Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Amir Khan's Show, Satyamev Jayatey

Satyamev Jayatey is a television show hosted and produced by Amir Khan, one of the prominent figures in the Film Industry. Satyamev Jayatey stands for truth stands invincible (Hindu mantra from the ancient scripture, Munadaka Upanishad) which is a national motto of India (Source: Google).

This show brings about different issues every week with different ideas and possibilities of looking to people and the world. It is time to open our heart space, expand the way we see things and especially, each other. So far, Amir has done six episodes,

1) Daughters are special
2) Break the silence
3) Marriage or market place
4) Every life is precious
5) Intolerance to love/Is love a crime?
6) Person with Disabilities

Each episode flashes the negatives surrounding those issues reflecting on various individual’s life and reminding the viewers and individuals to take up another step, take up measures to control the violence, stop polluting the people and provide freedom to live respectfully in the society.

This show also provides insight to some faces of contented people who have undergone through difficulties, brought changes and challenged themselves to live a independent life. As a result, by looking into the destructive nature and a survivor of such violence, this show progressively aims to look into matters and bring changes in the society, in the rules and regulations and most importantly, bring changes in our life and live a proper life.

It is interesting to note on the fact that in each episode, there is a specified audience that are related to issues where people can directly acknowledge the problems and address the issues without any false information to the public. This show is so real that there is not an episode that I did not shed tears. However, an insanely tortured person makes a humorous remark in between the show and then I shed my tear of happiness. It breaks my heart to see how happy they are in their small world. This constantly serves me as a reminder to remain as a happy person and feel lucky enough to have born as an able person and I just pray for God, not to give me any crippled thoughts.

It is at out best capability on how to live our life. It is our responsibility to make a world that God has already stored in for us. We just have to make it look beautiful so that we can live a peaceful happy life. This show is all about it- living a contented life. This show has really changed my preconceived notions and judgements about the people.

Today, I found the displayed Satyamev Jayatey badge application in the Satayamev jayatey facebook Page. By affixing this badge with our profile picture, it shows that we are the supporter of this show. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t help making it one because I am now a hard core fan of this show.