Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where is my Concentration?

Concentration is the main source that keeps your alert, attentive and focussed in every field. One’s you happen to get an inch away from the concentration, the little foundation that you have tremendously built disappears regretfully. Not only does the failure of massive work in the office matter to the people but the little sleep in the class or in a leisure place makes a big difference to you.

I was in the library in front of my computer browsing University website. I got to the website that took me to the exclusive ‘Nature of dreams’ after clicking one after another link. The font was too small and unfortunately I got to read the ‘abstract’ of the page only. I was looking for alternative to go to another link to get a bigger font. You know, sometimes, how we tend to be careless and our whole earned hard work goes to the trash. To my surprise, I closed all the information while I was intending to open another new tab in the computer. It was then I got tired of browsing and eventually felt my hunger and the need to go home surpassed my mind. I stayed a bit longer on the chair only to relax and then later on, my eyes were forcefully tired because all I wanted to do was GO HOME. Anyhow, during that period of “Thinking to go home”, I did closed by eyes and this is what happened to me...

SHE: Where do you want to go?
ME: Gwynneville (My home)
SHE: Where? Nashville?
I looked in her eyes and she at my lips. Was my voice not loud enough that she had to read my lips?
ME: It is G-W-Y-N-N-V-I-L-L-E (Pissed off)
SHE: Oh, I am sorry! Ok, it is Gwynneville (Confused)

I closed my eyes for a min only and it seemed like an hour closing it and dreaming it for a long time.

Why on earth was I thinking of Nashville when my home is at Gwynneville. I am sure that SHE was myself only.

I don’t know who took my concentration when I was closing the tabs but for one thing, I am partly sure that my concentration was messed up with Assignments and presentations in the following weeks. The only way to keep yourself stress-free is by sleeping and then dreaming. I am seriously not opening the pages in next few hours because I am going to have a bowl of rice and then take a good nap.

Oh My God! Where is my concentration? FOCUS!


  1. Haha. It happens sometimes. Be careful! Don't dream too much. LOL

  2. @Langa! Ya, it does. Library is a sleeping tablet in disguise. I couldn't even find a proper place to snore...Anyways, you take this a precaution not to divert your concentration ;)