Friday, September 7, 2012

When to eat Fruits?

What is so good about fruits that you eat everyday? We all know that fruit is healthy and nutritious for our body. It is one of the dietary meal that renders us with vitamins and fibers.

No matter how much you think fruit is important for your health and no matter how much you explain to your kids, friends and family, have you ever wondered yourself about when to eat fruits? Is it good to eat before the meal? Or is it after the meal? Or just eat it?

Here are some tips you can follow:

1) Always eat fruit 1 hour before your meal.
2) Never eat fruit right after the meal. Fiber is not absorbed in your body) Keep some hours in between and then you can continue with your urgency of wanting to eat one.
3) Don’t eat the half-cut fruit stored in fridge for a long time. It might help you with the digestion but the fiber is lost again. So, eating such fruit is useless. It might give you the taste and the satisfaction that you had a fruit but your body will not gain any good nutrition. You see to it.
4) Always keep a fruit and eat a fruit.

Wondering I am a health freak here? Recently, I have been sick and my white skin complexion took me thinking about the vitamins in my body. I checked my blood pressure and it is low. My skin is prone to diseases. I have had enough of disease in past years and it still is, that I possibly don’t want to remember and I don’t want to forget as well.

After what I have been through and what might happen again, I became a little bit of health conscious (Which I am always but this time with more exaggeration). The first and the least thing I could do was; Google and search for the list of vitamins and in my case, it is vitamin C. This wasn’t enough. I went to see a doctor and explained about the unfortunate disadvantage in my body. He advised me the same; to take fruits, vegetables and drink water a lot. Then I realized, medicine is not all to ease off the dysfunctional organs in your body. There is always something more to it.

So, if any one out there is facing problem with your body and skin, you should probably eat fruit and vegetables regularly to keep yourself strong and healthy. But the most important thing is, GO AND SEE A DOCTOR. Don’t take your body for granted. You never know what is going to happen next. Take care all and have a good weekend.

Monday, September 3, 2012

How to Have a Better Day

For the past few days, I found most of my friends in sorrow and constantly complaining about life. I include myself here. And the other day, I decided to mark my day by planning on things so that I could keep myself engaged and free from thoughts. I am sure, this simple little things will keep us from what we are sad about.

Here are some tips to help you [US] get through;

1. Make list what you want to do for the day
2. Eat
3. Laugh [the best medicine to every problem]
4. Dance freely and smile
5. Watch a movie
6. Accomplish something (May be do a laundry?)
7. Plan to cook a new curry [I call it “A Dare in the Kitchen” ☺
8. This would mean, spent your time on Grocery shopping
9. Draw even if you don’t feel like to
10. Keep a notepad, write what you feel [book is always your best friend]

I hope the above tips make your day going and keep moving ....

Our day has not begun yet. On "OUR EVERYDAY", We Will Shine More.