Friday, November 22, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 10

Finally!!! This is my last post for the 100 things I love. Thank you @Rekha for recommending us to write on it. I had so much fun exploring my likes and loves. I tell you, at times, I felt difficult to sort out what my likes are. After much thought, I discovered it and I loved it.

Here are my last 10 loves; I am sure, I have many things to discover yet....

91. Leopard Prints- I got this leopard crush since coming to Australia :D

92. Chocolate sized mobile phones- By this, I mean, I love small and thin phone. Almost like a Kitkat shaped ones. I miss my old slide phone :(

93. Fashion magazines- It has some kind of a down-to-earth quality that makes me go "WOW, I want to be like them" although I am comfortable in my own skin. Wink wink** Another reason is, I get to read many inspirational stories from women's point of view. It is awesome!!!


95. Gossip- I can't ignore it. It is Girl's guilty pleasure :D

96. Home made remedies- I am kind of obsessed with home made remedies. Whenever I am hurt, or if I need any cure for any mishaps, I check online for solutions to heal it. It work wonders. It is quite handy not having to go to the medical store and spent heaps of dollars for the medicine :D

97. Horror movies- I fear ghost. Howsoever, I love taking pleasure in fear and get over it.

98. Perfume bottles- I definitely don't like to throw the empty perfume bottles I use. You can say, I am the collector :D

99. Clutch- I would love to own one.

100. Over the Moon- I would love to own one of the Alex Perry's dress. He is one of the top designers in Australia. When his clothes are on Sale, the price amounts between $700- $800. Some things just remain as a dream and I shall dream it forever. Sigh***