Thursday, June 7, 2012

An unexpected incident in the Bus

It was 6pm when a girl was returning home by bus after a quick grocery shopping. She was sitting near the window side with earphones plugged into her ear while her friend sitting beside her was talking with another friend who just happened to pass by.

The bus roared and the girl lost staring at people coming in and going out of the bus. The bus was filled and everyone seemed busy.

In few minutes, the girl felt a severe pain on the tip of her ear as if someone just pinched on it. At first, she was confused and unaware of the incident. She stayed silent and continued listening to music. Then, she got another hit, this time, right at the back of her head. The girl knew something was on. She could hear the giggle disturbing her ears at a pace.

The girl knew the show that usually happens in the bus where people get assaulted, or sometimes insulted and sometimes hit by people. They are the ‘Retarded' ones. Those people are usually drunk, and get into bus by hiding from the driver and other passengers are eventually into threat. If the driver knows that the person is drunk or even if a person is carrying a wine or any drinks, that person is not allowed into the bus.Somehow,they are still in the bus.

She knew someone from the back seat was throwing something at her. Without even thinking twice whoever the heck was, the calm girl now turned furious looked back and searched for the freak.

She saw around 10 people. Some were Asians; some were Chilips (westerns) and one from Islam (not sure). She was just another species trying to fit in the society. The girl knew from which side the “thing’ was thrown at her. She asked, “Who threw at me?” by considering the situation that someone did a nuisance and dared to throw at an innocent strangers. But no one answered. They returned back the face like nothing happened and constantly mocking the situation. She got angrier as no one stood out and I don’t think anyone would say, I stole your purse.

With pain still running into her nerves, the girl started to search for the ‘thing’ near her seat for the prove to show them. She found a thin rubber band that bankers use to tighten the money. She looked back again, this time with seriousness in her eyes challenging the person to come out from the crime zone, she asked, “Who threw this (showing the rubber band) at me?” Then a freaky girl as she would describe, yet another spoiled brat replied, “Why the fuck are you saying to me?” Her act was more of like covering up her friend.

The fact that an Aussie, a native person acting against an Oriental was an insulting one.

She was so annoyed that she thought, she would not act like other Asians who got insulted by such people and is talked about later, a loser and sometimes sympathized. She stood for herself and talked back to them. Then all she could tell was, “Manner less people”, “freak” while her friend tried to calm her down. This didn’t help her though.

As she got off from the bus, the incident was just left behind like it never happened. It is just one story to be told. But this time, the story will be different. I don’t think that same person would risk throwing at Asians. I hope not.

P,S,The people wouldn’t throw at their own people because they know, it is wrong and they acknowledge themselves that if the other person turns back, they will not be able to reply back. It is their fault. But for Asians, they throw at it. They know, it is wrong and they also know, Asians are weak and they won’t speak back to them. Even if they speak back, the words will not be strong enough to be against them.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Online Shopping

Human want never ceases and in a flick of time, our want keeps increasing like it is meant to happen.

Lately, I have been browsing some online shopping site. It all happened while I was checking my yahoo account and got a mail from e-bay advertising different online shopping address.

Sigh! It was tempting. Just one click and I am in the e-bay homepage to which I came across too many beautiful dresses being displayed. I quickly checked the sale corner and I bet the dress were exotic and attractive.

E-bay sells all range of clothing line, electronics, house-ware and lots more. Customers visit this site because they buy things at a very reasonable price. I was helpless.

It is girl’s thing that when they see, they want it. They want it because they know they have been waiting for it. So, without having to think about the dress (Casual Tops), I continued to shop online.

My purse wasn’t empty yet. But the way, I got clicking into one to another beautiful shirts, it was an unforgettable addiction. Howsoever, I am glad I did this online shopping because it saved my travelling cost. The fact that I bought it at the reasonable price, it was worth it.

The above displayed picture is some of my favorites that I just couldn’t help owning one. I am now waiting for it to reach my place.

Red Obsession

The color, Red is one of woman’s obsession. Especially me, I die for random red stuffs I see here and there and everywhere. When I say random, I mean the clothes,the bags, the coats and the beautiful Red heels. Everyone knows what Red stands for. Probably, all of you are starting to think about it. Here are some of RED things I know and I remember.

Red is Blood.
Red is religious.
Red is a hospital sign.
Red is a Smoke Free Zone.

Don’t you see, Red color is widely known and on adding into, it is a good sign. So, I proudly want to confess that I have been pretty much obsessed with Red colors since my high school days and till now. I don’t know what made me go for Red: Red colour hairband, Red color slipper, Red color bag, Red color book cover, Red colour pen and Red colour purse. I always had a special bond with it.

Speaking of RED, I think I want to have money in red too. Then I will not spent on things I don’t like because I would prefer my Red money to keep safely with me than buying yet another. It is quite an idea!

Red is a color.
Red is famous.
Red is love.

Nothing can stop me from buying reddy red things. I just discovered a new adjective for red, “Reddy Red”. It is amazing how red can falsely improve my vocabulary and share with you guys.SMILE! It works.

Lastly and more importantly,
Red is super bright.
Red is sexy.
Red is elegant.
Red is attractive.

No matter how much I like seeing female movie stars wearing Red lipstick, I hate it wearing on myself, probably because I have thick lips. Oooops but true. I hate Red colour at this point. I can’t believe Red color is intensely and effectively strong to change my love for red to hating red. Oh, I love Red. I just love it. RED IS possessive.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Sleep Talk

How often do you think that you are normal and you sleep peacefully? Have you ever wondered what you might be doing during the sleep? Is it only the dream or is it the dramatic you in the dream?

It was yesterday when I was chewing a sweet gum the whole evening. I was busy grinding and rounding my mouth and playing with computer as if the computer is going to disappear any time.

My eyes were so droopy that nothing in the world could stop me from sleeping. Howsoever, Facebook kept me awake for few minutes. After checking my updates and liking few pictures of my friend, I quickly turned off my computer and went to sleep.

Sigh! I was dreaming. Bur hell, someone was shouting at me. Confused and annoyed, I opened my eyes to check if anyone was calling for me. But who could be at this time? It is 4am approximately. I went back to sleep just to be woken up by my room mate and she was telling me to take out the gum. I did. She took it instantly. She looked concerned and at the same time, worried. My dreamy eyes were taking over the scene and I thought of asking about it in the morning and went back to sleep peacefully without further complaints from my roomie.

Sadly, it was in the afternoon, my friend smilingly said, “Yeshi! Yesterday, you were chewing gum in the sleep” I didn’t know what to answer and the only thing it popped out was, “I KNOW” with a more genuine voice. I denied saying I might have been awake. She assured me again, “No, you were chewing gum and later on, you were shouting, CHENCHO LHAM.” The first one, it was fine but the latter had me surprised and felt like laughing out loud. I was scared later.

She was smiling again and I knew, she felt it funny too(That’s what I thought). I suggested, “Oh really?! It must be because I last met with her and even liked few of her pictures in the facebook and directly went to sleep.” I felt foolish for overstating the reason why I must have shouted her name. But this is all I could answer back to my friend because sleep talking is happens to everyone once in a blue moon unless there is a usual sleep talker. It is a big problem then.

Have you guys ever had such unknown and mysterious sleep talk drama and made excuses and felt funny and even scared of/by sleep talk when acknowledged about it by your friends?

P,S, I feel like going back to my high school days, when my roommate use to talk about my sleep talk and I tell about theirs. It was fun teasing about it in the group. Don’t go away from me. It is normal. It happens!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Miracle Happens

When I say “Miracle”, what strikes your mind? What does miracle mean to you? Miracle can be when something magical happens, more of like a mythical beliefs. People believe in miracles because they know, it happens once in a blue moon. When miracle happens, we just jaw-drop and bulge our eyes out and be surprised. That’s it and later we forget that it happened or may be, we will remember it after months and even after years. That happens!

That is exactly what happened to me yesterday. It was 5’o’clock in the morning. Like any normal person in the world, my eyes were wide open and actively going through news in Kuensel online. While checking my facebook account and I received a message from one of my friends to vote for his article. It was posted in Ashi Jetsun Pema’s page. While I was voting, I confusedly thought, “What the hell is going on in Bhutan? Am I missing any grant opportunity? Talk to me about it. I did not participate in any competition posted online.

After voting, I read others article and all of them were extraordinarily written and I voted for them as well. The feeling of voting and then benefiting someone out of it made me feel happy for him or her. Each click on the vote and it is going to change their life in one way or the other.

I then instantly wanted to Google search Ashi Jetsun Pema and then the magic happened. I saw the Google background amazing and a beautiful one. Call me crazy but I didn’t feel like putting it off because the Google homepage was sparkling so bright. It was Our King and Queen smiling and gracing the People on the way. It was enchanting.

I couldn’t explain the feeling because I didn’t see it before. I didn’t expect to see it. It happened just like that. I didn’t plan to see it. Then, I said to myself, I didn’t really say but I shouted in the room and to my roommate and said, “It is a Miracle”. The fact that my friend got the same happy, smiling and surprising face, it was no wonder I shouted and she didn’t mind it.

Who says we have to pray and wait for the miracle to happen. Miracle happens!
Thank you Google. You made my day!

P,S, If my friend hadn’t asked for the vote, I wouldn’t have gone to Google. If I didn’t go to Google, I wouldn’t have got the beautiful and an amazing picture above.