Saturday, September 21, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 5

41. Nail Polish- I love to collect new colours.

42. Pink- Pink is my favourite colour. Most of the things that I own are in pink colour, followed by the leopard prints :)

43. New Recipes- I love to make note of new recipes that comes my way even though the availability of recipes in Bhutan is limited.

44. Mirror- The must have in every ones room :D

45. Koala- I swear it is the cutest animal in the planet.

46. Photo Booth snap shot- It's fun after all.

47. Chana- Yeah, my top most wanted from the wet canteen. I love Chana.

48. Botanic Garden- <3

49. Punjabi language- The sexiest Language. I love it.

50. Facebook- No comments!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 4

This post will highlight on some hygienic and active routine that I like to follow as part of my "100 things I love part 4". Since I have been sick for couple of days, I have been trying to tried to keep myself as active and normal as I could to save myself from the droopy eyes and the pale face. Here it goes;

31. Pilates- There are great youtube videos for beginner wanting to do pilates at home. Thank god, I have the bouncing ball to help me with it. This workout is helping me with my back pain.

32. Honey and milk- I swear this mixture is a great help. It helps me to sleep without having a trouble to wake up in the middle of the night. I just love it. I like to drink one glass of the mixture each night before I go to sleep.

33. A short walk- I do a very slow 100m walk daily to and fro. I know that this is going to last for a short period of time so I am not really keen to stress so much importance although it is really a refreshing moment as of now. Wink* I am hoping that my body gains some stamina.

34. Drinking Aloe Vera juice- I am going away from my so love for the soft drinks and shifted to slurping over an energetic and 'without gas' drink. I am loving the change; that I have put an off to soft drinks and I wish for this change to last.

35. Playing scrabble- Trying to keep my brain around myself by playing online scrabble on my phone with so many unknown online friends. They are genius. I have to rub my head every time I have to think of the words and it just won't come out. This game is totally nerve wrecking but amazing and I have developed a 'love' for this game.

36. Hair oiling- There is no better way to help yourself than this simple hair mask to feel yourself clean and healthy while you are draining off from 'sickiness'. Beat one egg into a small bowl and mix well. Add 1 tbsp of honey and olive oil into the egg mixture and whisk it again. Keep it to rest for 5 minutes and start applying on your hair. Allow it to moisturise on your hair for 20 to 30 minutes. Finally, wash it off. You just can't keep your hands off your silky hair and that's exactly what I felt. If you ever feel sick and want to feel fresh then, try this hair oiling method and feel a little happy. You deserve it.

37. Carrots- Hmmm, this just takes me off from eating other junks. It is healthy too.

38. Whatsapp- Well, socialise with friends. Online socialising is not too bad and I like to be in touch with friends.

39. Eat cooked food- I confessed on eating a raw carrot but that's a healthy eating. But if you are sick, it is always better to eat something that is boiled and cooked just like many Bhutanese dishes are :)I am a big fan of potatoes so I prepared my favourite curry, "Kewa Datsi" to make myself at home.

40. _________________; Not thinking and giving myself a rest.
I love all of the routine I mentioned and I am looking forward to a better and healthy me.