Thursday, May 10, 2012


I saw you from the Distance
I saw you smiling at me
I figured you came to meet me
Like you would come everyday
I said, ‘How are you?”
You replied, “I will be good when I hear you first.”
As girly as I was,
I hid behind the walls
Lowered my head against the wall
Closed my eyes and waited for you to go
But you waited like an armed soldier
To come out of the Den
And say, ‘I love you too’
My heartbeat increased to the highest
I knew, it was a big step
A promise to trust, and a commitment to make,
I said, “I need another day”
You calmed me down
You hugged me and responded, “OK”
I thought, You are a gentleman
As I loosened myself from your arms
I can see in your eyes
The Vision of us
I am not waiting
For the moment to come
Let it happen today
Because it is going to happen anyways...
Our Brand New Life!

Evening Wonders

If I walk to my house
I see the stars above me
Shining heaven on me
I follow this view every evening
With a bright star smiling upon me

If I walk to my house
I see the horizon of sun
Setting and shining
Every evening is the same view
With a sun setting and shining

If I walk to my house
I see the bright street lights
Sneaking through the trees
A joy of beauty crosses my mind
With yellow lights sparkling all night

If I walk to my house
I see the flowers facing me
Beautiful and colorful
I gently touch the flowers
With a hope to see the same tomorrow

As I reach my door
I see the portrait of God
Powerful and Enduring
I chant from within and enter my place
With Prayers and Blessings

Zac Efron

Zac Efron is one of my favorite Hollywood actors. He is listed on my number one favorite actor. I first saw him in Zee Café, singing, dancing in the movie, High School Musical.

I am already a great fan of dancers and singers. So seeing him on the screen, I couldn't drop my eyes off him. Since that day till now, he is always my beat actor.

Zac Efron was in relationship with Vanessa Hudgens for 7 years. They took different road after the separation and they seem happy about it. So no comments!

I loved the fact that both of them were so cool about their break up after announcing in the public. Moreover, they did not get any negative comments from the fans or the audiences. This is unusual for the celebrities not to get any criticism from the public.

Now that Zac Efron is Single, I am stalking his page all the time to see his present girlfriend. Happily or sadly, he is still single. I don’t mind if he is in relationship, there is nothing I can do than to keep admiring his works in the film industry.

His recent movie, "The Lucky One" was a killing one because as much as I loved him from before, I gave my heart to him once again.