Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tell a Tale? (Part 1)

Stranger to Love?
No more strange!
The night was young, loud and exhilarating!
A happy young man pursued a girl
He said, “Can we see each other again?”
Her heart was youthful and innocent
She said, “Yes, we can try”
Left the floor hoping to see him again.

The day was calm, friendly and peaceful
He sent a lovely message
It read, “I really like you and want to know you more”
Her heart was confused but happy
She replied, “________________?"
Put off the phone to let it be.

The day was promising and convincing
He reached out to see her
He said, “I Love You ”
Her heart was hesitant and cautious
She answered, “I will think about it”
Departed to respond to him later.

The day was sensational and extraordinary
He came to see her again,
He said, “I can’t stop thinking about you”
Her heart was willing and loving
She whispered, “Yes, I Love you too”
Stayed to pass the day with him

So began the tale of young girl and a boy.
                                                      -------------> To Be continued


Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Year That Was

The end of year 2013 marks the beginning of my amazing journey. On 16th December 2013 at 11:03pm, a 2.9 kg miracle baby let out a cry that brought tears to my eyes. My daughter was here. Safely delivered into this world. 1 year after, I still can’t express how great the emotions of excitement, gratitude, fear, stress, and happiness were.

1 month old

I was officially a mother (Remembering the time when I couldn’t come to terms with this term, “mother”) Funny! ☺

@Wollongong Library

The most amazing journey of my daughter’s first year of life was how much she accomplished. She went from exclusive breastfeeding to eating adult meal, of course without chilli. She had an extensive vocabulary at 8 months that she was able to read along with me. Whenever I read her favourite story book, "New Shoes", she would just calm down. Even to now, she is the same. Now that I have memorised the story, she loves to listen to me telling the story before bedtime.

Bumchu getting her ear pierced

The place where she learned to stand up

Her all time Fav Musical Toy Walker

She tested every limit she encountered. From 7 months, her wild and super funny personality emerged. She started to nod her head up and down when asked, stomped her feet and clapped her hand. Thanks to her favorite toy that she played so repeatedly and eventually got into her head. Now, she will not stop until someone sees her doing it.

On her 1st Birthday

Thankfully, being a mother got easier as days went on. I learned to stop second guessing myself about everything. Most of all, I learned to trust my instincts. I want to thank my daughter for making the person I am today. Without her, my life would be nothing. In her, I put my faith, my love, my strength, and my life to make her feel safe and happy.

Happy 2nd Valentine's Day My Baby Girl, Choetsho Drolma!!! I Love You Unconditionally!

p,s, Thank you Passu Sir for nominating me or should I say, for missing me here at the blog. Thank you my other good friends for checking out on me. You guys rock. Happy Valentine's Day Everyone. Spread the Love!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Hello everyone who are currently reading this blog. I have been away from this site for a very long time. I have missed updates from all the bloggers I follow and I am hoping, I haven't missed much as I am on facebook constantly seeing updates which is good :)

So much has happened in my life and I am looking forward to sharing everything in my blog.
In addition to this, I probably will be blogging on "Life in Australia" from my point of view. I am excited!

Have a good day Everyone!
Next post, coming very soon :D

Friday, March 7, 2014

Days After Losar

At this moment, time is all mine. I have so many things to commit to and fulfil them. As a saying goes, “Time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself”. I am determined to use my days wisely as much as I could.

I have been doing quite a lot of thinking about my life; where is it going? Where will it go? What has life stored in for me? Blah blah blah. All I know is Life can change in a blink of an eye as tomorrow is promised to no one. You never know what will happen tomorrow.

Life is a battle. I have learned the hard way about my life. It is troublesome but it is fun. You know it, once you start to grow up. I mean, once you begin to realise that growing up is not easy and what you once fantasized about grown-ups as smart and independent is a Farce. It takes time and hard work to earn it and live a normal life.

The weather, as we all know is an unpredictable one, everywhere I go, and I have to be ready with umbrella. If it was hot, I have no choice but to seek shelter under the shade wherever possible. This time, I didn’t want to bring on freckles.
The fact that I have to attend numerous appointments and travel to Sydney, it makes all the sense to get a UV Protection Sunscreen. It is Pricy. Sometimes it makes me angry that humans have so many flaws that need to be looked after. Sigh!

I have learned that life is all about taking risk, making memories and cherishing it. Life is about the choices we make; the good, the bad, the easy and the hard, so no matter what the choice is you have to make sure you can live with it. Sometimes I wonder what if life was just a fairy tale, you can cover up the error in your life by magic.

I wish and hope the Comings days will be a blessed one.

p,s, When things happen that’s out of your control, you can’t help but THINK!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Celebrating the New Year 2014

What a perfect day to start writing on my blog. Today's Buddhist New Year is a special day for all the Bhutanese people. This is the time where families and friends gather to celebrate the day by eating delicious meal, drinking and playing games.

Losar as we call it , is mostly observed at home with families and friends. Some go to temple for prayers on this occasion while some go out with friends as an additional fun on Losar. Correct me if I am wrong, men go out to play Archery on Losar to mark the day.

I probably am missing quite a lot of fun there in Bhutan. Howsoever, we had a small gathering at one of Ph.D families house. We say that if there is something/someone missing in your life, there is always another person that fills up the gap. So yeah, the small Wollongong family filled my day.

The days went by with each one of us preparing a different curry for lunch. Man of the house cooked mushroom with Datsi and soup. A guy friend prepared Ezay for Momo that was already cooked on the previous day. Another friend cooked fried beef with Sag. Lastly, I had my task cooking Chicken. I must say, all the curries were delicious. The smell of the curries was taking me to heaven because the chilli was from Bhutan. The aroma of Chilli is different. I like Bhutan's chilli :)

Well, we didn't really have anything planned for the day except for going to Mt. Keira (Wollongong). Actually, our plan to go to Mt. Keira for Picnic was ruined because of the rain. Although, we made it there after the sky got cleared. Lucky eh!

Well, this year's Losar is a celebration of remembrance and renewal for me. I have been away from my home country for almost two and half years now. I have missed my friends who left to Bhutan and who are in Bhutan. Now with new friends, it is just another moment to share my Losar with. This is just the beginning of another year and I shall have many more years to celebrate the day.

HAPPY LOSAR. I hope everyone had a wonderful and a memorable one.

Friday, November 22, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 10

Finally!!! This is my last post for the 100 things I love. Thank you @Rekha for recommending us to write on it. I had so much fun exploring my likes and loves. I tell you, at times, I felt difficult to sort out what my likes are. After much thought, I discovered it and I loved it.

Here are my last 10 loves; I am sure, I have many things to discover yet....

91. Leopard Prints- I got this leopard crush since coming to Australia :D

92. Chocolate sized mobile phones- By this, I mean, I love small and thin phone. Almost like a Kitkat shaped ones. I miss my old slide phone :(

93. Fashion magazines- It has some kind of a down-to-earth quality that makes me go "WOW, I want to be like them" although I am comfortable in my own skin. Wink wink** Another reason is, I get to read many inspirational stories from women's point of view. It is awesome!!!


95. Gossip- I can't ignore it. It is Girl's guilty pleasure :D

96. Home made remedies- I am kind of obsessed with home made remedies. Whenever I am hurt, or if I need any cure for any mishaps, I check online for solutions to heal it. It work wonders. It is quite handy not having to go to the medical store and spent heaps of dollars for the medicine :D

97. Horror movies- I fear ghost. Howsoever, I love taking pleasure in fear and get over it.

98. Perfume bottles- I definitely don't like to throw the empty perfume bottles I use. You can say, I am the collector :D

99. Clutch- I would love to own one.

100. Over the Moon- I would love to own one of the Alex Perry's dress. He is one of the top designers in Australia. When his clothes are on Sale, the price amounts between $700- $800. Some things just remain as a dream and I shall dream it forever. Sigh***

Saturday, November 16, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 9

81. The Kardashian Family- well, they are one among many other socialites that I totally like to follow them in social networking site. They are amazing.

82. The wai-wai Noodle- Love it! The first time I ever had wai-wai was when I was in Class 3 and I tell you, I had the life of my life. I felt so foreign!!! :D

83. Taking Risk- There is fun behind fears.

84. Long Skirts- I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but I absolutely love the angel look it gives once you are in it ;)

85. The count down- 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1... Calm down. Start, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,....repeat again once more. It gives me a moment of peace and relieves me from whatever I am stressing about.

86. Skipping- the only sport I play heartily :D

87. Checking out Funny pictures on social media.

88. Boiled Potatoes and a Ezay to go with it. I die for it. Yummmmm :D

89. Animations- I love watching them. I love drawing them. I love admiring them. I love making fun of them too. You know, how they have weird body features ands still, they look so cute and beautiful in it. Totally awesome!!!

The power puff girl is my fav.

90. Containers- I love collecting empty containers. If needed, use it. If not needed, give it to someone :)