Monday, October 29, 2012

Is it a Bad Luck?

Sometimes we are left in wonder whether to believe what we just saw or should we ignore it for the sake of making ourselves to feel better.

Yesterday, when I was walking by the road to my friends place for dinner, I saw a black-brown cat about to cross the road. I wished it didn’t cross the road because as far as I know and to what I have heard, if we see a cat crossing the road then it is considered as bad luck. This superstitious belief remained inside me all my life.
So, as I was on my way, wishing, the cat silently crossed the road. I felt terribly bad for myself having to witness this situation.

Then I stood straight and thinking of what to do next: We either have to cross the road with a worry in our mind that we have just been through one of the most horrendous moment or we just ignore and cross it anyway because we have no choice. I could have returned back but my friend has to cross it as we were going to her place. So we crossed.

I looked at her amusingly. She seemed quite relax and wasn't bothered about what we encountered on the way. I asked, “Are you cool about it?" She replied rather calmly, “aaah, it’s ok. It’s normal here. There are lots of dogs too. So, let’s not bother and pass the way” I agreed to her and casually walked along the road with my fingers crossed and talking to my friend as if nothing happened. However, the overloaded feeling of something bad might happen at any time was stuck in my mind.

In another incident, today, I just broke my roomie’s cup. I don't know how it happened but the cup fell down so instantly making a strange noise. I stared on the wet floor for more than a minute not believing to what I did and to what I saw.

At that very moment, a strong emotion ran through me, as if someone is telling me that something really bad is going to happen. I stayed staring on the wet floor wondering whether it really happened because it has been more than 3 years that I didn’t really break anything this way like I did today.

I am hoping I don’t hear any bad news. Fingers crossed again!