Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Is Sugar causing Diabetes?

Diabetes is one of those diseases we all 'sort of' know about — something to do with sugar, right?

Ever since I started reading the November issue on Kuensel about Diabetes, it worried me a bit.

There is no cure for Diabetes. This is what doctors will say to you. But how you want to live is all the remedy towards living a healthy life. Perhaps the best way is, reduce consuming the sweets and change your eating habits. Next, do some exercise regularly. Eat food on time. Eat Fresh Green vegetables (half cooked). Medicine is not always the way to improve your health condition. May be, in this little ways, you can help your body.

Honestly, I am that one odd lady out. I hate sugar. I hate sweets. I hate honey. I hate jullabi. I dislike anything that is irresistibly sweet.
Recently, I started to do the skipping once in every evening of the day. So far it is going good and it is going to extend for 3 weeks. I am extremely glad that my roommate is accompanying me in this and she is looking forward to this 3 weeks of skipping event. I can’t wait to have my muscles built. This is a little exaggeration that my roomie and I are talking off throughout. But anyways, as long as I get the grip of keeping my body fit, I am pretty much determined to continue it after 3 weeks of skipping as well.

This exercise will perhaps increase my stamina and regain some energy and beat up the developing diabetes if any. So folks, if you are a diabetic patient then do some simple exercise like Skipping or if not, some running might help or any sport that you are most interested in. If you are unsure about diabetes in your body, then go and get a check up.
Help yourself reduce the intake of sweets in your body and be healthy. Love your Body!!!

Now that the remedy is explained, it is high time you maintain your diets and eat healthy and know what is friendly for your body.

P,s, Drink hell lot of water.


  1. Thanks for the health tips, Yeshi. Hope it helps the diabetic patients. Zai, exercise rekpa lako nangi! haha. keep going.

    1. Hhaaa! You are welcome. Exercise tey thar ba na. Skipping was for fun and now that I have a new goal to achieve, I shall continue for few days... :)

  2. I like a few sweets now and then, but am not one for a super sugary diet. I love to take a brisk walk for exercise, so good for the mind and the body. Best wishes with your routine! :)

  3. Yeshi,

    You are so mindful and this makes me think about my sweet tooth bad habits, which I really need to change. Errr.

    So Langa and I met today and we were both wishing that you were there to chat with us, but we felt you in spirit. I am getting ready to leave Bhutan in a few days and I don't know if I will be able to keep up with blogging or social media because I will be traveling without my computer for a few months. So I wanted to say thank you for being my dearest blogger friend and I will do my best to keep in touch. Although we have never met in person, I feel like I know you and thinking about not being able to blog makes me miss you lol. Even my mom was asking about you the other day lol. She said, "Ohhh if your not going to blog after Bhutan, make sure you say goodbye to Yeshi on her blog. You are going to miss her." LOL It's funny how blogs bring people together!

    Ok take care, study hard, stay positive, be happy and we will meet in the future.

    As you always say, "CHEERS"

    Love Sabrina

    P.S. Keep skipping! I love love love double dutch skipping!

    1. Yah, skipping turned out as a good and free exercise :)
      I missed meeting you two. I hope you guys had a cheerful moment talking about blogging and also about Bhutan :D
      Anyways, I really hope to meet you and Langa one day.
      Safe Journey.
      I will miss you