Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Online Argument

It is interesting how online chatting have affect us just like a normal talk between friends nearby. It is more interesting when we have not met for real and we are still arguing over and again.

It was yesterday evening that I was having a conversation with one of my far way online friend. Most of the time, we have a casual conversation about how we are and what we did and then end up talking about food and health.

This time, our conversation prolonged for quite a long time than the usual time. We were talking about our likes and interest. I said, I like actors and I even said his name, "Zac Efron" excitingly and happily thinking that he would consider my likes. In contrary to what I thought, he turned me off. He said, "If you really want to take interest in someone then you should like sports person" Then he started giving reasons to why I should be liking a sports person when I am not a big fan of sports since my high school times and till now, it has not changed.

For whatever the reasons it might be, I wasn't the person who would go for sports during my high school days. But it is common for me to watch football with my friends whenever the show is ON in TV. It is fun!

I think that every person in this world strives hard to become a famous and a successful person. No one in this world is an icon without working hard. I love actors because I know what it is like to be them and I know what it takes to become an actor. It is same for the sports person, they are playing because it is their passion and they work hard to be strong and tough just like an actor does in their profession.

All in all, I had a good time talking with my friend over the likes and interest. Our chat wasn't a waste. It is funny, he even pointed on girls interest in shopping and fashionista. Of course, it is every girls dream to be a Diva in her life. Girls live in their dreams and be happy always. Our chat ended like always, with a hope to meet next time. I meant it!!!


  1. Looks like you are in love lol, i mean he opposed you and you still considered it...

  2. Yeah, it is LOL. He is my friend.
    I was too sleepy to argue over the conversation. But glad, I had it stopped if not there would have been a war.

  3. He was trying to dump his views on you. You have a right to admire whoever strikes your fancy and not someone suggested by your friend.

    1. True! I love what I love.

      Thank you for visiting my blog, Madam Rachna!