Sunday, December 30, 2012

This Love

I was frustrated and I didn’t realize I told you yet again,
“I want to end”
Is this something I have become used to saying to you?
Or is this some kind of me letting off my annoyance?
I can’t store the pain this way.

There was fire raging through me
There were chaos controlling my mind
This love has taken its toll on me
I said Goodbye and I have you gone
I am so tired
I won’t say Goodbye anymore

I pretended like everything is fine when it is not
I can’t fix these broken wings
And make sure everything is alright
I need to be with you and I can’t
That’s what kills me everyday
The moment you don’t have time
I feel disappointed

Even after all these time,
Nothing is changed.
This Love is same

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Is Sugar causing Diabetes?

Diabetes is one of those diseases we all 'sort of' know about — something to do with sugar, right?

Ever since I started reading the November issue on Kuensel about Diabetes, it worried me a bit.

There is no cure for Diabetes. This is what doctors will say to you. But how you want to live is all the remedy towards living a healthy life. Perhaps the best way is, reduce consuming the sweets and change your eating habits. Next, do some exercise regularly. Eat food on time. Eat Fresh Green vegetables (half cooked). Medicine is not always the way to improve your health condition. May be, in this little ways, you can help your body.

Honestly, I am that one odd lady out. I hate sugar. I hate sweets. I hate honey. I hate jullabi. I dislike anything that is irresistibly sweet.
Recently, I started to do the skipping once in every evening of the day. So far it is going good and it is going to extend for 3 weeks. I am extremely glad that my roommate is accompanying me in this and she is looking forward to this 3 weeks of skipping event. I can’t wait to have my muscles built. This is a little exaggeration that my roomie and I are talking off throughout. But anyways, as long as I get the grip of keeping my body fit, I am pretty much determined to continue it after 3 weeks of skipping as well.

This exercise will perhaps increase my stamina and regain some energy and beat up the developing diabetes if any. So folks, if you are a diabetic patient then do some simple exercise like Skipping or if not, some running might help or any sport that you are most interested in. If you are unsure about diabetes in your body, then go and get a check up.
Help yourself reduce the intake of sweets in your body and be healthy. Love your Body!!!

Now that the remedy is explained, it is high time you maintain your diets and eat healthy and know what is friendly for your body.

P,s, Drink hell lot of water.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hello Bloggers

It's been more than a month that I didn't update my blog. My blog looks empty but the home page is fresh with lots of new updates. I am happy. I get to read many of events happening in your life. As for me, the holiday came over and I was busy catching up with my friends.
Here are few sneak peek;

On my Roomies Birthday. She is 21 yrs young now. Aah! The days are passing by without even noticing it. That was just a saying. The days are passing by noticing each day with hopes, determinations, love, regrets, and many more.

A quick visit to Nan Tien Temple. One of my friend in Sydney came over and there wasn't any extraordinary place than to take her to this beautiful place.

Nan Tien Temple own this beautiful Buddha. Thank God, we are blessed!!!

Went to Sydney and had a fun night out. Actually, it was my friend's birthday so we were sort of making her day a memorable one ;)

Finally, reached the restaurant to have some fine meal :)

Another day again. At Cronulla. Had a picnic with one of the Aussie family who might possibly visit Bhutan...

The summer is heating up the place. The weather was too hot that the picnic day almost had us roasted. It was chilling to see other people surfing and beaching. How I wish! How I wish! I was one of them in the water enjoying the cold in summer.

Striking a pose. The thrill of getting out of Wollongong was pretty much intense although the weather made us lazy enough to move around. As we walked by, the background wasn't any different from the place I live in.

Anyhow, I had a good time with my friends despite the highs and lows in my life. I am glad, I get to share my beautiful times in here.

I hope you all had a good break and started to work as well.

Have a Happy weekdays! :D

Monday, November 12, 2012

In the Air Tonight

The gunshot turned in endlessly
The windows broke down
The chairs dismantled
The tables fell down
There were no places to hide
Even the walls failed to protect us

I shivered in the air tonight.
I feared my life tonight.

As I cried and shouted for help
You suddenly held my hands
The silence fell through
Your eyes glanced with hope
And I gave my trust to you
To take me with you

You calmed me in peace
Mumbled me with courage “We will make it through”

Just like another priceless moment
I felt you in my heart in the air tonight
I smiled with empty glance at this time
Time was running so fast
And for the last time, I wished you were mine
I wished you had confessed me your love

I believed you were mine
I still do

As the cops walked in rage
Looked down and pitied on us
Our hands clutched together in blood
Prayed for another same future with each other
We smiled at each other in tears
Ready to die in the air tonight

With my empty heart
Filled with my truest love for you

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Barbie

World wouldn’t be beautiful if we didn’t believe in fairytales and a happy ending. The Barbie world is just a place to be. It changes you. It entertains you. It loves you.

I remember my childhood days crying and nagging my mother for a talking Barbie. I don’t remember getting the same Barbie but I do remember holding a Barbie doll that I can play with. It always had me cherished and made me happy at the end of the day.

Recently, I have been dreading to watch some movies, as vacation is now full ON. Youtube was my last resort and luckily I managed to browse few movies like Barbie, a Mermaid fairytale, Barbie, the princess and the Pop star and, Barbie, the Diamond Castle and few more others. The Barbie world is full of fantasy and is magical. It makes you feel like you are in heaven.

Barbies are beautiful and charming. It has a perfect body that every woman wishes to but then accepts as what they are as well.

Going back to my babyhood days, Barbie was just a plastic doll that fascinates us in its own ways. However, going behind the scenes of Barbie’s, and their life, Barbie’s world is as same the real people’s life. Barbie’s love fashion. Barbie loves nature. Barbie loves people. Barbie is full of positive feelings.

Barbie is a role model. It is a role model for most of the women. Barbie is represented in an outside world celebrating the beauty of Fashion, Individuality and an Independency. Barbie is a world where a child can learn from fairy tales while an adult can learn the messages that each character portrays as a person.

I love the Barbie world. It has magic. It makes impossible possible. It makes you laugh. It makes you go nuts. It makes you never to hate the Barbie World. Barbie’s are Super Amazing. I think every kid should watch it. Even as an adult, I love watching Barbie’s world.

I wish to get married with the Prince. I think I will. That is what I think when I watch those fairy tale Barbies marry with the Prince. Even though you may not marry a Prince, this Barbie world gives you an absolute wonderful feeling of how it feels like marrying a Prince. Respect and Be Humble!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

What is Different Here?

I am often asked this question when I am having a conversation with my friends in Bhutan and in India. For once, I am blank and speechless. All I reply is, life is good. Life is same with people walking to and fro, eating, working, studying and living a life.
I always had this notion that wherever we live, life is same.

After having asked so many times by my friends, it made me think about how people in Australia really live. For one thing, it is sure that they are busy people with no time to talk as casual as we would in Bhutan.

Out here, life is different. It is different in a way that we meet different people every day from different country. No wonder it is a multi-cultured country and that we have to adjust with them each time we meet those different people. Therefore, it becomes necessary to know about what their culture is and what their tradition really reveals. At the same time, we can also share our culture and tradition. Cultural exchange is considered as Universities one of the top most priority and the most important social events for the students.

Likewise, we exchange our traditional values, our culture and the people in it. We come to know people and meet new friends in a new environment. The experience is thrilling.

Once again, it is this little bit of things that we find our social living different from Bhutan. When we meet people, we greet them, “Hi, how are you doing?” with smiles shining on our face. They smile and greet us back. This is it. We end it with “See ya later” and this “later’ would be after months or sometimes, or meet accidentally on the way the way the other day. Overall, it is interesting how people approach so friendly and that even if we meet someone unknown, we smile and go our way. This method of greeting led me to understand how special it feels to have someone smiling over you by someone you don’t know and it makes you feel alright to walk further.

One strange thing I have seen is, people here are open sharing about their girlfriends and boyfriends. In Bhutan, we are self-conscious or else say, we don’t share saying, “I have a boyfriend. He studies…..blah blah” to everyone they meet. Bhutanese are secretive when it comes to exposing our relationship.

18yrs of age and they move out of their parents place already. It is considered a shame or more like dependent if they are to stay with their families after they cross age 18. Moreover, friends talk at the back. I know I have known their “this living” from movies only. Seeing it for real had me believe for real and what effect does it have on me? I am left completely surprised. That is why, people state, “I am homeless” in here despite their parents home by their side.

The eating habit. I am still not over what a chilli taste like. Even after staying here for long, my food adaptation is poor. I love and still eat rice and curry as hot as what Bhutanese usually eat. Vegetables. I am not fond of Burgers, I am not fond of Pizzas and I am not fond of any food that is eaten as meal in here.

There are many instances where Australia is different from Bhutan. If it were same then we wouldn’t experience the difference. So, the last important thing I feel worth sharing is, HOW YOU PERCEIVE THE WORLD YOU ARE IN TO THE WORLD YOU ARE FROM. This makes the whole difference to your living in another country.

The Fragile Heart

As bright as the evening star
Her heart also glowed with joy
With the presence of love and hope
Nothing else in the world mattered to her
Her feelings saw only the bliss of it
And followed the ultimate, her heart.

Life seemed simpler, livelier and healthier
Surroundings chanced her with happiness
The thought of love gave her butterflies
It was real and magical
It lingered with this temptation
Of love shining on her gracefully

The feeling was uncanny
It was always more then what special could hold
For years, she rejoiced it unconditionally

However, just like flowers decay
Just like the petals weaken
Just like the leaves fall
Her heart was into pieces
Still, nothing else in the world mattered
Because her heart felt nothing but the pain

As vulnerable as she seemed
She covered her face in disbelief
Her knees falling loose on the floor
Her head resting on her knees
She sobbed and cried deeply
And cursed her new living in agony

Her eyes red and wet with tears
Her body numb and warm
Remained seated on the floor,
Still sobbing…

Monday, November 5, 2012

My Birth-Day!

I wouldn’t say I had the most memorable day of my life because everyday is so memorable to remember. But when that one-day is all yours, that day holds special in your heart like the day is meant for you only. I thank God for having me in this wonderful world and letting me experience my life.

Yesterday, as I looked through the window, I saw flowers blooming so beautiful and birds chirping in the early morning. I felt like the spring has come to wish me. And my day just started. A smile is all I had.

I cooked my favorite rice thukpa, wished my friend for her exam. Then I went to University, submitted my 40% assignment and returned home to start yet another assignment which is due very soon. Wow, indeed, I will never forget 5th of November, 2012. Anyhow, the calls from my friends, families and the wishes filled my day. Sometimes, it is nice to feel special.

Thank You every one who wished me on my birthday. There wouldn’t be my world without you all in it. Life is good as long as we are good to each other.

Oh, I gave dinner to my housemates. :)

Cheers to our Friendship.

P,S, I pray to God; never to leave me and make me stronger each time I face my challenges. This would be the greatest gift I can ever ask for.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Is it a Bad Luck?

Sometimes we are left in wonder whether to believe what we just saw or should we ignore it for the sake of making ourselves to feel better.

Yesterday, when I was walking by the road to my friends place for dinner, I saw a black-brown cat about to cross the road. I wished it didn’t cross the road because as far as I know and to what I have heard, if we see a cat crossing the road then it is considered as bad luck. This superstitious belief remained inside me all my life.
So, as I was on my way, wishing, the cat silently crossed the road. I felt terribly bad for myself having to witness this situation.

Then I stood straight and thinking of what to do next: We either have to cross the road with a worry in our mind that we have just been through one of the most horrendous moment or we just ignore and cross it anyway because we have no choice. I could have returned back but my friend has to cross it as we were going to her place. So we crossed.

I looked at her amusingly. She seemed quite relax and wasn't bothered about what we encountered on the way. I asked, “Are you cool about it?" She replied rather calmly, “aaah, it’s ok. It’s normal here. There are lots of dogs too. So, let’s not bother and pass the way” I agreed to her and casually walked along the road with my fingers crossed and talking to my friend as if nothing happened. However, the overloaded feeling of something bad might happen at any time was stuck in my mind.

In another incident, today, I just broke my roomie’s cup. I don't know how it happened but the cup fell down so instantly making a strange noise. I stared on the wet floor for more than a minute not believing to what I did and to what I saw.

At that very moment, a strong emotion ran through me, as if someone is telling me that something really bad is going to happen. I stayed staring on the wet floor wondering whether it really happened because it has been more than 3 years that I didn’t really break anything this way like I did today.

I am hoping I don’t hear any bad news. Fingers crossed again!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pretty Vengeance

Revenge, Season 2 is ON. That means all the serials that I have been impatiently waiting to watch is now in progress and is already stimulating excitement in my nerve.
This serial, REVENGE, has just the right mix of campy comedy and sudsy melodrama, not to mention a narrative excitement that keeps you perched on the edge of your couch cushion or else on your comfy bed. ;)

P,S, I hope you all have something to keep you off the hook with Assignments, Projects and Office Works.

The Revenge Cast!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Respond to Magazine, The Raven

Firstly, I would like to thank one of the passionate Bloggers and teacher, by Profession, Passu Sir for sharing a wonderful post on “The Raven Spreads its Wings in Wangdue” few days ago. As much as he loves blogging and sharing his leisure time with the readers, I fervently enjoy reading his post.

The Magazine, The Raven is reasonably one of the best and the most interesting Bhutanese Magazine I have read so far. I don’t know if I am rather hyped about this magazine, but I will say, it is worth a magazine to be hyped. It focuses on the issue of social and political conflicts by demanding a change in the society. I think, this magazine will help people at large to stop gossiping of the news announced in BBS, and published in Kuensel, and instead put this gossiped conversation to practice, to action by people themselves.

As The Raven continues to cover its issue from Countryside to Urban settlement, this 76 pages of news took me from countryside Mongar, chali, to the law corner (about the bill), to witnessing a family conflict (not new to me), to faraway Istanbul, and towards understanding bits of difficulties faced by every citizen in Bhutan.

It beautifully recognises the challenges of youth gladly turning to an absolute rewarding individual as a sister to her child-like brother. This story really inspired me to stay where I belong and love the person you are suppose to. God Bless the Family.

As living away from my home country, I have read news online, so the news reflected in The Raven about domestic violence and Pedestrian Day didn’t surprise me at all. This common concern is carefully put into display for the readers making it more believable with a depth analysis of the issue.

As accurate as it may seem, the glimpse into statistic demonstrated in the magazine had me think about the way we live our life. Sometimes, it’s not by chance that we live our life but it’s by choice that we want to live our life because there is no other happy alternative to life. There is no happy ending as it would be in movies, and fairy tales. We, people really need to change the way we live. If we can’t change then let’s change the situation we are in.

This brilliant magazine clearly represents Bhutan as having a quality of its own, and continuing to live the world as it is. It favors the reader to appreciate the beauty of magazine and the contents that follows. I hope The Raven fulfills to nourish people by addressing the existing socio-political changes and help people cope up with the changes accordingly.

Lastly, I hope it will continue to inspire the readers, the audience and the viewers with its publishing quality and start bringing A CHANGE in every young minds of the youth and the Adults.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Of Heart

Close your eyes,
Listen to your heart
Love is more than a feeling
More than a promise
More than a word can express

It sees the possibilities
In a glimpse of your face, eyes and heart
Finds you as an ultimate home
Flowers will seem beautiful even in its dryness
To which it will hold the hope of eternity bond

Love is a memory of a smile
Having your feet off the ground
It’s being the best you can be
Heart knows who it wants and
Cherishes what it knows about them

It’s choosing to risk everything you have:
Your pride, your respect, your personals
Because the fate of heart is what you care
It’s of wanting something enough to wait for it
Work for it and defy your pain

Heart endures the irritations
Soothes the hurt it feels
Becomes worth the trouble
Worth the wait
Worth the worry
Worth the fight

Heart sees the good and the beautiful
It sees the miracle of meeting again
By the act of heart
Creates much of what it loves
The moment when all is Yes to what a heart feels
There is no remorse to what your heart feels
Because your heart chose to feel what it felt.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy First Anniversary to The Royal Couple

A year has already past. I still remember the day I was watching His Majesty the Fifth King’s marriage to Ashi Jetsun Pema. I remember the excitement of not having a class so that I could watch the Marriage Ceremony LIVE from Oceans afar. My happiness knew no bound.

It makes me giggle when I think about how much I thanked this advanced technology for making us Happy and then GNH popped out of my mind immediately. The feeling was incredible and yes, it makes me smile thinking over and again.

But now, But today. This is really a very special occasion and we Bhutanese students at University of Wollongong would like to extend our Best Wishes on this momentous occasion. We hope you will remain as heavenly as you two are now.

God Bless Our Amazing and Wonderful Royal Couple!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Recess Week Update

No matter how much problems you have in your life, you can't deny your existence. Everyone says, each day is a gift then why not spent like one.
I am on break for one week but it is going to end tomorrow (01/10/12). Oh glad! It is Monday and it is Labor Day- all the offices and Universities are officially closed. The sickness of not wanting to wake up on Monday morning is finally fulfilled.

Here are some activities that we Bhutanese friends planned for our precious 1 week break.

Went to Picnic on Blessed Rainy Day- we had fun but the fact that it didn't rain disappointed us all. So ya, no annual bath for us.

A walk to Mt. Keira. It is the highest point in Wollongong. It usually take one and half an hour to reach the destination.

I think, it might take half an hour or so by Car. Ah! We buzzed about walking uphill to monasteries and temples. Mt. Keira just happened to bring us back the memory of our time spent in high schools. We surely had a good time.

To Sydney- visited Opera House yet again.

Visited Madame Tussauds at Sydney where there is a Wax of internationally famous celebs, politicians and other legendary figures like Dalai Lama and Mahatma Gandhi.
This picture with Rihanna, is my Favourite of all.

I hope, my friends in Bhutan had fun attending Domche in Thimphu and Tshechu at Wangduephodrang.

Life wouldn't be fun if you stay at home the whole day and do nothing. GO OUT AND EXPLORE AND SEE THE WORLD.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yesterday, With You!

I just can’t believe you are gone
I am waiting for the morning to come
When I see if the sun will rise
In the way that you are by my side
I will remember you again

It was yesterday, you said, ‘I love you’
It was the time when we had so much in store
When we are building memories
The place to visit, the roads to walk
All of it is a rejoicing memory now

Others can take future but not our yesterday
They can take the places that we said we would go
They can take away our today
As I just want our yesterday to remain
So that I could hold yesterday in my heart

I know I will see you again
Not as my love but as a man I once loved
It is not selfish to ask you one more day,
One more smile on your face
To remember our Yesterday

I know, I still find strength in our yesterday
All the broken dreams, take everything
All the places not visited, take everything
All the roads untaken, take everything
But they can never have yesterday

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thinking Of You

I am lying on my pillow,
Reminiscing my favorite old times
I am at the place I first met you
Confident and Sipping Coffee
And happily introducing ourselves
Among the cheering crowds outside
Celebrating a Music Festival

As you approached to talk to me
I hesitantly shied and peeped outside
To enjoy the uplifting Dzongkha Music
To which I realized you were uninterested
Thankfully, you looked outside as a hippie song came along.

That was the moment: Getting to know you
As cold as the winter seemed
Our conversation lingered hot and spicy
Talking of the place I study
And the place you are at.

Our first meeting was so alive
You were cute, talkative and friendly
That was my first time day out with a guy
I am Overwhelmed that only I can explain the moment
For a girl like me
I believe,first meeting is always like this.

The latter part was a fun=filled one
The Bowling club was fun
But the long dragging Kira held me back from playing
But you stood out and had me played the game
Then I knew, you are a Gentleman.

Those days are gone
You are gone
I am gone
But my memories remain
To Cherish my Few Good and old Times with YOU.

P,S, This is not the end of the story. FairyTale Love story happens!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Explaining Bhutan to the Unknowns

Many of us know that Australia is a multi cultured country and we meet people from various backgrounds we could possibly imagine. There are people from every possible corner of the world and it is exciting to meet them and at the same time, share about our country which as well might be alien to other people around the globe as we are to their country.

I was on English Conversation Group as organized by the University. There were students from China, Malaysia and Turkey. Chinese and Malaysian had some hints about where Bhutan is except for the girl from Turkey. However, I was sure no one was aware of what is inside Bhutan and how amazing it is to live in Bhutan, a complete different world from Western countries.

As we introduced ourselves, all of us started to talk about our country. The Turkey girl seemed puzzled of whereabouts Bhutan. I gave a friendly smile and explained, "Bhutan is a small country located between China and India" This is one of the basic, the easiest and the most common method to describe where Bhutan is. Followed by, “It is a very small and a happy country” Well, I hope it is. I don’t want to see or read crime news in Kuensel online or in BBS.

Then the Turkey girl responded; with a closed mouth, nodding her head from north to south and still wanting to hear more of Bhutan. At the same time, I knew I have to talk more on it and continued, "We are an Independent country and is the Youngest Democratic Country. We still have King and Queen and.... “ She was smiling and suddenly popped in with smiling and surprising appeal, "Oh wow, really? Bhutan is a fairy tale country. It is a Cinderella story" I smiled and promptly replied; "It is not as easy as it seems like in Cinderella" Of course, all countries have a history to reveal.

I was not ready to talk about politics in Bhutan. A thought captured in my mind that she has no ABCDE information about Bhutan and this is not my first time meeting someone who doesn't know about Bhutan. So, I energized myself and said, "Bhutan's second language is English” so that she can at least know that Bhutan is not an isolated country and then covered some topic on Gross National Happiness. Well, this is what came to my mind and I felt good sharing smaller things to my friend who seemed so alien to Bhutan. It is natural. Not all of us know where Honolulu is. She didn't know the name "Bhutan" existed so I believe, I helped her in my own little ways to capture the image of Bhutan and never forget it. No matter how much Bhutan is exposed to outside world, we are still an Unknown and there are people who wants to know more of Bhutan.

I think I did a lot of talking part and I showed Bhutan through Google and found some interesting pictures. I felt so good seeing the picture. Bhutan is indeed such a peaceful and happy country no matter how much we complain about it. At the end, Home is where your heart it.

Well, after showing the pictures of Bhutan, she was awestruck and amazed at how beautiful Bhutan is- with Greenery Himalayas interlocked with each other.
Talking of Bhutan, and this is exactly how students away from their home country celebrate their living in another world.

At the end of our meeting, I felt so good and satisfied that I got this opportunity to talk about Bhutan and even invited them to visit Bhutan.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Love

Ever since you were born,
I stayed with you:
Changing your nappies
Soothing you when you cried
Most of all, giving you my love and care

For a mother, you are the beginning of all thing-
Wonder, hope and a dream of possibilities
But for me, you are angel in my eyes
You make me realize how worthy I am at home,
You make me fill my heart with love that I thought was empty
You make my days longer, nights shorter
I,e the time when your mother was away,
I stayed awake for you
Watched you pass your day with smiles and cries

I don’t want to be a mother to feel the motherhood
I already know what it is like to be one
I am grateful for making me the way I am.
I love you so much that my heart will speak thousands of you
And it will never end until I die.

Love, from your cousin!

P,S, I can't believe my eyes, you all are growing up so fast and standing in front with those same cute little smile and in a dress that will make you "YOU" in future. I love you all!

Friday, September 7, 2012

When to eat Fruits?

What is so good about fruits that you eat everyday? We all know that fruit is healthy and nutritious for our body. It is one of the dietary meal that renders us with vitamins and fibers.

No matter how much you think fruit is important for your health and no matter how much you explain to your kids, friends and family, have you ever wondered yourself about when to eat fruits? Is it good to eat before the meal? Or is it after the meal? Or just eat it?

Here are some tips you can follow:

1) Always eat fruit 1 hour before your meal.
2) Never eat fruit right after the meal. Fiber is not absorbed in your body) Keep some hours in between and then you can continue with your urgency of wanting to eat one.
3) Don’t eat the half-cut fruit stored in fridge for a long time. It might help you with the digestion but the fiber is lost again. So, eating such fruit is useless. It might give you the taste and the satisfaction that you had a fruit but your body will not gain any good nutrition. You see to it.
4) Always keep a fruit and eat a fruit.

Wondering I am a health freak here? Recently, I have been sick and my white skin complexion took me thinking about the vitamins in my body. I checked my blood pressure and it is low. My skin is prone to diseases. I have had enough of disease in past years and it still is, that I possibly don’t want to remember and I don’t want to forget as well.

After what I have been through and what might happen again, I became a little bit of health conscious (Which I am always but this time with more exaggeration). The first and the least thing I could do was; Google and search for the list of vitamins and in my case, it is vitamin C. This wasn’t enough. I went to see a doctor and explained about the unfortunate disadvantage in my body. He advised me the same; to take fruits, vegetables and drink water a lot. Then I realized, medicine is not all to ease off the dysfunctional organs in your body. There is always something more to it.

So, if any one out there is facing problem with your body and skin, you should probably eat fruit and vegetables regularly to keep yourself strong and healthy. But the most important thing is, GO AND SEE A DOCTOR. Don’t take your body for granted. You never know what is going to happen next. Take care all and have a good weekend.

Monday, September 3, 2012

How to Have a Better Day

For the past few days, I found most of my friends in sorrow and constantly complaining about life. I include myself here. And the other day, I decided to mark my day by planning on things so that I could keep myself engaged and free from thoughts. I am sure, this simple little things will keep us from what we are sad about.

Here are some tips to help you [US] get through;

1. Make list what you want to do for the day
2. Eat
3. Laugh [the best medicine to every problem]
4. Dance freely and smile
5. Watch a movie
6. Accomplish something (May be do a laundry?)
7. Plan to cook a new curry [I call it “A Dare in the Kitchen” ☺
8. This would mean, spent your time on Grocery shopping
9. Draw even if you don’t feel like to
10. Keep a notepad, write what you feel [book is always your best friend]

I hope the above tips make your day going and keep moving ....

Our day has not begun yet. On "OUR EVERYDAY", We Will Shine More.

Friday, August 31, 2012

The Sweet Separation

It’s a human sign
When things go wrong
When the scent of him lingers
And temptations strong

Into the Boundary
Of each young couple
Sweet deceit comes calling
And negativity lands

Oh, cold heart
Distance made you so
Baby, some things look better
Just passing through.

It’s no sacrifice
But just a simple word
It’s two hearts living
In two separate worlds.

The Friday Event

Not everything in your life goes the way you expect to. And you have to live with it.

Today, as I rushed to attend my regular International Students Workshop, they were discussing about the food available in different countries. I was too excited to share my curry but unfortunately, I couldn’t share it because the room was going to be smelly and I didn’t wanted to spoil the conversation that was flowing in the room. So, my curry sadly lies in my bad and slightly happy that I don't have to cook dinner. Funny!

Anyways, there were two new International students attending the Workshop and one of them had a difficult time understanding the meaning of the word. So,more than half of the time was spent explaining the meaning of words to her. That's when I literally felt sleepy partly because I didn't speak during our conversation and then I stayed awake overnight.

Howsoever, even if we didn’t have a food eating session, I had a good time feeling sleeping and talking about 'feeling sleepy' to my friend.
I am hoping that no such thing happen to me again. Because I like it when things go as planned.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Request: Bhutanese Curry for International Students

For the past few weeks, I have been attending to International students activity held on every Friday of the week. In this Event, there are students from different countries; Thailand, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Turkey and Bhutan. Basically what we do is share about our culture, places and people in it. Moreover, we also learn about what is in Australia.

Interestingly, for this week, we are asked to bring a curry (for me, Bhutanese curry) and other students will bring their share.

I am thinking of taking Kewa Datsi or Shamu Datsi but I wanted to ask you guys or if not, request you all if you could suggest me some Bhutanese curries except for Ema Datsi. They will die of Diarrhea or I will be terminated from participating in it. I am kidding. Let me know what you all think about the curry I mentioned earlier.

Leave me some options please [Latest by this Thursday; 30/08/12]

As an additional fun, I decided to take kira and show them how to wear it. I am hoping they will love Bhutan’s national dress as much as we like wearing it. Don't worry. I will explain about Gho as well. I can’t wait for the day to come. I am all excited to talk about it. It will be fun. I will update about Friday Event on the following day.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

In the Pronunciation Class

Today, I went to a Pronunciation practise class organised by our University (University of Wollongong) for International students. There were approximately 20 students from different countries. There were maximum number of students from China as compared to other countries. Other countries include China, Japan, Indonesia, Spain, India, Thailand, Arabia and Bhutan. This workshop is designed to help students speak more clearly and fluently while communicating in the class with other students.

Firstly, lecturer wanted to refresh our mind and she asked, "How do you like to speak English?" Most of the student excitingly replied, “I want to speak like a native people” I smiled to their answer because I know I can never speak like them. In contrary to this, I responded, “I want native speaker to understand my English" I don’t think I have a pronunciation problem although I don’t pronounce like the native speakers do. So yeah, I just stumbled upon this option and lecturer continued by telling us that all of us have a different opinion to how we want to speak English

As a practical exercise in the class, there were various tongue twisters listed in our handouts. It read, “Red Lorry, yellow lorry”, “Rick Richard regularly read Red Riding Hood in his Rolls Royce” and the last one read, “Betty bought a pound of butter, but the butter was bitter, so Betty bought another pound of butter to make the bitter butter better. But, the bitter butter made the better butter bitter

As soon as I saw the third tongue twister, my black and white high school returned to present. As high school students, we didn’t really care about such tongue twister as an exercise to pronounce properly but we loved to imitate those beautiful words and then constantly compete with our friends. No wonder Bhutanese don't find difficult to pronounce the words. Wink*

Then the lecturer asked us to speak out the tongue twisters for the class. So I read the third one because I was excited and at the same time I wanted to bring my high memories back and feel the difference. My high school work came in handy in front of other students. SHould I say I had the most memorable day of my life? :)

After reading it to the class, I felt so relieved and relaxed and at the same time, I felt happy. Weird! Then the respond from the crowd of students and the lecturer almost had me blushed. All of them at once retorted, "WOOOWWWWW” followed by an applause. they were impressed.

The pronunciation class was so fun and for the first time in this 4 week of my University, I felt active and happy. This pronunciation activity helped me to connect with international students and at the same time, it led me to experience how other students have difficulty in pronouncing the words.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Hi Guys,
I grabbed this book, 'The Truth About Confident Presentation' by James O’Rourke from the University library. He talks about how to overcome the fear of speaking in public and how to respond to the audience. I thought this could help me with my presentation in the class and indeed, there are lots of interesting solutions to good presentation.

There are 52 solutions to overcome the fear and present confidently in the public. Of all the important and an amazing 52 tips, I found the 28th and 47th part more fun and interesting.

The Truth, 28th
Keep your audience interested

Provide order and structure
Keep it simple
Keep it brief
Talk, don’t read
Use words they understand
Give some information they can use
Make your speech logical
Make sure your viewpoint is reasonable
Make sure your point is clear
Don’t keep your audience waiting and keep moving
Answer their questions
Allay their fears
Respect their need

The Truth, 47th
Answer the Audience’s Questions

Listen to the question
Pause to think about your answer
Don’t drift off topic
Address the whole audience
Answer questions completely
Don’t make the questioner feel dumb
Don’t dismiss a question as unimportant
Don’t let one person dominate the questioning

I hope the above listed tips assist us in learning about how to win over the heart of our audience and be satisfied with our performance. I have not done any formal public speech yet but I am hoping this helps me with my class presentation for now.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Self-Discovered Guide to A Good Night Out.


One or two drinks can make you feel relaxed and confident. But if you drink too much, it could be a different story. You could end up slumped on the floor, fighting, vomiting, miserable or just plain boring. I bet almost all of the people drinking alcohol has experience those symptoms. Frankly, I slipped on the floor because there were drinks splashed on the ground and no one has noticed it and no one has cleaned it.

Know your limits and you will have a much better time.

Many young people choose not to drink. They know they don’t have to drink to have a good night out, even though it may seem like that’s what everyone does.
If you drink alcohol, here are some remedies you can follow before you really go for drinking;

Have something to eat.
If you are on a drive, then have a non-drinker to drive.
Have a enough money for a cab fare home if in case you are left behind.
Set a limit on how many drinks you will have.

Drink water or soft drinks between alcoholic drinks.
Avoid straight spirit shots and cocktails.
Avoid rounds or shots.
Avoid mixing your drinks.
Watch your drink. It sometimes happens that you take two shots at a time.
Look after your friends and let them know where you are going and who with.
Never leave a drink mate on their own.

Never drive after your drink.
Never try to sober a person by feeding them with bread.
Never accept a ride from someone who has been drinking.
Drink plenty of water.
Hang out with people who will look after you if you get into trouble

P,S, All of the above tips I mentioned is real with the fact that I have experienced some of it and not all of it. But if you don't realize your limit, some of it is going to happen.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Running Race

Many runners run races to test their performance, mix things up, and stay motivated to keep running. This is a formal running race in a competition. But this time, it is a different running race.

These days, the weather in Wollongong is bad and unfriendly because it is cold and windy. When I got out from Bus, I was running to class and the effect of wind on me increased and I kept running to reach the class earlier.

As I was running, I saw few other students, tugging their hands in their pockets and running as well. For once, I felt funny about it. As I was coming out of lecture class, the weather was same with leaves fluttering by and still windy. The students were still on the run.

As I approached running to library, the place outside was silent and empty. It was almost like in summer when very few people come to University. Then later, I tasked myself, “Where did they go? Most of the time, there will be people in the lawn, in the Duck pond, and in front of the library sipping coffee and talking. Now, everyone has disappeared.

The wind and the race have really begun. Some are in the library. Many are at home. Very few people still running from place to place with their coats ON.
This made me realize how people can run away from things that are unaffectionate and we are liable to changes. It is normal and it is natural.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Some says, “Smile cost you nothing”
While some comments, “Smile is a medicine”
I think, smile cost you many things
Things that bother you
And things that don’t
Smile cost you lives.
Smile cost you death.

There are situations you assume
There are situation you don’t expect
There are situations you think is horrifying
There are situation you think is, ‘Worthy”
Be it a good or bad smile,
A smile can make a difference
You can be the Judge here.

Smile cost you because smile is deceptive
There is always a reason to smile
Just like we have reasons to eat food
No matter what the smile speak
People care about it.

People love to criticize others
Not to be blamed, it is natural

When a friendly smile is smiling
You smile back
When a dangerous smile is smiling
You still smile back
What’s the modification here?
What do you think while you are smiling back?
You decide. Smile cost you medicine
Or smile cost you nothing?

P,S, I wrote this note while I was overloaded with work, resting on the lawn and couldn't resist people smiling at me and I had to smile back to show my courtesy. All of the above thoughts ran to me that I couldn't stop posting it here.

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Cost of Calendar

It is amazing how my life is changed from then to from now. I was with my Aunty studying in primary schools, Middle Schools to High schools and now in University pursuing my degree. Apart from being with my Aunty during my education transition, I rarely got to meet my mother who is at Village serving her life to field and agriculture.

I visit my mother for two weeks at the maximum during my vacation. Unsatisfied of my limited time with her, I return back to Aunty and help her with household chores with the remaining holidays and go to school again.

Because my time spent with working Aunt, I never felt short of books, computer papers or free diaries from office. But today, I felt strange. I called my mother to hear her say, “I paid Nu.3,000 for calendar.” I am utterly shocked. I had no idea calendar would cost this much. I couldn’t take in her words. I replied, “Really?” Then my mother said, “yes, I bought another one to replace it when the first one gets older.” I remember how I use to take calendar at home when I go to meet her. That is one lucky year that she didn’t request for calendar from others. Still, upon hearing the cost of calendar, I felt exceedingly knocked out hearing the price.

I am not sure how much is it for one calendar but I am pretty sure, the cost is more than Rs.1000 for one calendar. Office people get it for free most of the time and if not, they are sponsored by their friends. How lucky! I think, the price of calendar should be charged below Nu.1000 at a rationale price.

P,S, Unbelievable believing the cost of calendar or am I foolish enough to admit that Calendar bears such a heavy price? Enlighten me here please!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Because You Loved Me

There were days when you told me I am the girl for you
There were cries of happiness that I found someone like you
You saw my strength when I was weak
You heard my voice when I couldn’t speak
You saw the best there was in me
This lifted me up when I couldn’t reach
You gave me faith because you believed in me
I am everything I am because you loved me

There were hours that just went on for days
When alone we counted on chances to meet again
Both of us built a hope, patience and love
That could bring us back together in time
But I lost my faith and you gave it back to me
And said, “No star is out of reach”
I felt so warm with your words
Things went well because you loved me

There were moments of Gold I will always cherish
There were nights of endless pleasure I want to treasure
And there were flashes of light I want to forget
There were things I will never do again
But then again, they would always seem right
Because you stood by me and I stood tall
I am grateful for each day you gave me
Because I had your love all for myself

There were nights when the wind was friendly
There were days when the sun was so cruel
That all my unknown tears turned to ashes
My eyes were drying up forever
That with oceans afar and in love
I was in despair, wanting to meet you
Time tested our patience and we fought against it
We were together because you loved me so much

Distance may cause many a tear and bring a fear
But our love is clear and it will never disappear
No matter the miles in queue
No matter our times together are few
I will always preserve our deep and sincere love
May be I don’t know too much
But I know this much is true
We will always be each other’s dear
So together, we can make it through
To look back one day and see how time flew
And I will know, I was blessed because you loved me

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


University has already started and with the spring session ON, there are lots of students moving in and out of library and classes. But today, students appeared more than usual. It is Wednesday. There are stalls open with free drinks, foods and other informative stalls about educations and Religions.

From all the stalls, I liked the one where a lady handed me a Boost energy Drink and a Coupon for KFC. The lady smilingly explained, "Go to KFC with this coupon and get 1 regular chips (French fries) for FREE" I was happy like a small kid where a mother promises her to take to a playground. IT IS FOR FREE. As happy as I was, I started calling my friend at home to join me.

It was 2pm in the afternoon. The stalls were closing. Me and my friend visited the earlier stall again. I don't know why, but this lady handed us a free muffin each and 5 coupons. 5 COUPONS? OMG! I was surprised. The coupon was limited. One person=One purchase. That means we can't get anything free again and again with the same coupon. But now that we have 6 coupons, we will use coupons on different days. That was my plan.

As excited as I was, me and my friend went to KFC with a Coupon. We checked the coupon closely and at the back side of the coupon, it read, "FREE. Present this coupon and receive a free regular chips with any Burger or chicken purchase" We grasped the opportunity and placed an order by hesitatingly showing the coupon. This is my first time buying it with coupon and no money. She seemed confused as well. Then again, she said, "How many chicken do you want?" I said, "Two" and then later, "Four" This is crazy. I don't like chicken. I wanted to take for my house mates.

Another lady appeared in the counter and she was probably looking into how to enter our purchase in their automated machine and in few minutes, they asked for $16. I was more than confused. IT IS FOR FREE. I was anyways feeling uncomfortable for giving coupon and asking for free KFC. When they asked for money, I was surprised but I didn't mind paying it. I cant't back up and say, it is for free.


All in all, I had a wonderful day and with this FREE KFC story, this made my day even more memorable. :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Diary of Mad Fashionista

Oh well, who doesn’t love fashion?! Whether you are wearing a worn out jeans with unmatched shirt and a slipper, or a fitting and matching outfit, you are still a fashion person. You define yourself. Your dress defines you more.

This blog, Dairy of Mad Fashionista is a fashion blog created by one of my friend who is interested in fashion and photography. The creator of this blog who wishes to remain anonymous is looking forward to share her different taste in the clothes she wear and most probably, help us, especially girls to develop a sense of dressing styles and play with it.

Let me tell you, posing isn’t easy. Believe me, I tried it. I was their first amateur model. Since my friend was so enthusiastic of starting a fashion blog. I couldn’t help helping her in this and we took all the courage to set out for shooting. It is time to show our sexiness.

I had hell of a time; By the time we walked out of the house, Goosebumps started to appear on our bare skins and it lasted until we reached back home. However the exciting part is, we had fun snapping pictures and enjoying an absolute moment of laughter on a cold and windy weather. It is always a good day when your day is spent with friends.

Unfortunately, my blazing fire pose turns out a disaster. I almost fell of a step. How I wish we had a “Behind the Scenes” episode. It would be interesting and laugh all over again.

Grand Salute to other fashion bloggers! I bet the shoot takes half of their day to get a perfect shot, a perfect scene and a perfect view. Being model is not easy and being a photographer is not easy either although posing for the camera is a fun experience (Smiling).

Please follow this blog at
and let's congratulate on her new beginning as a fashion blogger. I hope she keeps updating her blog and keep us all informed and updated.

Thanks for dropping by!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Update

It is been more than a month I did not post an article. My dashboard looks sad and empty. Delay is the deadliest form of denial. I fulfilled it. But you are already seeing some of my colourful picture so here are my few updates:

At the mall- farewell dinner from my long time gone friend who is now in Bhutan. I miss home.Someone rightly said, "Home is where your heart is" Thinking about home is addictive by knowing the fact that I still have a long way to go.

Joining Ugyen for Drinks and celebrating the end of Autumn session, 2012. I am 18+ and now 20+. Oh yes, I am counting my age. I said, "I want to stop drinking" and I didn't. I am wondering at what age should I stop drinking or may be at what moment, at what time,and on which day. I am glad, I didn't promise anyone about it. I think I will stop when I want to. I sound so 'an alcoholic' person. Anyways!

At Sydney. A Night out in blow. The weather was cold and windy. This is what I call a "Self torturing", "Self Punishing", and at last, self agreeing to all these calamities. Life is fun in tragic and the best part is, we come out of it , learn from it and repeat it if you think you should, if not move forward. I am bad in giving advice. But the choice is yours. Do what's best for you. It's all we care in the world.

Visited one of the oldest Art Museum in Sydney. I almost crushed inside looking for my friend who was walking faster than me while I was busy jaw dropping my mouth and staring at pictures and other beautiful Arts. Honestly?I shouldn't have come here with my Mathematician friend in the first place. She sure was bored. I felt bad for her though. But she was fun later.

Watching 'Gossip Girl'
It is Fun

In the mean time, I am face booking. It is always my favourite pass time or else say, "the must to do" every morning, every lunch, every evening or even in between? Facebook is such a drag. I hate to log in but I love to log in.

I am busy tuning to recent Dzongkha songs. It is a juvenile voice singing love songs. They are melodious. A weird thing happened here. I cried my eyes out because the lyrics resembled with my life (My Love life?). I continued listening and the time extended till evening. I will never forget the day.

I am watching movies. Black and White Hindi movie was the best. I enjoyed reminiscing my old times watching with my families.

The last thing is, I AM MISSING HOME. With all the above memories of going out and playing with technologies, life is still empty without your families. Ask me about it! But coming to this blog, I rejoice reading updates of you all. I get to meet with Bhutanese friends and elders. I get to know your life. I get to share mine. What more can I ask from this Blog?!!! I love you all. I have a whole big family here too. :)

P,S, My one month holiday ends today and University Disaster starts from tomorrow morning. Have a Great Life Everyone!