Sunday, September 30, 2012

Recess Week Update

No matter how much problems you have in your life, you can't deny your existence. Everyone says, each day is a gift then why not spent like one.
I am on break for one week but it is going to end tomorrow (01/10/12). Oh glad! It is Monday and it is Labor Day- all the offices and Universities are officially closed. The sickness of not wanting to wake up on Monday morning is finally fulfilled.

Here are some activities that we Bhutanese friends planned for our precious 1 week break.

Went to Picnic on Blessed Rainy Day- we had fun but the fact that it didn't rain disappointed us all. So ya, no annual bath for us.

A walk to Mt. Keira. It is the highest point in Wollongong. It usually take one and half an hour to reach the destination.

I think, it might take half an hour or so by Car. Ah! We buzzed about walking uphill to monasteries and temples. Mt. Keira just happened to bring us back the memory of our time spent in high schools. We surely had a good time.

To Sydney- visited Opera House yet again.

Visited Madame Tussauds at Sydney where there is a Wax of internationally famous celebs, politicians and other legendary figures like Dalai Lama and Mahatma Gandhi.
This picture with Rihanna, is my Favourite of all.

I hope, my friends in Bhutan had fun attending Domche in Thimphu and Tshechu at Wangduephodrang.

Life wouldn't be fun if you stay at home the whole day and do nothing. GO OUT AND EXPLORE AND SEE THE WORLD.