Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A short Conversation

The days are getting busier and you are just so messed up with overloads of works. Then there is part of you wanting to study and finish off the work on time. But there is also another part of you wishing if you were free to move around the space among other girls and boys in the coffee shop. Breathe in fresh air with contentment and just relax. Seriously,you don't need a friend to fight with and you can battle on with yourself; You versus your instincts. All you want is get out of the studying room and create a space for entertainment and you are so close to doing it.

The thought of having fun becomes your first priority when you know that it is not going to yield you anything perfect but deep within, you feel the satisfaction that you did something you wanted to and it feels great. Whatever you are to experience next should be wisely and honestly dealt with.

Okie! You are in the middle of no where stuck between you and your thought; either go home or go to the grocery shop. After few minutes, You meet up with a friend after a month or so and greets you happily.

The same old story begins:
Friend: Hey! how are you? I never see you. Is everything alright? how is the session going? Wanna go to drink coffee or anything you want to.

Me: GREAT! Just done with the class and M going home.[should I be going ?] How about you?

Friend: oh! I have a class again.

Me+friend: oh,Ok! i will see you around again. Good Luck! C-ya [Disperse]

And I won't see her for another 3 or 4 weeks and there she will appear again...continues.... No big coffee, no tea, no other talk. But friends are friends. They say and offer them to come with us but we seem to be passive and ignoring the company of others and denying the conversation of going for a coffee also.

Honestly! I am dumbstruck sitting on the chair doing nothing but write this note. I should have moved my arse from this lazy chair and gone to drink a coffee. Aaarrrghhh! half of my day is over but I am glad I watched movie in the library only while other people couldn't stop staring at me. I felt weird but I had no choice than to continue my cartoon movie, FernGully!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

In the Library

No individual stays idle or bored since the brain continues to work through thinking, imagining and wondering what do to next. With the advanced technology, most people spent their days with with computers but who acknowledges what is happening inside the head of a person and simultaneously with the computer s/he is staring at. Each one of us participate either in profit or non profit activities. Some are studying while some are just reading.

It was right after my 2nd class that I decided to go to the library where student spent their quality time in doing their assignments. It is not compulsory to do so. Library is not just for studying because as long as we get the computer, it’s on our hand to click and enter any website we want to visit during our free hours.

Library is huge and so is the number of students in the university. Sometimes, we get the seats with just one blink of an eye and sometimes, our eyes get tired by searching for the computer and we will have to walk and do two or three round about to get a seat. So today, I did one round inside of the library looking for a computer and hoping to get one without doing another round. This has become the daily routine of everyone of us looking, searching and hoping to get a computer.

Finally, after wondering for five to ten minutes, I got a seat nearby a man. He was busy scrolling up the lecture notes and w exchanged a friendly and a fake smile while my thought was wondering to open and update my face book homepage. No sooner did I sit on my chair, I clicked to face book eager to see the notifications and comment on the status. As I was going through the updates and pictures of my friends, another guy sat on the empty chair and a computer next to me. Naturally, my head turned right, I smiled and then I was back to my work in the face book. He was a total Asian geek with the headphones in his ear and then started to face book. His computer is not so far, I believe it was in Chinese version.

Here I am, sitting in the middle of two guys, one Muslim and the other, Asian Geek. The former one started to snore as in he was busy sleeping trying to balance his bend head as and when his head nodded towards the south. I was laughing from inside and thinking he should leave home if he is that sleeping to sleep in the library in front of other students. But anyways, strangers are strangers and people here really don’t bother despite being in the same University. Anyhow, my face book account is already closed but the latter guy who was face booking started to play with his phones and then left off suddenly.

Sigh! Both of them left the computer and the chair is now empty waiting for other students to occupy the space. I remained calm on my chair and I started to think about our daily life; we are neither busy nor are we bored. In one way or the other, people are engaged in doing some activities just like the guy who slept in the process of reading the notes and then walking off to somewhere and the other, who kept busy surfing the net and leaving off to nowhere again. Similarly, my face book account is closed determined to do the next work or I may stay idle but this is the rare case. We are idle but thinking and imagining never leaves us behind and instead keeps us occupied and entertained.