Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Love You, Still!

The cold wind was blowing so heavily over me
I could hear it whisper your name in my Ears
A smile crossed my heart and cried in tears
It brought me your memory
Oh, What a memory! What a memory!
I closed my eyes and folded my arms
And went to deep well of moments
When we were together... When we were togetherrrrrrrrr
You told me, you will be a gentleman,
Someone who would warm their betterhalf in cold times
Then I would tease you, I will be the man
And you don’t say anything and instead laugh at it
And make me feel like a man, like a girl, like a baby
You are a wonderful person I have ever met
A moment later, while we were still under the tree,
Gazing, Smiling and Cuddling
Holding our hands tightly
Like we will stay together forever
A storm of lightening built a wall against us
That as Sun slowed down at the back of mountains,
Your breathe stopped, your heartbeat beating for me ended
With a complete madness, I checked your pulse
But you were already gone
I cried for Mercy, I cried for Mercy to go with you to paradise
And let God take me with you
But nature has it that couples meet and departs
I couldn’t ask for more than to wish you a peaceful soul
To wander and see me from above
That last moment of gazing and holding warmed my heart
And cried for someone close I have loved since my childhood
Now see, where you are and where I am
Seeking shelter with your love at your parents place
They told me, you were breathing your last and wanted to be with me alone
Under the tree, Facing the Sun,
Gazing, Smiling and Cuddling
Holding our hands tightly
Such is the fate that I stopped believing in it.
I Love You My Love, See me smiling at you every single day.
I wish for a life again, a life again with yooooouuuuuuuuuuuuu

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

On Teacher's Day

Teacher helps us learn alphabet,
Shows direction, a student should know
A Teacher, even in stress
Lose no temper and passes on the best advice
\A Teacher, wise and honest
Hides no disguise,
Is open and shares from their heart
And in turn ask not for price
But ask for the priceless knowledge gained
You brought me indescribable joys
Filling my heart with moments of gold,
Even if I had stores of book,
I wouldn’t have dared to flip a single page without your guidance
In Teacher’s name, I became someone
Earned a name in the family, in the society, in my country
Not that I was the perfect student,
But you were the perfect teacher for me!

Happy Teacher’s Day on this very important occasion and I dedicate this to all the teachers that made their students suffer and succeed.