Sunday, December 30, 2012

This Love

I was frustrated and I didn’t realize I told you yet again,
“I want to end”
Is this something I have become used to saying to you?
Or is this some kind of me letting off my annoyance?
I can’t store the pain this way.

There was fire raging through me
There were chaos controlling my mind
This love has taken its toll on me
I said Goodbye and I have you gone
I am so tired
I won’t say Goodbye anymore

I pretended like everything is fine when it is not
I can’t fix these broken wings
And make sure everything is alright
I need to be with you and I can’t
That’s what kills me everyday
The moment you don’t have time
I feel disappointed

Even after all these time,
Nothing is changed.
This Love is same


  1. Oh, you made me tired reading this poem. It's the life; wait and hope, pretend and live expecting for the change, and the change is very much there, believe in this love. so many rages in the poem, and beauty inside too.Great.

    1. Thank you. I believe in what I believe.

  2. Nice poem, Yeshi. You seem to have had some problems with love. Hope it gets resolved and make you restore your faith in love.

    1. Oh, the problem is just part of life. So, I am taking in as it comes by.
      Thank you.