Monday, March 12, 2012

My Taste Bud

So, let be begin by asking you one question. Have you ever mingled your love and hate together and got the end result a satisfying one? Sometimes, people are too ignorant to accept what they dislike and then they just dump it away exchanging for the good ones. It is a universal fact that we would obviously opt for what we like and trash what we don't like. But how about you bring some changes to your eating habits?

Recently (yesterday night), I was making a potato salad mixed with egg and a lettuce leaves for an additional taste. Tell you what; I love potatoes but I hate eggs and especially a fried and scrambled eggs and also a boiled one. I even hate the lettuce actually. I feel like I am a cow eating grasses. No offense here, I am just saying. In contrary to what I thought, I really liked the salad and I felt so happy it turned out a delicious one.

Let me tell you, I was "one" among those people who was so choosy and determined not to take anything that I found unwelcoming. I was always so particular about the food while I was at home. My friend do quote the same, "You are so particular." This would make me think twice. Anyways, I normally don’t like green vegetables such as nakay, broccoli, bamboo shoots, lady finger and Sag. I swear I hated them all but sag, I liked it a little. So whenever I see those curries as an afternoon or evening meal, I secretly got annoyed and I won't take meal telling them I am not hungry or sometimes, I tell them, I hate those curries. But who will stop cooking it when these curries are favorites of some other family member. Call me stubborn for not taking my meal on time with my family but I really had a different taste. Perhaps, you are one among them. WHO KNOWS!!!

My taste has somehow changed to liking those green vegetables and I am way too blending myself with broccoli, boiled eggs and some other green vegetables. I guess, I am improving to some extent and simultaneously adding vegetables in my list as my body builder. I then tell myself, “Green vegetables are good for health, it is nutritious" as if it is a new thing. Funny! But going round and round with new friends, learning to cook new curries, I am able to adjust with curries I come by while I go to other places as well. I am happy about it. I will not be a problem to my family when it comes to curry now. EVERYONE, EAT HEALTHY AND STAY HAPPY!!!

Did you have the same problem as me? OR Do you see changes in your taste bud as a child and as an adult?

P.S, Trying out something new is really a fun experience and you enjoy it. SO GO FOR IT!

In Search of Honey...

Dear honey,

Apparently, I am missing you
I have been thinking about you since yesterday
So this morning, I went out looking for you
Because I was feeling worst
And I missed you even more then
I wished you were here with me
To ease my pain
But you were just hiding somewhere
Frustration crossed my mind
I went to meet Doctor
He said, "Sorry, we don't have the honey you want"
I sadly turned away to chemist shop,
There wasn't a sign of the honey I want
Once again, I was doomed and tired of walking,
... But I gotta find you and I won't give up
I went to another shop yet again
Then there you were –Finally!
You were smiling to me
Sitting in the corner waiting for me to pick you up
It was the wonderful feeling ever, Sigh*
I picked you up, my honey in a little bottle
I Love you
I am terribly in need of you
My throat needs you the most
Cure me soon honey
I shall be grateful to you
With Love