Sunday, October 23, 2011

What will they call me?

Oh! I am a long way away from home. I think of things that I am going to experience while I am back at home. Friends were at home, they were talking, my roomie was bust facebooking and some of them were in the kitchen. Then, I thought we are old now, it is time we learn to make decisions and stop being childish among ourselves. I was facebooking as usual and the thought ran into me, ‘What will they call me?’ ‘Aunty?’ This is so obvious, they will. Time to grow up!

Anyways, I am so used to be called as ‘Yeshi ‘by my friends or else Norfe, my facebook surname by my Wollongong friends. Some of them even call me ‘Pasta Choden’ ever since I started eating PASTA and I never stopped and it still is my everyday favourite meal. I then call my families at home and the kids call me, Aue Yeshi.

We friends here gossip about getting a title of Ms, Mrs, Madam, Sir, Aunty back at home. We say, we don’t want to be called as Aunty. This is going to be strange. Not that we don’t want to be called as one but the fact of becoming old crosses our mind. I feel old actually and otherwise I am too young to be called as Aunty. And then I smile over the thought of becoming someone’s Aunty very soon. Still smiling! Let’s see!!!


  1. Haha. Yong khewa lako wai nan. Yeah, all feels the same. :P A nice post, soon-to-be aunty. Keep posting!

  2. Yong ta ma khen chi but I can't wait to hear someone call me, Aunty..haha...thank you soon to become Uncle.

  3. Once they call us cheychey, then we become Alu, and then Aue..... and so forth Aunty and Uncle titles will soon fit us as well, But I call U Miss Yeesi for now la.
    keep posting.

  4. Welcome to aunthood! It's huge responsibility, though.

  5. @Leo, True! Once a kid is now to turn to someone old.

    @Rikku, Thank you! I shall bear the title soon :D

  6. nice post yeesi...i got a crick on my neck when i completed reading it cos i m also getting old...soon people will call me uncle too...
    hahaha....keep posting...

  7. Haha...Thank you!
    Your neck will be alright by the time people start calling you 'Uncle' :D