it surprised me to the core. I couldn't digest the fact that "My friends" are now happily married.
These marriages and surprises ended when I got invited for a wedding. Then, I started to believe that life does not remain the same as before and it must go on. May be, I didn't realise that, until now...

8th of July, 2013 will be one of my biggest moment of realisation day. HAH!

In another time, marriage not only happened to enlighten me on life, a special audience by HH Dalai Lama at Sydney opened my eyes to the real World. It was a huge gathering with the people from Tibetan community, Mongolian community and finally, Bhutanese Community here in New South Wales.

As we neared towards the destination, I could hear the noises, a group of people with a banner protesting against HH Dalai Lama's Visit in Sydney and also a protest against HH Dalai Lama to stop influencing people with the Buddhist religion. This World is Real. Whatever I read in News, Whatever I saw in you tubes, on News, Newspapers came alive. Cut this crap, I don't care of the protest.

I felt truly blessed upon seeing HH Dalai Lama and listening to the heavenly voice, giving a talk on Buddhism.
Today, 15th of June, 2013 is definitely a day to remember for life.

Only two occasions! These two occasions made me realise the worth of Life.

Home and Away!!! I miss Bhutan but the experience I am going through at this point of my life is worth a time to be away from home and families.
Waiting!!! I don't know what life has stored in for me!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

On Motivation to Write

As much as I love to read and write, I tend to procrastinate a lot. For the past few days, I have been encouraging myself to write a poem or an article but ended up logging off reading others oh-so-nicely updated blog.

Getting off your ass and getting things done is not easy and nor will it be. No matter how long you wait for tomorrow, the dirty little secret of a blogger is that we need a little kick in the butt to get us motivated during the day-to-day battles of life. Although, I do keep a personal journal, my daily based life, sometimes, not updating on a blog can be quite awful.

So today, Friday is a virtuous day for me; for the reason that the weekend is near and soon visiting Sydney for an Audience by HH Dalai Lama, I am all excited and feeling a little motivated for some unknown reason.

I came up with a love poem, to which I can’t think of any other poem to start something of my kind; I had a very good time refreshing myself to the extreme of needing to write another one. But I am keeping it to rest as I have an exam coming up in few days.

Like always, I can’t wait to read the new upcoming articles here in the blog. And as said earlier, the blog and the bloggers keep me away from home and close to you all.
Happy Weekends to Everyone! :)

The Couple

The summer of love was beautiful:
Two young lovers, aged 22-26
Journeyed the city of love
With marriage and commitment
Promising never to leave each other again
As second chance in love comes so rarely
Young in love, and pure in heart
Decided to start a fresh beginning:
A new vow, a new joy, a new life
Therefore, with heart to heart,
they vowed to be together
Making up to one another’s choices
And choosing to live a Greater life: full of life
For a loving couple like them,
Who is ready to amend the past
Willing to sacrifice for one another
Saw a greater vision in love
To love again is what measured their strength
Hail to those lovers
Who are back to falling in love
Who are beginning to see the rise of sunshine together
Smile with sleep and wake up in smile
As there is someone close, holding you heart in peace.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

In Your Name

Your name is the reminder
I want to forget for life
It’s your name, that’s my enemy:

Your name fetches me love
Your name warms my heart
Your name gives me joy
Your name fills me with laughter
Your name completes me

No matter the pleasant life
I can never forgive myself
For I have lost the man I loved
And the wounds won’t go away
Until your name is off my chest

You are becoming the reason
I want to forget my worthiness
The fact that you are not mine
Is in the name I remember

Of a man I dearly loved
That I cannot love like this again
It’s in a blink of your name
I breathe my love for you

It’s in your name, that’s my enemy

Friday, May 3, 2013

A Startled Heart

It is neither love that comes around, disturb you nor a race and make your heart thump to have your heart startled so quickly. There is a special and very common reason you encounter yourself with your heart beating multiple times in seconds. You do everything you could to avoid your heart race.

A daily routine, I am in my room cozying myself inside the blanket and I am either listening to music or watching some series after returning home from Uni. My roommate is usually at Uni and arrives home late. So basically, I am alone in the apartment.

As silent as our house is, I am too soundless that every background sound seems like a thunderstorm to me. It never fails to startle me and I just snap out the swear words as loud as I possibly could. This makes me feel so much better following the incidence of disturbing horror noise I hear.

A door creaks, and I hear a “BANG” on the door and just curse the window for once again startling me over. I go back to minding my own business; to be with my computer. I set myself aside to not to pressurize myself with the noises I hear.

Then a bedroom door creaks so loud that I get off from the bed and then a heated blush appears beautifully on my cheek that I just came from basking under the hot sunny weather.

It frequently happens that sometimes you are left wordless when someone startles you. If it was unintentional, then I am fine. If it were intentional, I would grab all the opportunity to give so many (as in so many) reasons never to startle me in life ever again.

At the end, I can do nothing but smile and keep the incidents to myself, as this has become a habitual event everyday. I start to smile when I know that it is my roommate who had been using all her force to open the door so loudly and banging the door too hardly. I wonder if she had a bad day or if it is her normal way of doing things.

Let Him Go

There is a man who is standing with you
Promising you the life you could never own
Without him, the life could be unimaginable
But you only know that life is gone
Only when you let him go

True that you only need the light when it’s burning low
And only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love him when you let him go

The light and the sun overshadowed the love for you
It cannot be redeemed when you let him go

Staring at the ceiling in the dark
The same old feeling in your heart passes by,
You see him when you close your eyes
May be one day you will understand why
Everything you touch surely dies when you let him go

True that you are high when you are feeling low
And only hate the road when you are missing home
Only know you love him when you let him go

There is nothing so much for you
There is nothing so much for me

So much staring at the bottom of the glass
Hoping one day you will make a dream last
Even if you let him go
Let him go….

Saturday, February 2, 2013

In Darkness

With heartbreak and sad sighs,
Days felt like weeks and week’s months
The fever I stumbled upon
Doubled the pain I was in

I waited in the dark
Trying to figure out my life
I kept the distance
Created a space that was still too close to me

I was thinking of you dearly
I was looking for a place
I was looking for a face
As nothing was going right

I wished for you to come to me
To take me to the lights
But not a single leaves fluttered
My heart carried nothing but Grief

I cried in silent
I wished you were here
To take me somewhere
I don’t know where
But I wanted to be in your arms
Holding each others hand
Telling me everything will be fine

I opened my eyes
The shelter broke
There was no, “YOU” and tears fell
I cried and sobbed
And I gave up on you
You failed me completely.


He has broken my heart
Why should I feel bad about it?
It is his rights to love me or not to

I did not know before
Today I have understood
What they call love
It is the bargaining of hearts

It is independent
Whenever it wants, it takes a sigh
Why should I put a wall in his path?
It is his decision to love me or not to

The consideration of all the promises
It broke instantly as he left me

The point of sadness
To which he has brought me and abandoned me
Upon the threshold of that point
I decided move on

For the rest of the life,
I will be a stranger to him.
All this injustice this heart has put upon me
It will always remind me of Love, patience and heartbreak.