Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Music vs The Noise

It is going to be dark and I was waiting for the bus to go home.  As the time passed by, there was a slight rainfall to which I had to standstill in the crowd without any umbrella.  Now, the rain acted harsh and I have increased the volume of my music a bit louder to balance the sound of the rain.  
I looked around the place thinking to take a seat near by but the bench was already occupied. No longer did the bus reached near the stop, students rushed towards the door. This is an everyday ritual at the Bus stop to take the seat in the first come first basis.  Today, I was lucky; I escaped myself from staying in the queue because the bus stopped right in front of me and got a place to sit while I watched the late comer standing with their subduing faces.
The girl sitting next to me was Asian wearing pink and black colour coat. Her hair was short and black. She had a speck on.  I have noticed too much of her and I looked at her again not because I adored her but she resembled to one of my International friend.  I gave another third look at her and she had a mole under her right her. Moreover, she was a cute little girl and the one I use to know was a woman.  I felt little embarrassed and more stupid.  
 Sometime later, she was looking at me with the “Who the hell are you?” face. I didn’t make any move and continued listening to my favourite track by Bruno Mars, ‘Just the way you are’. Whatsoever, I kept myself busy listening
 Bus was roaring the whole way, the rain was raining but the girl didn’t stop giving me another frowning and a confusing look. I was like “What the hell?” and I felt uneasy to sit near her now. What was her problem anyway?
I don’t know, somehow, I realized that the girl could hear my music. Without her notice, I lowered the highest volume till the middle way. But I lost the charm of listening to the music only and at  that moment I remembered how one my friend, Ugyen Tshomo use to complain about the volume i use to listen to.
 But I already mentioned that the idea of listening to music with the highest volume was to balance the noise I heard from the bus and the rainfall.  The girl should have understood that the volume was favourable to me.  If she was that generous not to gaze me over and again, then I would have listened to the highest volume again.