Wednesday, July 25, 2012


University has already started and with the spring session ON, there are lots of students moving in and out of library and classes. But today, students appeared more than usual. It is Wednesday. There are stalls open with free drinks, foods and other informative stalls about educations and Religions.

From all the stalls, I liked the one where a lady handed me a Boost energy Drink and a Coupon for KFC. The lady smilingly explained, "Go to KFC with this coupon and get 1 regular chips (French fries) for FREE" I was happy like a small kid where a mother promises her to take to a playground. IT IS FOR FREE. As happy as I was, I started calling my friend at home to join me.

It was 2pm in the afternoon. The stalls were closing. Me and my friend visited the earlier stall again. I don't know why, but this lady handed us a free muffin each and 5 coupons. 5 COUPONS? OMG! I was surprised. The coupon was limited. One person=One purchase. That means we can't get anything free again and again with the same coupon. But now that we have 6 coupons, we will use coupons on different days. That was my plan.

As excited as I was, me and my friend went to KFC with a Coupon. We checked the coupon closely and at the back side of the coupon, it read, "FREE. Present this coupon and receive a free regular chips with any Burger or chicken purchase" We grasped the opportunity and placed an order by hesitatingly showing the coupon. This is my first time buying it with coupon and no money. She seemed confused as well. Then again, she said, "How many chicken do you want?" I said, "Two" and then later, "Four" This is crazy. I don't like chicken. I wanted to take for my house mates.

Another lady appeared in the counter and she was probably looking into how to enter our purchase in their automated machine and in few minutes, they asked for $16. I was more than confused. IT IS FOR FREE. I was anyways feeling uncomfortable for giving coupon and asking for free KFC. When they asked for money, I was surprised but I didn't mind paying it. I cant't back up and say, it is for free.


All in all, I had a wonderful day and with this FREE KFC story, this made my day even more memorable. :)

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