Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Explaining Bhutan to the Unknowns

Many of us know that Australia is a multi cultured country and we meet people from various backgrounds we could possibly imagine. There are people from every possible corner of the world and it is exciting to meet them and at the same time, share about our country which as well might be alien to other people around the globe as we are to their country.

I was on English Conversation Group as organized by the University. There were students from China, Malaysia and Turkey. Chinese and Malaysian had some hints about where Bhutan is except for the girl from Turkey. However, I was sure no one was aware of what is inside Bhutan and how amazing it is to live in Bhutan, a complete different world from Western countries.

As we introduced ourselves, all of us started to talk about our country. The Turkey girl seemed puzzled of whereabouts Bhutan. I gave a friendly smile and explained, "Bhutan is a small country located between China and India" This is one of the basic, the easiest and the most common method to describe where Bhutan is. Followed by, “It is a very small and a happy country” Well, I hope it is. I don’t want to see or read crime news in Kuensel online or in BBS.

Then the Turkey girl responded; with a closed mouth, nodding her head from north to south and still wanting to hear more of Bhutan. At the same time, I knew I have to talk more on it and continued, "We are an Independent country and is the Youngest Democratic Country. We still have King and Queen and.... “ She was smiling and suddenly popped in with smiling and surprising appeal, "Oh wow, really? Bhutan is a fairy tale country. It is a Cinderella story" I smiled and promptly replied; "It is not as easy as it seems like in Cinderella" Of course, all countries have a history to reveal.

I was not ready to talk about politics in Bhutan. A thought captured in my mind that she has no ABCDE information about Bhutan and this is not my first time meeting someone who doesn't know about Bhutan. So, I energized myself and said, "Bhutan's second language is English” so that she can at least know that Bhutan is not an isolated country and then covered some topic on Gross National Happiness. Well, this is what came to my mind and I felt good sharing smaller things to my friend who seemed so alien to Bhutan. It is natural. Not all of us know where Honolulu is. She didn't know the name "Bhutan" existed so I believe, I helped her in my own little ways to capture the image of Bhutan and never forget it. No matter how much Bhutan is exposed to outside world, we are still an Unknown and there are people who wants to know more of Bhutan.

I think I did a lot of talking part and I showed Bhutan through Google and found some interesting pictures. I felt so good seeing the picture. Bhutan is indeed such a peaceful and happy country no matter how much we complain about it. At the end, Home is where your heart it.

Well, after showing the pictures of Bhutan, she was awestruck and amazed at how beautiful Bhutan is- with Greenery Himalayas interlocked with each other.
Talking of Bhutan, and this is exactly how students away from their home country celebrate their living in another world.

At the end of our meeting, I felt so good and satisfied that I got this opportunity to talk about Bhutan and even invited them to visit Bhutan.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Love

Ever since you were born,
I stayed with you:
Changing your nappies
Soothing you when you cried
Most of all, giving you my love and care

For a mother, you are the beginning of all thing-
Wonder, hope and a dream of possibilities
But for me, you are angel in my eyes
You make me realize how worthy I am at home,
You make me fill my heart with love that I thought was empty
You make my days longer, nights shorter
I,e the time when your mother was away,
I stayed awake for you
Watched you pass your day with smiles and cries

I don’t want to be a mother to feel the motherhood
I already know what it is like to be one
I am grateful for making me the way I am.
I love you so much that my heart will speak thousands of you
And it will never end until I die.

Love, from your cousin!

P,S, I can't believe my eyes, you all are growing up so fast and standing in front with those same cute little smile and in a dress that will make you "YOU" in future. I love you all!