Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chilli Eating Disorder

Hot and Spicy chillies are a major part of different cuisine available worldwide. It is said that such chillies are consumed in Asian countries. In particular, Bhutanese consume the hotter ones. I think it is only our country Bhutan that consumes Ema Datsi (Chilli mixed with cheese) as curry instead of just mixing with vegetables and meats.

As Bhutanese consume more chillies, chilli addiction becomes an issue.
It is humorously strange that we continue eating despite knowing the consequences of becoming an chilli addict. Most effectively, we are liable to become an ulcer patient.


  1. It's even a nursery rhyme in our country, ''Chili eating, Chili eating...stomach paining''.

  2. Yeah, and the sad thing is, it is the truth.