Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Some says, “Smile cost you nothing”
While some comments, “Smile is a medicine”
I think, smile cost you many things
Things that bother you
And things that don’t
Smile cost you lives.
Smile cost you death.

There are situations you assume
There are situation you don’t expect
There are situations you think is horrifying
There are situation you think is, ‘Worthy”
Be it a good or bad smile,
A smile can make a difference
You can be the Judge here.

Smile cost you because smile is deceptive
There is always a reason to smile
Just like we have reasons to eat food
No matter what the smile speak
People care about it.

People love to criticize others
Not to be blamed, it is natural

When a friendly smile is smiling
You smile back
When a dangerous smile is smiling
You still smile back
What’s the modification here?
What do you think while you are smiling back?
You decide. Smile cost you medicine
Or smile cost you nothing?

P,S, I wrote this note while I was overloaded with work, resting on the lawn and couldn't resist people smiling at me and I had to smile back to show my courtesy. All of the above thoughts ran to me that I couldn't stop posting it here.


  1. I like this Smile poem a lot. It made me smile :)

    1. Thank you Madam Rachna. I am glad you smiled. Wink* ;)

  2. I often watch to see if someone's smile reaches their eyes, for I think this is one way to tell if it is genuine or not. Thanks for making me think! Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Felice inizio settimana a te...ciao

  4. Surprise! How's it going on your side of the blog lol. So my internet in Bhutan is very very slow and it rarely lets me do anything. I haul my computer to the school to upload my blogs. But tonight for some strange reason it is going fast, so I am checking out everyones blogs and I am so pleased to discover that you are such an artist with your dazzling poems. I will flash you a smile:-). xoxo

  5. Likes likes! Thank you for dropping by. Smiiilleee xo