Monday, July 18, 2011

When You Love Someone

The vacation is ON for one month
You devote to eating, sleeping and roaming
Free time knocks you each moment
Then, each seconds of your time reminds of him
Each talk about him concerns you
Change the topic; you are back to his thoughts
Walk alone, stay away from the peers,
Every step you take, you will think of him.
There is no world without him in it.
His thoughts is what bothers you every time,
You put his name on every four walls of the room
You are surrounded by his memories
Don’t you think you are getting mad at this time?
Don’t you think it is just you thinking about him?
Or is it because of him that you are made to imagine
So in love, you attempt to blame yourself
And just you for loving him
His gruesome attitudes, ill-tempered becomes part of you
You dance to every dream you dream about
You become happy-go-lucky girl with a Gold-hearted Prince
Like a naive kid, you believe the magic and fairy dream world
Where everything is ‘definite’ and ‘possible’
When you know that you make fate for yourself.
All you want is to make your dream come true
But whose heart really follows dream? NO ONE!!!
And your dreams remain as wish unfulfilled.
Remember,you are not just a mere met-girl
But someone you belong to and with.
But How Dear Are You To Him?