Saturday, August 11, 2012

Running Race

Many runners run races to test their performance, mix things up, and stay motivated to keep running. This is a formal running race in a competition. But this time, it is a different running race.

These days, the weather in Wollongong is bad and unfriendly because it is cold and windy. When I got out from Bus, I was running to class and the effect of wind on me increased and I kept running to reach the class earlier.

As I was running, I saw few other students, tugging their hands in their pockets and running as well. For once, I felt funny about it. As I was coming out of lecture class, the weather was same with leaves fluttering by and still windy. The students were still on the run.

As I approached running to library, the place outside was silent and empty. It was almost like in summer when very few people come to University. Then later, I tasked myself, “Where did they go? Most of the time, there will be people in the lawn, in the Duck pond, and in front of the library sipping coffee and talking. Now, everyone has disappeared.

The wind and the race have really begun. Some are in the library. Many are at home. Very few people still running from place to place with their coats ON.
This made me realize how people can run away from things that are unaffectionate and we are liable to changes. It is normal and it is natural.