Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What am I doing!?

The clock is ticking and with each sound of a tick, the day is coming to an end. Within each period of my time in the facebook and then with my book, I also spent few of my time doing other activities that keeps me occupied and away from stress.

Music is the top priority of entertainment and with facebook, my entertainment is doubled. There is not an hour that I didn't listen to the music of my choice- Dzongkha, English, Hindi. I prefer Rigsar and the recent Dzongkha songs. They are simply melodious that keeps me emotionally attached and sympathetically affixed. With English, I like pop songs, the really fast and the slow sentimental musics. About hindi, it is random, I like them all-old or new, it does not really matter to me.

With each passing day of listening to musics and facebooking, Pasta one of my favorite meal keeps me fresh and alive. I know most of my friends are surprised and I guess even fed up of hearing me say, 'Pasta' for most of the time. But there is no other meal that satisfies me the most. Potato has been my favorite too. So the mixture of Pasta, Potatoes and lemon just makes my day a wonderful one- full and happy. I sound like a kid now. So being in the kitchen is another reason to stay away from computer or from typing my work.

Another day, another new schedules to follow.The Halloween fever again. We didn't have any plan than to stay at home and stare at our computer as usual. But the last minute decision of going to the club made our night an amazing one. The place was filled with crazy party people--some dancing, some drunk, some couple kissing and some busy doing their work in the counter. The main Halloween event was yet to come but still, the ghostly figure near the entrance scared the hell out of us.It was indeed a refreshing night.

One of the craziest thing I recently did was cutting off my front hair. I don't know what my friends felt about it but I was totally out of my way of what other people might think about. Good or bad hairstyle, I will still be me. But we know, how this world works, we can't help commenting on others, including myself.

So here it is, I have cut my own hair- a fringe that will apparently make me look like "You are not Yeshi anymore" type.

Have you ever wondered or thought about like "How our hairstyle can describe people's personality and then accordingly, our appearance changes- from ugly to beautiful and from beautiful to ugly?"