Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I called you

Calling has many depths of meaning ad here I meant the feelings I felt which reminded  that I have been yours only.  But how far is it true? This infinite thought of being with you captured me and the little times we had in Bhutan. My habit of thinking over again made me question; Will I stay with you forever? Will we last?  Whatever the situation might be, at the moment, I was deeply thinking about you.

The sense of pleasure to go to party  was not my thing but the friends kept on asking to enjoy the night.  I replied   nothing and continued reading the articles in  the Nopkin. My most favorite and preferential site FACEBOOK kept me busy with the chats ad gradually I met respectable friends. I was always welcomed despite some other irritating mocking friends. I am sorry to say this but I do meet such irresistible unknown friends. Anyways, I didn't wanted to go to any places.My involvement with all these comfy activities never forgets to feel you. It is you that makes me take another step and Yes, I am happy because I miss you.

You even  complained me for not missing you and this was really selfish on your part. I missed you every little moment I had but you never believed me. Gosh! I am tired of explaining again and again. I am innocent. Why are human incapable of understanding the decent talks rather than believing the unwanted conversations.The way I feel for you is different as you know that.  I think you should know about this and I must suppose that the change in me is evident now. I count on you to judge and you did. I respect that and I listened you. But somehow, in the middle of the way, I lost you. Love is as complicated as a  networks in the Global map. We get the one we looked for but somehow, we go in the wrong direction. Because of this one mistake, it takes us to another world which we never knew. Still, in this unknown world of misery, I will love you. Now, I am becoming loveholic. 

I know I am being quite submissive here for confessing my weakness. But anyway, this is  the only way left to prove you that this is "ME".  I am with you but this is not enough. It is important that you stay with me because I still  feel you.


  1. yeeshi i can feel every word you wrote. like one of my friend said ' in love u can never make someone happy. love is all selfish and evil'. i understand how you miss someone dearly so much and a lot more than what can be written but the other person has no mind to even appreciate, forget about caring. its ok, time will bring you love :)

  2. Lotey, thanks. I will remember. This article is written long time back but it's amazing how we can return back to the past and relate with the present condition. I am still missing the person who is far away from me. I hate this Universe for creating a distance.