Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Usual Process

Time is not treating people the way they should be. The time raises the question of what we are, who we are and where we are. So likewise, the happiness in me is an occasional case. Despite this fact of me being unhappy, I was thinking to go to uni, attend the class and return back home but I never wake up early like my other friends did. Most of the time, I am theoretically waking up early but Practically, I will be peacefully lying on my bed. I could hear my friends alarm ringing at its best trying to wake me up but I find myself ignoring the vibrant sound. But no matter how much my height of laziness occupies me, I have to wake up for I will be marked absent in the class. This is the worst part of our student life that makes us feel the presence of ourselves.

I attended my first 2 hrs lecture and as usual I stepped into the library and then I found all the students buzzing around catching their eyes with the computers in front of them. Some of them were looking at the pictures in the face book while some lay awake by the assignment questions. I see their squinting eyes trying to grab the best of the answer. Hmmm...I uttered silently. I was gazing to them and the very thought of opening my FB account vanished as I saw myself with the piles of papers on the table. However, I am here writing this post that saved my boring times and I am glad to share you all.

Sometimes, life is a dramatic occurrence where people of every age and gender do the things which they don't want to do and lastly, they end up nowhere than to cherish for what they have achieved so far. The glowing smile of a person is worth smiling and bringing happiness within. I guess I am approaching towards GNH to overcome my fears and tensions. On the other hand, Face book is also the best time where we can actually devote our time to meeting new friends and thereby forget our worries. Indeed, no matter how the time is treating us, happiness is all we want at the end of the day. This is what I take in account, HAPPINESS. I am a True Bhutanese!