Monday, March 12, 2012

In Search of Honey...

Dear honey,

Apparently, I am missing you
I have been thinking about you since yesterday
So this morning, I went out looking for you
Because I was feeling worst
And I missed you even more then
I wished you were here with me
To ease my pain
But you were just hiding somewhere
Frustration crossed my mind
I went to meet Doctor
He said, "Sorry, we don't have the honey you want"
I sadly turned away to chemist shop,
There wasn't a sign of the honey I want
Once again, I was doomed and tired of walking,
... But I gotta find you and I won't give up
I went to another shop yet again
Then there you were –Finally!
You were smiling to me
Sitting in the corner waiting for me to pick you up
It was the wonderful feeling ever, Sigh*
I picked you up, my honey in a little bottle
I Love you
I am terribly in need of you
My throat needs you the most
Cure me soon honey
I shall be grateful to you
With Love


  1. What a teaser post! It fooled me. I was thinking otherwise, but "Honey". You need it. Nice post. And keep posting, keep teasing.

  2. You nearly misled me in the beginning. lol Nice post. Keep posting. :)

  3. nice post,,, i read it on ur facebook status update.. :D

  4. Yeah. The human thought, we really think too much of what is being written.
    Thank you guys!