Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Leap Year, 2012

I was half dreaming and through my clouded eyes, I saw my roommate awake. It was early morning, a rainy morning as predicted by the weather forecast. I lazily stood up from my room to the loo and back to my bed again. My bed is always so inviting. I love it and I hate it too. Lord knows why. Actually, I know it myself.
As excited as I was, I reached to my computer that was left open in the evening .What do you think, I would click on to? FACEBOOK, of course! I caught you smiling here, didn’t I? This life is normal for some while some might find it like What a facebook freak!
Anyways, as I signed in to my facebook account, I scrolled up and down to see the updates and an hour has passed already. My time flys so fast, it was almost one hour. Shit! I have a class to attend. I hurriedly checked my timetable and then sat back happily again. My class was after the lunch only.
As happy as a little kid with an ice cream on a sunny day, I dancingly opened the blogger homepage. I thought it would be a fresh start for the day. I was busy clicking from Rikku Sir’s, Langa’s, Leo’s, Sogyels and lot’s more blogger’s updates, my room mate suddenly and silently called me, “Miss Norfe, look outside the window near you.” I blankly looked out and I noticed two beautiful green bird lying outside. It was soooooo close.
Awww, they were so cute together. I immediately grabbed my phone and took continuous snap shot. For ones, I felt like a photographer trying to get a clear picture of them together. They were lovely. We assumed they were after the shelter because it was raining heavily. I and my roommate tried hard to resist the joy and enjoy their visit outside our window.

Aaaah! Those two little birds really made my day. The longer they stayed, the happier I was. The pictures weren’t that clear and good. I excitingly started to open up the window fully. Funny, they flew away as I started to pull up the window curtains.
Nature has it! And I love it! My Leap year, 2012, I WILL NEVER FORGET IT!