Saturday, February 2, 2013

In Darkness

With heartbreak and sad sighs,
Days felt like weeks and week’s months
The fever I stumbled upon
Doubled the pain I was in

I waited in the dark
Trying to figure out my life
I kept the distance
Created a space that was still too close to me

I was thinking of you dearly
I was looking for a place
I was looking for a face
As nothing was going right

I wished for you to come to me
To take me to the lights
But not a single leaves fluttered
My heart carried nothing but Grief

I cried in silent
I wished you were here
To take me somewhere
I don’t know where
But I wanted to be in your arms
Holding each others hand
Telling me everything will be fine

I opened my eyes
The shelter broke
There was no, “YOU” and tears fell
I cried and sobbed
And I gave up on you
You failed me completely.


He has broken my heart
Why should I feel bad about it?
It is his rights to love me or not to

I did not know before
Today I have understood
What they call love
It is the bargaining of hearts

It is independent
Whenever it wants, it takes a sigh
Why should I put a wall in his path?
It is his decision to love me or not to

The consideration of all the promises
It broke instantly as he left me

The point of sadness
To which he has brought me and abandoned me
Upon the threshold of that point
I decided move on

For the rest of the life,
I will be a stranger to him.
All this injustice this heart has put upon me
It will always remind me of Love, patience and heartbreak.