Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Recess Week

Every one of us likes holidays and if granted, we would want to have one year holiday. After going to University for about nine weeks, 10th week was a Recess Week for the semester.

Our first two days was a very lazy day staying idly at home. The weather was quite rainy and cold that made us even more lazier to go out of the apartment. Holidays are either treating us real good or making us feel sleepy and bored.

But who has no plans on holidays? Boys were going to meet Bhutanese fellow mates studying in another University in Armidale. They have to travel eight or nine hours approximately from Wollongong.

As for girls, we weren’t ready to travel so far so we decided to go to Sydney which is just one and a half hour train from Wollongong. We went to Opera house and Darling Harbour, the most popular sightseeing scene in Sydney. And not to forget, the girls are fond of shopping and we don’t mind walking around doing the window shopping- It is fun and more fun when we are buying it.

Yes, we had another group of girls going to Canberra. They must have had funs too and so did we see their pictures already uploaded in the facebook after few days. The blooming flowers, the museums and The Parliament House.

As of us, it was a one day travel unlike our boys who stayed for 3 days in Armidale and the other group of girls who stayed for 2 nights in Canberra.

It is difficult to have a proper gathering during holidays because all of us want to visit different places and then the group is automatically divided where the groups visit the desired places.

So now, here we are back to Wollongong from Sydney.

Our rest of the days were spent eating, watching movies, facebooking and gossiping. We were surprised of how we were spending our time at home and then later on, we were feeling good that we were having a good time together. For a refresh, we went to the beach which was nearby our place and we also got to attend the birthday event at one of our Bhutanese families place. The day all the girls from the different group were present at the party and we had a great deal of time gossiping and laughing that filled the silent rooms and moreover, cuddling the little birthday boy who smiled throughout the photo snapping session with each of us.

As everyday is not Sunday and now that our recess is already to come to an end, we felt that urge of extending our holidays. Our mood were swinging from smiling to one another as if like reminding that holiday is coming to an end. It is a usual schedule and the normal thing to tell to friends, “Aaah, I wish we had another week of holidays” which is not going to happen anyways. But Thank God, Monday is Holiday too. It was a Labour Day in Australia, officially the only Government Holiday in Australia.

So, we were happy that we had Monday as holiday after Sunday. Like a kid, we cuddled ourselves into the blanket and prepared ourselves for the next class.

The week was fun but with every free hours here, Bhutan is and was always missed.


  1. going through your post i too traveled around and had fun....i liked it...

  2. Thank you and you are welcome :)