Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Red Obsession

The color, Red is one of woman’s obsession. Especially me, I die for random red stuffs I see here and there and everywhere. When I say random, I mean the clothes,the bags, the coats and the beautiful Red heels. Everyone knows what Red stands for. Probably, all of you are starting to think about it. Here are some of RED things I know and I remember.

Red is Blood.
Red is religious.
Red is a hospital sign.
Red is a Smoke Free Zone.

Don’t you see, Red color is widely known and on adding into, it is a good sign. So, I proudly want to confess that I have been pretty much obsessed with Red colors since my high school days and till now. I don’t know what made me go for Red: Red colour hairband, Red color slipper, Red color bag, Red color book cover, Red colour pen and Red colour purse. I always had a special bond with it.

Speaking of RED, I think I want to have money in red too. Then I will not spent on things I don’t like because I would prefer my Red money to keep safely with me than buying yet another. It is quite an idea!

Red is a color.
Red is famous.
Red is love.

Nothing can stop me from buying reddy red things. I just discovered a new adjective for red, “Reddy Red”. It is amazing how red can falsely improve my vocabulary and share with you guys.SMILE! It works.

Lastly and more importantly,
Red is super bright.
Red is sexy.
Red is elegant.
Red is attractive.

No matter how much I like seeing female movie stars wearing Red lipstick, I hate it wearing on myself, probably because I have thick lips. Oooops but true. I hate Red colour at this point. I can’t believe Red color is intensely and effectively strong to change my love for red to hating red. Oh, I love Red. I just love it. RED IS possessive.


  1. Nice one reddy Princess! Red is sexy and attractive. Keep loving red...

    1. Thank you Prince. No wonder Red has so many specialties that I can't stop falling for it over and again. (:

  2. My mom likes red too! This is a pretty good post.

    1. Thumbs up! We know what Red is. ;)

      Soon to follow you as well my dear.

  3. I hear people saying "Love is in the air, Red is everywhere." may be Red is symbol of love, but remember, Red is also sign of Danger, and so can be Love.
    Ny way, interesting piece. :D

    1. Liked your comment.
      Ya, Red can reach the level of destruction too. Who says Red is just an obsession, it is a maniac freak controlling people.

    2. RED is sensual too, and I agree with everything you said on RED! lol...
      Just like you I tried wearing red lipstick but I sucked in it cuz of the same reason like you:(. But my love for my red nail colour is still there, I have every ounce of red nail colours and I am possessive about it too! :D

      Creative post! LIked it.
      Keep coming.

    3. I too agree with you. Who doesn't understand the meaning of Red. It is super duper sexy colour. :D
      Thank you for visiting my blog.