Monday, April 16, 2012

Some Interesting Facts

There are moments that you experience daily and you value little only because it is not a new incident any more and it happens to everybody. However it is fun to talk about when you have nothing to gossip whilst you are with your friends. Here are some interesting facts that define us in every moment of it.

Most of us get irritated when a person don’t say Hi back to us when s/he is still online and when they say, ‘sorry’, we are back to happy normal person and start chatting.

You walk bypass a girl or a boy and you don’t miss looking at their butts.

You shy away and change your expression when a bus crosses you for few seconds.

You feel like a hard working person and like a book warmer when you hold bunch of books in the front and it feels awesome.

You get caught up smiling at yourself and then you become serious and act as if nothing has happened to you.

We can’t stop looking at the glasses of Vehicles and glass doors and make over yourself and feel beautiful again.

When you are walking alone. you become double conscious about your walking style and no body is actually watching at you. Funny!

You stare at a couple dating or kissing and say to yourself, “What the hell are they doing in the middle of the crowd? ‘Animals!’.

You laugh seeing your grand parents fall asleep in the middle of watching television and you have no words to say to them than continue staring at them
You are stupidly annoyed with the socket and the wires when you get an electric shock suddenly.

Your heart skips a beat when you see a thin, long and curled structure figure in middle of the road because you assume, it is a snake and panic for a second and realise it is a dried twig or an old rubber.

Most of us go back to sleep with a hope to continue the dream and when it doesn’t, we are disappointed the next time we wake up.

After reading this, you will feel funny that you have actually experienced all of it and it still going to happen in the near future. WE NEVER KNOW and it is some thing that we have no control over it. All of these stupid incidents has now become part of us leaving a best impression of the funniest person alive living inside us.