Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yesterday, With You!

I just can’t believe you are gone
I am waiting for the morning to come
When I see if the sun will rise
In the way that you are by my side
I will remember you again

It was yesterday, you said, ‘I love you’
It was the time when we had so much in store
When we are building memories
The place to visit, the roads to walk
All of it is a rejoicing memory now

Others can take future but not our yesterday
They can take the places that we said we would go
They can take away our today
As I just want our yesterday to remain
So that I could hold yesterday in my heart

I know I will see you again
Not as my love but as a man I once loved
It is not selfish to ask you one more day,
One more smile on your face
To remember our Yesterday

I know, I still find strength in our yesterday
All the broken dreams, take everything
All the places not visited, take everything
All the roads untaken, take everything
But they can never have yesterday

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thinking Of You

I am lying on my pillow,
Reminiscing my favorite old times
I am at the place I first met you
Confident and Sipping Coffee
And happily introducing ourselves
Among the cheering crowds outside
Celebrating a Music Festival

As you approached to talk to me
I hesitantly shied and peeped outside
To enjoy the uplifting Dzongkha Music
To which I realized you were uninterested
Thankfully, you looked outside as a hippie song came along.

That was the moment: Getting to know you
As cold as the winter seemed
Our conversation lingered hot and spicy
Talking of the place I study
And the place you are at.

Our first meeting was so alive
You were cute, talkative and friendly
That was my first time day out with a guy
I am Overwhelmed that only I can explain the moment
For a girl like me
I believe,first meeting is always like this.

The latter part was a fun=filled one
The Bowling club was fun
But the long dragging Kira held me back from playing
But you stood out and had me played the game
Then I knew, you are a Gentleman.

Those days are gone
You are gone
I am gone
But my memories remain
To Cherish my Few Good and old Times with YOU.

P,S, This is not the end of the story. FairyTale Love story happens!!!