Saturday, June 2, 2012

Local Thoughts

There is a time when you wander into past and think how wonderful your life was: enjoying your time with friends, watching movies, serials, playing games and studying. We grasp every opportunity to engage in almost all the activities. Those little activities would include washing our plates, clothes, playing with kids, roaming in town, attending birthday parties.

After remembering my past moments, it made me realize how my life was and now. Wherever I go, I meet with new faces of people, friends, and even kids. As for the household work, I am super free except for cooking food because I love filling myself with my favorite dishes. All of these have now become part of my life and I am trying to enjoy it.

Since I am far from my family, I am living with other five housemates. They are friendly and they are my part of my world .One of the most important things is every work I do has become much lighter: whenever I cook, I cook for one person (myself). I wash clothes once a week and thanks to washing machine that it make my work even easier. Whenever I go out, it is rightfully in my hands that I don’t have to ask permission from anyone. I feel good and independent that I am able to survive alone.

Then there comes a moment where I remember all those washing seven and eight plates and other household chores once again. I realize how beautiful my life is, with families and friends. They nurtured me with wisdom and their advice and scolds are the only things that will make me survive my life. Me staying at home was a best memory I can possibly hold in my heart and I will always do.

Being alone, free and independent sometime gives you the bad taste of life. It feels like you are in the top of the tower and enjoying the beautiful scene of the place but without your loved ones, life is more than empty as unexpected. I miss all those scolds and advices that kept me from going out often and with each ticking of time, their words will make me stronger to live my life.

P,S, Today, I was missing my home, my families and friends even more that I use to. So, I dedicate this article to them for making me a person I am now-someone who made me the person I am--The person who has the ability to write in black and white.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chilli Eating Disorder

Hot and Spicy chillies are a major part of different cuisine available worldwide. It is said that such chillies are consumed in Asian countries. In particular, Bhutanese consume the hotter ones. I think it is only our country Bhutan that consumes Ema Datsi (Chilli mixed with cheese) as curry instead of just mixing with vegetables and meats.

As Bhutanese consume more chillies, chilli addiction becomes an issue.
It is humorously strange that we continue eating despite knowing the consequences of becoming an chilli addict. Most effectively, we are liable to become an ulcer patient.