Saturday, October 8, 2011

Heart Broken

I walked to the garden and sat on a tree nearby,
I see the place unattended and quite,
I was tired and I sought a pleasure to feel alive again,
Then, a cool breeze ran on my body,
And my heart was with you
I wished for your arms to hold me tight,
A shoulder to rest upon,
A sweet love to exchange,
But where are you?
You were the best companion I had
You pulled me from the grave and stood me on the hill
When I was afraid, you made me still
You were the strength to me, you kept me going,
You once told me, “You are everything to me”
I smiled and cherished the words,
I closed my eyes and saw you disappear away in the clouds,
I will never be the same,
Every breathe I take is going to be different
To live for myself because you are now gone forever,
Every good thing has an end but why didn't you leave me a goodbye end?
So lost in thoughts, I wondered in the garden
Gazed at the autumn leaves; sad and withered on the ground
But it gave me joy; it decorated the garden so bright and yellow
A wilted wishes to born again
And so am I:
A hope to begin a new life, a change to make within.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Barney, the Womanizer.

Barney is one of the fictional characters in Hollywood serial “How I met your mother”. He is known for his ‘Awesomeness’ in the serial. He talks great and he talks nonsense. He has a lot of game, rules and codes that keeps the episodes rolling with lots of funs and excitements. I guess most of you might know him or you are already a fan of Barney.

I liked Barney the day I started watching the serial. Not that I don’t like other characters in the serial, but you develop this feeling of attachment with the characters and you flow with them. So Barney has been the core attraction to me. Despite his nasty behaviour of poking his nose in other characters, he always has a sense of self and the degree to which he balances the fun in the serial and keeps his friends happy. For another reason, he is hot and manly but I hate the fact that women are depicted as so vulnerable and a touchable one.

It is not that long ago that I came to know him as ‘gay’. How can I not see the biography of the cast? But I am glad, I browsed them. Every magazine, youtubes and the news has flashed the news about Barney. He has two kids with this partner and he is a huge part of protest for equal rights for gay. He even dresses up his kids which I came to know through The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

After few hours, I had my unbelieving eyes staring at the wedding picture of Barney and his partner. I started clicking onto next photo clips still not believing the truth but the feeling I got was, “Barney’s family is so happy and beautiful”.

Now, what surprises me is when I am watching the serial; I get the look of Barney as ‘gay and not gay’ appearance. But I am glad; I am still in love with him and his personality which still excites me in many ways. The serial wouldn’t be fun if Barney is OUT OF THE GROUP.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where is my Concentration?

Concentration is the main source that keeps your alert, attentive and focussed in every field. One’s you happen to get an inch away from the concentration, the little foundation that you have tremendously built disappears regretfully. Not only does the failure of massive work in the office matter to the people but the little sleep in the class or in a leisure place makes a big difference to you.

I was in the library in front of my computer browsing University website. I got to the website that took me to the exclusive ‘Nature of dreams’ after clicking one after another link. The font was too small and unfortunately I got to read the ‘abstract’ of the page only. I was looking for alternative to go to another link to get a bigger font. You know, sometimes, how we tend to be careless and our whole earned hard work goes to the trash. To my surprise, I closed all the information while I was intending to open another new tab in the computer. It was then I got tired of browsing and eventually felt my hunger and the need to go home surpassed my mind. I stayed a bit longer on the chair only to relax and then later on, my eyes were forcefully tired because all I wanted to do was GO HOME. Anyhow, during that period of “Thinking to go home”, I did closed by eyes and this is what happened to me...

SHE: Where do you want to go?
ME: Gwynneville (My home)
SHE: Where? Nashville?
I looked in her eyes and she at my lips. Was my voice not loud enough that she had to read my lips?
ME: It is G-W-Y-N-N-V-I-L-L-E (Pissed off)
SHE: Oh, I am sorry! Ok, it is Gwynneville (Confused)

I closed my eyes for a min only and it seemed like an hour closing it and dreaming it for a long time.

Why on earth was I thinking of Nashville when my home is at Gwynneville. I am sure that SHE was myself only.

I don’t know who took my concentration when I was closing the tabs but for one thing, I am partly sure that my concentration was messed up with Assignments and presentations in the following weeks. The only way to keep yourself stress-free is by sleeping and then dreaming. I am seriously not opening the pages in next few hours because I am going to have a bowl of rice and then take a good nap.

Oh My God! Where is my concentration? FOCUS!

The Recess Week

Every one of us likes holidays and if granted, we would want to have one year holiday. After going to University for about nine weeks, 10th week was a Recess Week for the semester.

Our first two days was a very lazy day staying idly at home. The weather was quite rainy and cold that made us even more lazier to go out of the apartment. Holidays are either treating us real good or making us feel sleepy and bored.

But who has no plans on holidays? Boys were going to meet Bhutanese fellow mates studying in another University in Armidale. They have to travel eight or nine hours approximately from Wollongong.

As for girls, we weren’t ready to travel so far so we decided to go to Sydney which is just one and a half hour train from Wollongong. We went to Opera house and Darling Harbour, the most popular sightseeing scene in Sydney. And not to forget, the girls are fond of shopping and we don’t mind walking around doing the window shopping- It is fun and more fun when we are buying it.

Yes, we had another group of girls going to Canberra. They must have had funs too and so did we see their pictures already uploaded in the facebook after few days. The blooming flowers, the museums and The Parliament House.

As of us, it was a one day travel unlike our boys who stayed for 3 days in Armidale and the other group of girls who stayed for 2 nights in Canberra.

It is difficult to have a proper gathering during holidays because all of us want to visit different places and then the group is automatically divided where the groups visit the desired places.

So now, here we are back to Wollongong from Sydney.

Our rest of the days were spent eating, watching movies, facebooking and gossiping. We were surprised of how we were spending our time at home and then later on, we were feeling good that we were having a good time together. For a refresh, we went to the beach which was nearby our place and we also got to attend the birthday event at one of our Bhutanese families place. The day all the girls from the different group were present at the party and we had a great deal of time gossiping and laughing that filled the silent rooms and moreover, cuddling the little birthday boy who smiled throughout the photo snapping session with each of us.

As everyday is not Sunday and now that our recess is already to come to an end, we felt that urge of extending our holidays. Our mood were swinging from smiling to one another as if like reminding that holiday is coming to an end. It is a usual schedule and the normal thing to tell to friends, “Aaah, I wish we had another week of holidays” which is not going to happen anyways. But Thank God, Monday is Holiday too. It was a Labour Day in Australia, officially the only Government Holiday in Australia.

So, we were happy that we had Monday as holiday after Sunday. Like a kid, we cuddled ourselves into the blanket and prepared ourselves for the next class.

The week was fun but with every free hours here, Bhutan is and was always missed.