Thursday, January 10, 2013


I call it "Frenemies" because the friend I use to know is no more my friend.

As a baby, you meet another baby. The baby first plays around and as you keep the two playing babies together for a longer duration, they fight over the same toys and they cry for it. This is a very simple and quick example on people making enemies. They don’t make enemies for no reason. There is always a questionable reason behind it and people not involved in the fight needs to understand that.

As a Student, you make new friends. As a Student, you also make enemies. Friends and enemies belong in the same circle because we all are human. As we all are human, we are bound to commit mistakes in a way that you might possibly hurt another person. Because when we talk, sometimes we don’t think Twice and began to hurt another person’s feeling and ruin his/her reputation among other friends.

As much as I hate saying this but I definitely learned to dislike the people I once considered as my friend. This is one new characteristic that I have developed in 3 years time. I know, this is definitely not a good change.

As a high school student, I have never hated any person as much as I do now.
Therefore, Most of the time, whenever I realize that I have people that I hate in my life, I tend to hate myself for having that person in my life. It makes me wonder what made me become the person I am. What did I do to them to deserve such notion of thinking in me? These questions race in my mind and I live with it every single day.

If there is any thing I want to change, then it is, I have nothing to change in me. I do what is right for me. The other person will keep on talking about you. It is a way of life. One thing I don’t understand is why they enjoy talking at their back like it is a big issue for them. I don’t understand why they should be bothered about other people’s life.

They tell you things you don’t want to hear. If that person have such daring personality to interrupt in others life, s/he is undeniably the wrong person to be your friend.

It would be nice if they bothered to talk at someone’s back and helped him/her in it. But no, they just want to talk about it. It is just not fair. It's their my life and every one has every right over their own decisions and they have every right to what they say and how they live their life.

C’mon! Everyone has a life. Let them live with it.

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