Tuesday, May 1, 2012

On Teacher's Day

Teacher helps us learn alphabet,
Shows direction, a student should know
A Teacher, even in stress
Lose no temper and passes on the best advice
\A Teacher, wise and honest
Hides no disguise,
Is open and shares from their heart
And in turn ask not for price
But ask for the priceless knowledge gained
You brought me indescribable joys
Filling my heart with moments of gold,
Even if I had stores of book,
I wouldn’t have dared to flip a single page without your guidance
In Teacher’s name, I became someone
Earned a name in the family, in the society, in my country
Not that I was the perfect student,
But you were the perfect teacher for me!

Happy Teacher’s Day on this very important occasion and I dedicate this to all the teachers that made their students suffer and succeed.


  1. Beautiful poem to our teachers.
    You too will become one such great person in the society.
    Happy Teachers Day.