Sunday, November 6, 2011

5th November, 2011

This day, 5th November made me cry happy tears. It was my birthday. What should I say about it!? The day comes once a year and it happened beautifully and memorably. It is at this moment where everyone wants to know our age and we reciprocate by telling them the wrong age.

Anyways, to my surprise, Kezang, who has been my roommate since our high school time in 2007 and also my best friend, made my midnight an unforgettable one. Kezang and all my other friends had a fare share of cakes, chips and drinks.

I want to thank Kezang for arranging such a lovely birthday eve and also my other friends who came to wish me at this hour in the cold evening. You all made my night an awesome one! I can wish for just one wish and I had my wish wished for another time. Kezang,  you are the best.

With my Mates

Had a really dry day but my friend who came all the way from Sydney to Wollongong made my day. 

Me and my roomie stalking those young Aussie boys.

It was fun and I had a good and a fun time with my friends. Thank you all my friends for wishing me.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What am I doing!?

The clock is ticking and with each sound of a tick, the day is coming to an end. Within each period of my time in the facebook and then with my book, I also spent few of my time doing other activities that keeps me occupied and away from stress.

Music is the top priority of entertainment and with facebook, my entertainment is doubled. There is not an hour that I didn't listen to the music of my choice- Dzongkha, English, Hindi. I prefer Rigsar and the recent Dzongkha songs. They are simply melodious that keeps me emotionally attached and sympathetically affixed. With English, I like pop songs, the really fast and the slow sentimental musics. About hindi, it is random, I like them all-old or new, it does not really matter to me.

With each passing day of listening to musics and facebooking, Pasta one of my favorite meal keeps me fresh and alive. I know most of my friends are surprised and I guess even fed up of hearing me say, 'Pasta' for most of the time. But there is no other meal that satisfies me the most. Potato has been my favorite too. So the mixture of Pasta, Potatoes and lemon just makes my day a wonderful one- full and happy. I sound like a kid now. So being in the kitchen is another reason to stay away from computer or from typing my work.

Another day, another new schedules to follow.The Halloween fever again. We didn't have any plan than to stay at home and stare at our computer as usual. But the last minute decision of going to the club made our night an amazing one. The place was filled with crazy party people--some dancing, some drunk, some couple kissing and some busy doing their work in the counter. The main Halloween event was yet to come but still, the ghostly figure near the entrance scared the hell out of us.It was indeed a refreshing night.

One of the craziest thing I recently did was cutting off my front hair. I don't know what my friends felt about it but I was totally out of my way of what other people might think about. Good or bad hairstyle, I will still be me. But we know, how this world works, we can't help commenting on others, including myself.

So here it is, I have cut my own hair- a fringe that will apparently make me look like "You are not Yeshi anymore" type.

Have you ever wondered or thought about like "How our hairstyle can describe people's personality and then accordingly, our appearance changes- from ugly to beautiful and from beautiful to ugly?"

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Wait

You are my down to earth boy
You make me go gaga over you
Every time I think of you, I hug you, I hold you
You are always with me
You keep me occupied and accompanied
So close in heart and yet so far away
Oh darling, I wish you were here
To give me that perfect moment of being with you
We met at a perfect time a year ago
When both of us needed a company
But we are just not in a perfect situation now
It is hard to be in a situation like this,
But distance means so little
When someone means so much to you
But we will get through this,
We have just few months to go
And then I will be meeting you
I can’t wait for that day to come
It might be stormy now
But it can’t rain forever
With so much longing
With so much love and with misses
I am ending here 
Wishing to see you soon

Sunday, October 23, 2011

What will they call me?

Oh! I am a long way away from home. I think of things that I am going to experience while I am back at home. Friends were at home, they were talking, my roomie was bust facebooking and some of them were in the kitchen. Then, I thought we are old now, it is time we learn to make decisions and stop being childish among ourselves. I was facebooking as usual and the thought ran into me, ‘What will they call me?’ ‘Aunty?’ This is so obvious, they will. Time to grow up!

Anyways, I am so used to be called as ‘Yeshi ‘by my friends or else Norfe, my facebook surname by my Wollongong friends. Some of them even call me ‘Pasta Choden’ ever since I started eating PASTA and I never stopped and it still is my everyday favourite meal. I then call my families at home and the kids call me, Aue Yeshi.

We friends here gossip about getting a title of Ms, Mrs, Madam, Sir, Aunty back at home. We say, we don’t want to be called as Aunty. This is going to be strange. Not that we don’t want to be called as one but the fact of becoming old crosses our mind. I feel old actually and otherwise I am too young to be called as Aunty. And then I smile over the thought of becoming someone’s Aunty very soon. Still smiling! Let’s see!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

She made a memory out of him

I was looking down the road through the porch The street lights were shining Vehicles were passing on a busy evening Then I came across you You were waiting near the traffic lights You were carrying a bouquets of flowers I saw your face excited, nervous, and happy I wondered if it was to impress someone you know As I gazed, your innocent and excited face started to dissappear A fear crossed my mind, 'What made you frown?' Then I knew you were looking at a man already gone He was with another woman in the road You see her arms locked in hers What kind of heart doesn't break in such awkward moment! Then I silently whispered, "What a disgrace!' You were waiting to surprise your arrival at home Who knew, he was going to turn you off this way He moved you from his heart A vision is all you see now like a statue of past a part of history She indeed made a memory out of him A memory she will ever forget for life And a moment, I never want to go through. P.S, The story is purely fictitious and it is just my thoughts on how life can really cheat us knowingly.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Toast To Friendship

It is often said that it is love that makes the world go round. However, without doubt, it is friendship which keeps our spinning existence on an even surface. It is through friendship that we live and make a bigger life. Without friendship, life would have been as dull as the ocean without water. Think about it again! You will get the point.

Friendship is the foundation to which we bond together in peace and harmony. True friendship provides so many of the essentials for a happy life. We rejoice and take pride in it. And not to forget, we need to keep ourselves protected because sometimes, we need friends when the outside world seems cold and chaotic.

True friendship holds a mirror to our mannerisms and in our failures. They show us the sense of worthiness nurturing our hopes and supporting us in our disappointments and encourage us to grow at our best potential.

I am noting this small article in remembering one of my faraway friend in India who not only show her love and support to me but she gives me the strength and warmth of living in this harsh world. She takes me to the world of fantasy. She brings me joy and she lets me forget what is inside of me. I am not vulnerable to the worldly attachments of love and hatred. It is about my friend who comes along during the worst of my time.

Thanks to facebook for enabling this reunion of my friendship with her after 6 years. This is quite a long gap and I am glad, I met her again and indeed, world is too small to find a happiness. Love is all around. This is the fun of being in true friendship- Lovable, supportive and encouraging. I BELIEVE EVERYONE HAS A FRIEND (s) to share to the world. We don’t judge or feel friendship but we experience it. You all are one among them. Thanks for being with me.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You to Me

With the weather so warm and gracious,
I was walking on the beach,
The waves were dancing and drenching my clothes
I could feel the cold running through me
I carefully lifted my flowing skirt
And continued walking aimlessly,
Then, in a distance not so far
Saw a man like you from the back,
I pursed my lips to the notice,
Felt the warmth of you,
And cursed the distance of your faraway presence
I then felt the difference—
With you and without you
I hugged the few little moments I had with you,
Smiled slyly and whispered to myself, “I love you”
You are beyond my happiness
I wish for the same a zillion times
And a chance to say the same for a life time

P.S, "Love Is Never Easy and Distance Doesn't Make It Any Easier by Any Means but It Does Make You Realize What You Want, What You Need and Most Importantly Realizing That One Person You Don't Mind Missing Because Its the One Person You Cant Live Without"

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Heart Broken

I walked to the garden and sat on a tree nearby,
I see the place unattended and quite,
I was tired and I sought a pleasure to feel alive again,
Then, a cool breeze ran on my body,
And my heart was with you
I wished for your arms to hold me tight,
A shoulder to rest upon,
A sweet love to exchange,
But where are you?
You were the best companion I had
You pulled me from the grave and stood me on the hill
When I was afraid, you made me still
You were the strength to me, you kept me going,
You once told me, “You are everything to me”
I smiled and cherished the words,
I closed my eyes and saw you disappear away in the clouds,
I will never be the same,
Every breathe I take is going to be different
To live for myself because you are now gone forever,
Every good thing has an end but why didn't you leave me a goodbye end?
So lost in thoughts, I wondered in the garden
Gazed at the autumn leaves; sad and withered on the ground
But it gave me joy; it decorated the garden so bright and yellow
A wilted wishes to born again
And so am I:
A hope to begin a new life, a change to make within.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Barney, the Womanizer.

Barney is one of the fictional characters in Hollywood serial “How I met your mother”. He is known for his ‘Awesomeness’ in the serial. He talks great and he talks nonsense. He has a lot of game, rules and codes that keeps the episodes rolling with lots of funs and excitements. I guess most of you might know him or you are already a fan of Barney.

I liked Barney the day I started watching the serial. Not that I don’t like other characters in the serial, but you develop this feeling of attachment with the characters and you flow with them. So Barney has been the core attraction to me. Despite his nasty behaviour of poking his nose in other characters, he always has a sense of self and the degree to which he balances the fun in the serial and keeps his friends happy. For another reason, he is hot and manly but I hate the fact that women are depicted as so vulnerable and a touchable one.

It is not that long ago that I came to know him as ‘gay’. How can I not see the biography of the cast? But I am glad, I browsed them. Every magazine, youtubes and the news has flashed the news about Barney. He has two kids with this partner and he is a huge part of protest for equal rights for gay. He even dresses up his kids which I came to know through The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

After few hours, I had my unbelieving eyes staring at the wedding picture of Barney and his partner. I started clicking onto next photo clips still not believing the truth but the feeling I got was, “Barney’s family is so happy and beautiful”.

Now, what surprises me is when I am watching the serial; I get the look of Barney as ‘gay and not gay’ appearance. But I am glad; I am still in love with him and his personality which still excites me in many ways. The serial wouldn’t be fun if Barney is OUT OF THE GROUP.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where is my Concentration?

Concentration is the main source that keeps your alert, attentive and focussed in every field. One’s you happen to get an inch away from the concentration, the little foundation that you have tremendously built disappears regretfully. Not only does the failure of massive work in the office matter to the people but the little sleep in the class or in a leisure place makes a big difference to you.

I was in the library in front of my computer browsing University website. I got to the website that took me to the exclusive ‘Nature of dreams’ after clicking one after another link. The font was too small and unfortunately I got to read the ‘abstract’ of the page only. I was looking for alternative to go to another link to get a bigger font. You know, sometimes, how we tend to be careless and our whole earned hard work goes to the trash. To my surprise, I closed all the information while I was intending to open another new tab in the computer. It was then I got tired of browsing and eventually felt my hunger and the need to go home surpassed my mind. I stayed a bit longer on the chair only to relax and then later on, my eyes were forcefully tired because all I wanted to do was GO HOME. Anyhow, during that period of “Thinking to go home”, I did closed by eyes and this is what happened to me...

SHE: Where do you want to go?
ME: Gwynneville (My home)
SHE: Where? Nashville?
I looked in her eyes and she at my lips. Was my voice not loud enough that she had to read my lips?
ME: It is G-W-Y-N-N-V-I-L-L-E (Pissed off)
SHE: Oh, I am sorry! Ok, it is Gwynneville (Confused)

I closed my eyes for a min only and it seemed like an hour closing it and dreaming it for a long time.

Why on earth was I thinking of Nashville when my home is at Gwynneville. I am sure that SHE was myself only.

I don’t know who took my concentration when I was closing the tabs but for one thing, I am partly sure that my concentration was messed up with Assignments and presentations in the following weeks. The only way to keep yourself stress-free is by sleeping and then dreaming. I am seriously not opening the pages in next few hours because I am going to have a bowl of rice and then take a good nap.

Oh My God! Where is my concentration? FOCUS!

The Recess Week

Every one of us likes holidays and if granted, we would want to have one year holiday. After going to University for about nine weeks, 10th week was a Recess Week for the semester.

Our first two days was a very lazy day staying idly at home. The weather was quite rainy and cold that made us even more lazier to go out of the apartment. Holidays are either treating us real good or making us feel sleepy and bored.

But who has no plans on holidays? Boys were going to meet Bhutanese fellow mates studying in another University in Armidale. They have to travel eight or nine hours approximately from Wollongong.

As for girls, we weren’t ready to travel so far so we decided to go to Sydney which is just one and a half hour train from Wollongong. We went to Opera house and Darling Harbour, the most popular sightseeing scene in Sydney. And not to forget, the girls are fond of shopping and we don’t mind walking around doing the window shopping- It is fun and more fun when we are buying it.

Yes, we had another group of girls going to Canberra. They must have had funs too and so did we see their pictures already uploaded in the facebook after few days. The blooming flowers, the museums and The Parliament House.

As of us, it was a one day travel unlike our boys who stayed for 3 days in Armidale and the other group of girls who stayed for 2 nights in Canberra.

It is difficult to have a proper gathering during holidays because all of us want to visit different places and then the group is automatically divided where the groups visit the desired places.

So now, here we are back to Wollongong from Sydney.

Our rest of the days were spent eating, watching movies, facebooking and gossiping. We were surprised of how we were spending our time at home and then later on, we were feeling good that we were having a good time together. For a refresh, we went to the beach which was nearby our place and we also got to attend the birthday event at one of our Bhutanese families place. The day all the girls from the different group were present at the party and we had a great deal of time gossiping and laughing that filled the silent rooms and moreover, cuddling the little birthday boy who smiled throughout the photo snapping session with each of us.

As everyday is not Sunday and now that our recess is already to come to an end, we felt that urge of extending our holidays. Our mood were swinging from smiling to one another as if like reminding that holiday is coming to an end. It is a usual schedule and the normal thing to tell to friends, “Aaah, I wish we had another week of holidays” which is not going to happen anyways. But Thank God, Monday is Holiday too. It was a Labour Day in Australia, officially the only Government Holiday in Australia.

So, we were happy that we had Monday as holiday after Sunday. Like a kid, we cuddled ourselves into the blanket and prepared ourselves for the next class.

The week was fun but with every free hours here, Bhutan is and was always missed.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yes Class, No Rain

There is no worth a day that I can call it a good day because everyday is a war day talking to myself about what I will do next, next and then ends up doing nothing than to lay on my cozy and lazy bed that sincerely puts me to sleep to dream the horrible dream. See, where is light in my life? Bad day, war day, sleep night and horrible dream is all I own. You can never make it right because if you repeat this, it’s is not habit but a choice that you don’t want to choose or you don't want to follow the right way.

Yet, when I slept yesterday evening, I hoped for a better tomorrow because I wanted to be sort of optimistic about whatever happens next with me. It can be anything: a call, sms, plenty or no notifications, cry, smile, regret, talk, blah goes to the extent where you reach at an endless end. Who knows what tomorrow would be like; it could be flowery, windy, rainy, sunny, thundering, stormy or snowy? But for this particular tomorrow, I asked for nothing but to get soaked in the rain. I don’t mind where I am as long as I hear the chap-chap sound of the rain. I don’t mind if I am on my way to the mall, to the beach or to my place, all I want is a few drops of rain. Motherly nature, shower us with few drops of rain. I swear I will get inside the room and then watch you touch the ground from my window. WOW! How amazing?! I don’t wanna take any natural birth; shower bath is sounds imperial and interesting. But wait, have I mentioned about me wanting to eat food or having porridge with Suja, Desis and khabzaeys? Hmmm..No, I didn’t. I didn’t even talked about my families or friends. All I am saying is I am away from all.

However, I see my tomorrow is a crystal clear image of me sitting in the class carrying a junky file in my bag, staring at the yellow heads and the blue eyes. Awww, I miss my Thruebap! But then, I stopped thinking about delicious Thukpa and the decorative Lunch. What disappointed me more is the bright and the sunny day that ran all over my body. Damn the weather! I don't want to be cold, but I WANT RAIN, RAIN, RAIN.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Moment in the Morning

I am in my room. I am fast asleep, dreaming of my first day at Uni, and my alarm goes berserk. I hit the snooze button and slip into that deepest of sleeps, where your body sinks into your mattress and you know that nothing in the entire universe could offer the slightest temptation for you to get out of bed. And then after four minutes pass, and that sadistic shrilling device goes off again. If that’s not bad enough, my friends walk into the room and jumps on me and wakes me up with a friendly boxing on my body.

She would say, ‘Come on ya, first day at Uni! Wake up!’
‘Five more minutes’, I groan.
‘Yeshi! Come on! Hurry up!’ In an act of severe friendly abuse, my bed quilt is mercilessly pulled off my body.
‘Aaah, dear! Leave me alone!’

‘I have made pancake for breakfast. A good start for our first day!’

I smile and I eventually manage to fall out of bed and into the shower, where I have a panic attack of getting late in my first lecture. Then the shampoo gets into my eyes. So, my panic attack goes from ‘What will they say if I am late from the start only?’ to ‘Is this soap going to blind me?’ I then salvage my eyeballs, towel off, put on my dress and do my hair neatly. Then I sit on the edge of my bed and check my timetable again. Yep, no doubt about it, the majority of my classes are in the afternoon. That means, I have more time to relax in the morning.

My roomie and I enjoy our morning meals together however we don't have the luxury of time. We notice the time running so fast that we get ready to go to our respective lecture hall.
I look at the time again with my eyes so fixed, mouth opened, jaws dropped just to realize my classes is in the afternoon only. ‘Aaah, I have time! I could have slept a little more’.

‘What a spunk!’ She says. ‘You are so boring! Go to Uni, stay in the library, play with computer, you will have a quality time watching new students passing by you.’ She grins again.
Then she looks at me in mortification. She couldn’t believe she just said that to me. I look around the kitchen to wash away the dishes before leaving to Uni and ignore her embarrassment.
Yet a part of me, a very teeny weeny part of me, is making a lot of noise in my head wondering about what it would be like to stare at those hot guys and beautiful ladies. Never mind about them looking back to us.

She would ask again.‘You think I am funny at times?’

‘Haha, very funny. Jeez, you give me butterflies every time I wake up in the morning. You are perfect. All the time’. I smile away.
‘After all, I get a readymade meal in the morning. And I get to hear those interesting hanky panky conversation from you’

Then we disperse from kitchen, fly to our room, carry our bag in hurry and then race to Uni.

Monday welcomes us with uttermost laziness and then starts our tiring and busy weekdays. And with such wonderful friends, you move on with your life and make your own world to live in.

Note: The incidence in the story is a summed up moments of happenings at different time period.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


It`s funny how hello always ends with a goodbye,
it`s funny how good memories can start to make you cry.
It`s funny how forever never really seems to last,
it`s funny how much you`d lose if you forgot about your past.
It`s funny how friends can just leave you when you`re down,
it`s funny how when you need someone they`re never around.
It`s funny how people change and think they`re so much better,
it`s funny how many lies can be packed in one "love letter".
It`s funny how people forgive even though they can't forget,
it`s funny how one night can contain so much regret.
It`s funny how ironic life turns out to be
but the funniest part of all, none of that`s funny to me.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Best Days of My Life

Those days, they came and went
The phone calls, the love, the fight
It has been always wonderful
And it still is
Long gone moments, happily spent
We are but instants of worthlessness
Fragments of false life
And yet to come are days unseen
And holding surprises like never been
And anxious for untasted freshness
To silently savour the first kiss
From lips I do not recognize
Such is fate, not to minimise
Now, it's a new day
To live happily ever after, I presume
And with a new life to resume.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The New Tutor

The classes in the evening is usually tiring and we wait for the class to get over as fast as possible. And today, we were eagerly waiting our new tutor to arrive in the class who has been announced of his coming by our earlier lecturer cum tutor.

After few minutes of waiting, he entered the class in a rush and apologized for coming late. He had a suit on, curly hair and a weary face. He was carrying a lapie size bag on his left hand that made him look so appealing and quite teacher like appearance.I got the first first impression of our new tutor as serious and later on, a jolly person.

We were almost on our half way of our semester and still got ourselves introduced. I don't know how my introduction went but I found the new tutor speaking so fast that I didn't catch up his name also. I got a small of him that he taught at UK for 10 yrs and did his mater and even finished his PhD that qualifies him to teach the University students.

The weekly presenter did their presentation and I started to note the point of discussion. I will say again, he was really very fast than any other tutor I met so far.

No matter how advanced or appealing they are,as the teacher unravel their methods of teaching, the students become aware of them and if they fail to satisfy the students in the best possible way,any students would get bored in the class. I saw few other mates almost showing their lazy face lying on the desk.

That's when I start scribbling my notes.

I think the tutor noticed the atmosphere of the class and after few minutes of vague discussion, we ended the class with a greeting to meet in the next class. Just hoping the class will be more livelier and interesting like it use to be with our old tutor. The new tutor is great and beyond intelligent but he seems to divert away the class to some distorted discussion.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Ambivalence over Changing Lives of Mine and EVERYONE: The phone- another distraction for me

My Ambivalence over Changing Lives of Mine and EVERYONE: The phone- another distraction for me: The evening was cold and windy that the goose pumps started to appear on my arms and then my legs. It is boring when you have the classes in...

The phone- Yet another distraction

The evening was cold and windy that the goose pumps started to appear on my arms and then my legs. In this cold weather, I was impatiently waiting for the bus to arrive but in vain. I don’t know for how long I have been waiting but it seemed so long. Moreover, I was alone and felt bored. I had no one to talk to despite other people waiting like me. It is boring when you have the classes in the evening and you having to wait for the bus to arrive. So yeah, my class got over at 7:30pm and

I started playing music in my ear and then I was playing game through my phone. Yes, I was winning and defeated my opponent, my phone. Since I was winning, I couldn’t stop playing the game repeatedly. In between the game, I looked far way distance to see the bus coming but it never showed up. Ok! My concentration was too deep to respond the cold and the people around me.
The bus is still not in the scene. I was quite tired playing so I rose by tiring neck just to see the bus closing the door. OMG! I thought this is the 3rd or 4th time the bus is leaving me again. I rushed to the bus with my hair flying in the air and with my cheeks so red. I gave a cheesy smile to the driver and said “Thank you” for opening the door for me. Sigh! I was so relieved I made into the bus and from within, I felt a little embarrassed because the people who was near me outside the bus stop were already into the bus.

This was my night waiting for bus to come and in the process of waiting, I got absorbed in the game and the bus almost left me. If not I might have been waiting for the next bus to reach the Uni Bus Stop. I am not promising I will not play the game again because the phone keep me accompanied and saves my time while I am on the wait. So, I love you my dear phone even if you are some source of distraction.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Someone I can call "MY FAMILY"

Apa and my only Angay

Nae Nae Yangden

Nae Nae Chuki

Aunty Nima and Nae Nae Wangmo

Yangchen (Apa's youngest sis)

Nickey (My first cousin)

Namzay (My first cousin)

Yeiong (My first cousin)

Khenwang (CHONO):biggest and the naughtiest of the family

Chungku (Namzay's lil sister and my first cousin again)

Namgay (NOCHU)-Yet another first cousin

Their friendly bro and sissy look if not they are in fights. I miss them so much. Looking at this picture make me realize how much old I have become now.I am reminded of the number of years I have spent after them. SIGH*

with Ama (to the left in black coat)at Mongar. I am daughter of a divorced parents. I love her more than anything in the world. I LOVE YOU no matter what!!!

Finally, this is me with my families in my heart wishing we could stay together forever through thick and thin. There would't be a family without you all. I LOVE YOU ALL my Biggest Family!

12 Real Things you don't want to miss!

12. When you think about him, your heart skips a beat

11. You will read his text over and again

10. You will walk really slow together

9. You will sometimes pretend to be shy around him

8. By listening to his voice, you will smile for no reason

7. You will wait for hours online just to talk to him even if it is for 5 min

6. You will start to listen to slow meaningful songs

5. He will become all that you really think about

4. You worry about him talking to other girls

3. You think about those three words all day long

2. You will do anything for him

1. While reading this, there was only one person in your mind the whole time, now thats true love

Love is like a rumor, people talk about it but no one really knows what love is. People tend to gossip the facts about love but conversation do not have the actual truth. It is when you are in love that all your saved-up wishes start coming out. When we share our things do not mean we want them to fulfill what we want but because we like to share each and every moment of good and worst. We want to feel one another so deeply and truly that every each second counts when we are together. And I get the best feeling in the world when you say hi to me or even smile because I know for a second, I crossed your mind. You were thinking of me at that particular time. I smile when I see your name in the screen. That is how much you make me feel wonderful and special. I love you for being there with me despite the long distance we bear at the moment. I enjoy your invisible presence. I Love You! Aaah, a love freak today!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I feel happy to have wonderful friends and celebrate our special days together. Here are some good birthday memories we all will someday look back and cherish these beautiful moments.

The beach is an ideal place for a cool picnic. This is Ana Luzee (currently in Bhutan) and Kezang (My roomie)'s birthday. It is Pizza time :)

This picture was taken in 2009, I was very young then :) This isn't a I now own some wrinkles. Anyways, this is my friend Chencho (currently in Bhutan) celebrating her 21st Birthday while we were waiting for the clock to tick, 12:00 :)

On Jeewan's Birthday. This was the night we caught ourselves with the sip of Wine and dancing on the Floor.

This is our Next Birthday Girl (Lotey Om) who came all the way from her place, Armidale to spent her holiday with us a year ago. She has the most caring heart and a charming smile where we would spent laughing for most of the time. Love U Aum lotey.

On Tshering Choden's Birthday :)

All the way to Sydney to attend my friend's Birthday again.

Finally, this is me celebrating my 20th Birthday.

Birthday is a special day in everyone's life. For me, Birthday is all about excitements,joy, anxieties, gifts (Not necessary), wishes and blessings. It make us cherish some of our old memories and it is worth celebrating it. It is funny how we would make resolutions not to do this and that and end up doing the things that we have promised.

World Cup 2010

On the train
I am not a sport person and don't watch sports on regular basis either.  But I couldn't miss an opportunity to watch World Cup Final Live at Darling harbour, Sydney.

The show begins with a aloud applause from the crowd but it almost rattled through my ear. As mentioned so earlier, I am not a football fan but I skipped my time for this extra fun with my friends. Afterall, it was first time premier show at Sydney and I couldn't miss the opportunity to participate with the crowd.

Every one of us were so excited and shouting all over and with every rise of our voice, we were less tempted to shout because no team scored a goal but we managed to raise our hands and snapped hell of a pic and there was no one who did't carry a camera. if you don't believe me, check the above picture :)

The most awaited moment is now over with a winner announcement (Spain). OMG! The people started to squash in to click the pictures whoever wore the Red and Black Spanish Shirts.

While we were busy snapping the pictures, the winners gathered to receive their Trophy.

AAAh! I finally managed to breathe out so freely without people squashing us in the crowd. The most relieving part is we are heading home and we can rest in peace.

All in all, it was fun watching football. That's what matters at the end of the day :)