Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Diary of Mad Fashionista

Oh well, who doesn’t love fashion?! Whether you are wearing a worn out jeans with unmatched shirt and a slipper, or a fitting and matching outfit, you are still a fashion person. You define yourself. Your dress defines you more.

This blog, Dairy of Mad Fashionista is a fashion blog created by one of my friend who is interested in fashion and photography. The creator of this blog who wishes to remain anonymous is looking forward to share her different taste in the clothes she wear and most probably, help us, especially girls to develop a sense of dressing styles and play with it.

Let me tell you, posing isn’t easy. Believe me, I tried it. I was their first amateur model. Since my friend was so enthusiastic of starting a fashion blog. I couldn’t help helping her in this and we took all the courage to set out for shooting. It is time to show our sexiness.

I had hell of a time; By the time we walked out of the house, Goosebumps started to appear on our bare skins and it lasted until we reached back home. However the exciting part is, we had fun snapping pictures and enjoying an absolute moment of laughter on a cold and windy weather. It is always a good day when your day is spent with friends.

Unfortunately, my blazing fire pose turns out a disaster. I almost fell of a step. How I wish we had a “Behind the Scenes” episode. It would be interesting and laugh all over again.

Grand Salute to other fashion bloggers! I bet the shoot takes half of their day to get a perfect shot, a perfect scene and a perfect view. Being model is not easy and being a photographer is not easy either although posing for the camera is a fun experience (Smiling).

Please follow this blog at http://diaryofmadfashionista.blogspot.com.au/
and let's congratulate on her new beginning as a fashion blogger. I hope she keeps updating her blog and keep us all informed and updated.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Thanks for sharing about the blog though I saw it when you shared on Facebook the other day. And you look awesome! Hoping to see more shots of you as a fashion model in the blog in the coming days. Congrats to the blogger for coming up with the innovative idea! Keep going. :)

    1. Yaya, don't forget to follow her blog then :)
      I will pass your regards to her. :D

  2. Good to hear that you had explored your talents in modeling. Indeed, I too love love doing so. But...Nice post and above all, you looking stunning there. But that's what for all bloggers. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Rikku Sir. And you are Welcome!
      Follow her for more updates :D