Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Online Argument

It is interesting how online chatting have affect us just like a normal talk between friends nearby. It is more interesting when we have not met for real and we are still arguing over and again.

It was yesterday evening that I was having a conversation with one of my far way online friend. Most of the time, we have a casual conversation about how we are and what we did and then end up talking about food and health.

This time, our conversation prolonged for quite a long time than the usual time. We were talking about our likes and interest. I said, I like actors and I even said his name, "Zac Efron" excitingly and happily thinking that he would consider my likes. In contrary to what I thought, he turned me off. He said, "If you really want to take interest in someone then you should like sports person" Then he started giving reasons to why I should be liking a sports person when I am not a big fan of sports since my high school times and till now, it has not changed.

For whatever the reasons it might be, I wasn't the person who would go for sports during my high school days. But it is common for me to watch football with my friends whenever the show is ON in TV. It is fun!

I think that every person in this world strives hard to become a famous and a successful person. No one in this world is an icon without working hard. I love actors because I know what it is like to be them and I know what it takes to become an actor. It is same for the sports person, they are playing because it is their passion and they work hard to be strong and tough just like an actor does in their profession.

All in all, I had a good time talking with my friend over the likes and interest. Our chat wasn't a waste. It is funny, he even pointed on girls interest in shopping and fashionista. Of course, it is every girls dream to be a Diva in her life. Girls live in their dreams and be happy always. Our chat ended like always, with a hope to meet next time. I meant it!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Day

Australian's has it their way of celebration. Easter Day is one day after the Good Friday. It falls on the following Sunday. Christian celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion.

As far as I know, Easter Sunday is a very important day for Christians unlike for us, Bhutanese and non-believer of Christians. They go to Church and pray while we either stay at home or we go out for for fun.

Easter Sunday is celebrated with Easter Eggs made of Chocolate. Woolworths, the grocery shopping centre is usually full of Easter Eggs on such occasion. I must day, it is delicious.

The taste of an Easter Egg is uniform but it is really pretty and attractive because the egg is filled with different beautiful colours.

Well, it is also interesting to note that Easter Weekend marks the end of Summer Season for Australians. Finally, it is going to be cold after such a long day of warm sun and the rainfall.

P,S, Easter just made my day. I am so happy and I am never going to forget this years Easter because Rihanna was in Sydney today. But the fact is I didn't see her :(

Good Friday

Good Friday is a religious, and is national holiday in Australia. All Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

This year, Good Friday was on 6th of April. All the shops and liquor store remained close on Friday except for the few Asian Stores.

We proudly take Good Friday as a holiday, a break from Uni work and we prefer to stay at home. While some have a friends or family gathering at the beach or at home to spend their holidays.

Good Friday is a busy day for Christians because they have a family gathering. The Christian family goes to attend the ceremonies to mourn the death of Jesus Christ in the Church. They spend their day with a purpose.Good Friday equals a dry day for us. If we go out for fun then it is like going to school on holiday.

Howsoever, such holidays breaks our heart because we miss Bhutan and we miss our family and friends in Bhutan.

This year, we didn't wanted to waste our day and we headed to the beach. It was fun because we saw lots of people on the beach;family, friends, couple, students, and children's. The day went perfectly.

How ironical! We planned a girls night out and the club was closed. Good friday is all about Celebration and out of excitement, we forgot Good Friday. It was a huge disappointment but an ignorance of the day crossed our mind. We were really into fun mood because we are on break.

This year, Good Friday was certainly a fun experience. It was a fun holiday and not a holy holiday for us.