Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Parcel from Bhutan

"Words left unsaid will sit inside your mind screaming" Raine Cooper

I am very excited to share this beautiful moment I had with my daughter this evening.

Today, on this beautiful rainy day, I checked my mailbox as Bumchu and I returned from the city library. 

I saw a "safe drop" message from post office. I was so excited, my long waited parcel is waiting for me to collect it. It is very rare I get such thoughtful gifts from Bhutan so I was obviously over the moon and feeling lucky to have special friends in Bhutan.

When I received the parcel, call it crazy or funny, I closed my eyes, brushed my nose close to the package and took a deep breath. I thought, "the Bhutanese smell must have disappeared in transit."

When Bumchu saw the yellow package, she thought it is something to eat so she couldn't keep her excitement down either. She said, "Nang nang"  with her two cute small hands reaching out for the parcel.

Both of us couldn't contain our 'own' excitement and we opened it as soon as we got home.

Voila! I exclaimed, "YOUR KIRA and TEGO" 

She gave a huge hug like it was  her toy. I smiled and explained to her, "This is dress, you wear it" feeling tremendously happy and thankful for amazing people in my life.

Little Bhutanese Girl Abroad

There she goes, totally rocking her new outfit.

I probably must have thanked numerous times  but anyway, thank you Ana Luzee and my dear friend Kezang for sending your love to Bumchu.


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hokey Pokey Dance

Music is such a beautiful thing. It makes you laugh, cry, sing, dance and learn and even brings people together.

My daughter is fond of nursery rhymes and music in general. She loves Psy's Gangham style and Gentleman and Silento's Watch me whip and watch me Nae Nae at the moment.

I can't say which songs she likes best but I can certainly tell you that she likes upbeat music. As soon she hears the song she knows, her face lights up with contend smile and slowly pulls off her cute dancing steps wiggling and just shaking it off. 

Walking home through Botanic Garden

Whenever we go out without a baby pram or the stroller or even the baby sling, she get's excited because she is free to walk without any buckles around her.

The problem is later when she gets tired, I feel the pang of her tiredness.

Taking a rest 

As her tiredness reach the peak time, I sing her favourite songs and this helps her to calm her down.

Doing the Hokey Pokey
She is dancing to "Hokey Pokey" song which I learned because of her. Thank you my little girl for showing me that I can sing and learn nursery rhymes too.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2nd January!

There is first time to every moment in your life from the day you are born into this crazy, mad and beautiful world. 

So today, as we went out to town, we found this beautiful, cute and little umbrella stocked up at the entrance of the shop. Since, coming week is a rainy week, Bumchu got her first umbrella. 

My First Dora Umbrella :)

I love it
I feel a sense of pride as I see her become independent and learn to do things on her own. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

First blog, 2016

Wow, this feels strange! (In a good way). I am finally back to blog after a long break of 10 months period. I missed blogging. Well, my daughter is an excuse for not blogging because I don't have time to write. I am tiny bit guilty because it is not the whole truth. I have been slacking on it and most of the time, procrastinating. 

But today is not an excuse for me not to blog. This is what special day like first day of the new year do to you-that vibe of really wanting to do it and not be disappointed later on.  The first day of the year is just puuurrrr-fect!!! 

Anyway,back to my blog, the past few years has been an roller coaster ride for me; emotionally, mentally and physically. I am sure, as I blog, I will be sharing a lot about it.  

I am so blessed to be a mother to my precious girl, who turned two on 16th December, 2015. I cannot imagine my world without her. At present, my world is- if my daughter is happy, I am ten folds time happier for both of us.

As blessings come, so do disappointments. There are trials and rewards throughout everyone's life. It was no different to me. 

There wouldn't be light without darkness. As I surpassed through difficult times, I have also met wonderful people in my life who helped me get back to my feet.

For me, year 2015 has been an awesome journey of learning, discovering and growing up as an individual and most importantly as a mother.

Not to forget, I am thankful for my awesome friends for lending me their listening years,  supporting me through thick and thin.

Year 2015 hasn't been the most happiest one but it was not the worst as well.

I hope, you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve!