Friday, September 27, 2013


The librarian has just announced the closing time. It’s 5:40pm right now and the library will close down in 20 minutes.

As I am waiting, I can see people with their facebook page ON. Some are at the short loans to borrow the book so that they can take it for overnight.

Some are having goodbyes and getting out of the library.

And me? I am writing this short piece of note and waiting to go to gathering which we call it ‘Fun Food Friday” (FFF) at 6:30pm.

We normally meet every Friday at 6:30pm and runs till 9pm. We have a dinner together and give $2 donation to the organiser for bringing the dinner, dessert and snacks.
We play games like scrabbles, Uno’s and other fun games to keep us occupied and spent time together. Later, the elders drop us back home so it’s safe to stay till late.

I am always excited to go to this gathering because it is a great platform to refresh your mind and thoughts by sharing with other peers. I tell you, the friends I meet at this gathering are so humble and friendly that I cannot ignore their invitation.

Definitely, Harmony is Love.