Sunday, November 6, 2011

5th November, 2011

This day, 5th November made me cry happy tears. It was my birthday. What should I say about it!? The day comes once a year and it happened beautifully and memorably. It is at this moment where everyone wants to know our age and we reciprocate by telling them the wrong age.

Anyways, to my surprise, Kezang, who has been my roommate since our high school time in 2007 and also my best friend, made my midnight an unforgettable one. Kezang and all my other friends had a fare share of cakes, chips and drinks.

I want to thank Kezang for arranging such a lovely birthday eve and also my other friends who came to wish me at this hour in the cold evening. You all made my night an awesome one! I can wish for just one wish and I had my wish wished for another time. Kezang,  you are the best.

With my Mates

Had a really dry day but my friend who came all the way from Sydney to Wollongong made my day. 

Me and my roomie stalking those young Aussie boys.

It was fun and I had a good and a fun time with my friends. Thank you all my friends for wishing me.