Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Best Days of My Life

Those days, they came and went
The phone calls, the love, the fight
It has been always wonderful
And it still is
Long gone moments, happily spent
We are but instants of worthlessness
Fragments of false life
And yet to come are days unseen
And holding surprises like never been
And anxious for untasted freshness
To silently savour the first kiss
From lips I do not recognize
Such is fate, not to minimise
Now, it's a new day
To live happily ever after, I presume
And with a new life to resume.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The New Tutor

The classes in the evening is usually tiring and we wait for the class to get over as fast as possible. And today, we were eagerly waiting our new tutor to arrive in the class who has been announced of his coming by our earlier lecturer cum tutor.

After few minutes of waiting, he entered the class in a rush and apologized for coming late. He had a suit on, curly hair and a weary face. He was carrying a lapie size bag on his left hand that made him look so appealing and quite teacher like appearance.I got the first first impression of our new tutor as serious and later on, a jolly person.

We were almost on our half way of our semester and still got ourselves introduced. I don't know how my introduction went but I found the new tutor speaking so fast that I didn't catch up his name also. I got a small of him that he taught at UK for 10 yrs and did his mater and even finished his PhD that qualifies him to teach the University students.

The weekly presenter did their presentation and I started to note the point of discussion. I will say again, he was really very fast than any other tutor I met so far.

No matter how advanced or appealing they are,as the teacher unravel their methods of teaching, the students become aware of them and if they fail to satisfy the students in the best possible way,any students would get bored in the class. I saw few other mates almost showing their lazy face lying on the desk.

That's when I start scribbling my notes.

I think the tutor noticed the atmosphere of the class and after few minutes of vague discussion, we ended the class with a greeting to meet in the next class. Just hoping the class will be more livelier and interesting like it use to be with our old tutor. The new tutor is great and beyond intelligent but he seems to divert away the class to some distorted discussion.