Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Some says, “Smile cost you nothing”
While some comments, “Smile is a medicine”
I think, smile cost you many things
Things that bother you
And things that don’t
Smile cost you lives.
Smile cost you death.

There are situations you assume
There are situation you don’t expect
There are situations you think is horrifying
There are situation you think is, ‘Worthy”
Be it a good or bad smile,
A smile can make a difference
You can be the Judge here.

Smile cost you because smile is deceptive
There is always a reason to smile
Just like we have reasons to eat food
No matter what the smile speak
People care about it.

People love to criticize others
Not to be blamed, it is natural

When a friendly smile is smiling
You smile back
When a dangerous smile is smiling
You still smile back
What’s the modification here?
What do you think while you are smiling back?
You decide. Smile cost you medicine
Or smile cost you nothing?

P,S, I wrote this note while I was overloaded with work, resting on the lawn and couldn't resist people smiling at me and I had to smile back to show my courtesy. All of the above thoughts ran to me that I couldn't stop posting it here.

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Cost of Calendar

It is amazing how my life is changed from then to from now. I was with my Aunty studying in primary schools, Middle Schools to High schools and now in University pursuing my degree. Apart from being with my Aunty during my education transition, I rarely got to meet my mother who is at Village serving her life to field and agriculture.

I visit my mother for two weeks at the maximum during my vacation. Unsatisfied of my limited time with her, I return back to Aunty and help her with household chores with the remaining holidays and go to school again.

Because my time spent with working Aunt, I never felt short of books, computer papers or free diaries from office. But today, I felt strange. I called my mother to hear her say, “I paid Nu.3,000 for calendar.” I am utterly shocked. I had no idea calendar would cost this much. I couldn’t take in her words. I replied, “Really?” Then my mother said, “yes, I bought another one to replace it when the first one gets older.” I remember how I use to take calendar at home when I go to meet her. That is one lucky year that she didn’t request for calendar from others. Still, upon hearing the cost of calendar, I felt exceedingly knocked out hearing the price.

I am not sure how much is it for one calendar but I am pretty sure, the cost is more than Rs.1000 for one calendar. Office people get it for free most of the time and if not, they are sponsored by their friends. How lucky! I think, the price of calendar should be charged below Nu.1000 at a rationale price.

P,S, Unbelievable believing the cost of calendar or am I foolish enough to admit that Calendar bears such a heavy price? Enlighten me here please!