Monday, November 12, 2012

In the Air Tonight

The gunshot turned in endlessly
The windows broke down
The chairs dismantled
The tables fell down
There were no places to hide
Even the walls failed to protect us

I shivered in the air tonight.
I feared my life tonight.

As I cried and shouted for help
You suddenly held my hands
The silence fell through
Your eyes glanced with hope
And I gave my trust to you
To take me with you

You calmed me in peace
Mumbled me with courage “We will make it through”

Just like another priceless moment
I felt you in my heart in the air tonight
I smiled with empty glance at this time
Time was running so fast
And for the last time, I wished you were mine
I wished you had confessed me your love

I believed you were mine
I still do

As the cops walked in rage
Looked down and pitied on us
Our hands clutched together in blood
Prayed for another same future with each other
We smiled at each other in tears
Ready to die in the air tonight

With my empty heart
Filled with my truest love for you

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Barbie

World wouldn’t be beautiful if we didn’t believe in fairytales and a happy ending. The Barbie world is just a place to be. It changes you. It entertains you. It loves you.

I remember my childhood days crying and nagging my mother for a talking Barbie. I don’t remember getting the same Barbie but I do remember holding a Barbie doll that I can play with. It always had me cherished and made me happy at the end of the day.

Recently, I have been dreading to watch some movies, as vacation is now full ON. Youtube was my last resort and luckily I managed to browse few movies like Barbie, a Mermaid fairytale, Barbie, the princess and the Pop star and, Barbie, the Diamond Castle and few more others. The Barbie world is full of fantasy and is magical. It makes you feel like you are in heaven.

Barbies are beautiful and charming. It has a perfect body that every woman wishes to but then accepts as what they are as well.

Going back to my babyhood days, Barbie was just a plastic doll that fascinates us in its own ways. However, going behind the scenes of Barbie’s, and their life, Barbie’s world is as same the real people’s life. Barbie’s love fashion. Barbie loves nature. Barbie loves people. Barbie is full of positive feelings.

Barbie is a role model. It is a role model for most of the women. Barbie is represented in an outside world celebrating the beauty of Fashion, Individuality and an Independency. Barbie is a world where a child can learn from fairy tales while an adult can learn the messages that each character portrays as a person.

I love the Barbie world. It has magic. It makes impossible possible. It makes you laugh. It makes you go nuts. It makes you never to hate the Barbie World. Barbie’s are Super Amazing. I think every kid should watch it. Even as an adult, I love watching Barbie’s world.

I wish to get married with the Prince. I think I will. That is what I think when I watch those fairy tale Barbies marry with the Prince. Even though you may not marry a Prince, this Barbie world gives you an absolute wonderful feeling of how it feels like marrying a Prince. Respect and Be Humble!