Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hokey Pokey Dance

Music is such a beautiful thing. It makes you laugh, cry, sing, dance and learn and even brings people together.

My daughter is fond of nursery rhymes and music in general. She loves Psy's Gangham style and Gentleman and Silento's Watch me whip and watch me Nae Nae at the moment.

I can't say which songs she likes best but I can certainly tell you that she likes upbeat music. As soon she hears the song she knows, her face lights up with contend smile and slowly pulls off her cute dancing steps wiggling and just shaking it off. 

Walking home through Botanic Garden

Whenever we go out without a baby pram or the stroller or even the baby sling, she get's excited because she is free to walk without any buckles around her.

The problem is later when she gets tired, I feel the pang of her tiredness.

Taking a rest 

As her tiredness reach the peak time, I sing her favourite songs and this helps her to calm her down.

Doing the Hokey Pokey
She is dancing to "Hokey Pokey" song which I learned because of her. Thank you my little girl for showing me that I can sing and learn nursery rhymes too.

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